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Henry Sturges in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

“Living men are bound by time,” he said. “Thus, their lives have an urgency. This gives them ambition. Makes them choose those things that are most important; cling more tightly to that which they hold dear. Their lives have seasons, and rites of passage, and consequences. And, ultimately, an end. But what of a life with no urgency? What then of ambition? What then of love?”


I’m going to go a little meta here if you will indulge me for a moment… I love this shot. Henry’s just kicked the shit out of Abe, and he looks so invigorated. High on bloodlust, like he’s this close to ripping someone’s throat out. Now, talking about the book as well as the movie, I really wonder how hard Henry had to try to not kill Abe in their training sessions. He always puts on the appearance of having himself so together, and he makes it seem like he doesn’t find it difficult at all to not attack innocents for blood, you know? BUT… Let’s think about how he tortured John MacNamar and Abe had to make him stop. Let’s think about how he forced John Wilkes Booth to know exactly what was going to happen to him, before he killed him. That’s Henry enjoying violence and cruelty. He comes across as so kind and gentle and compassionate, and I’m not saying Henry isn’t those things as well, but something I kind of like about the movie is how much more aggressive Henry is than in the book. Because I think he does have that pent-up anger and capability for and enjoyment of violence in both versions, it’s just in the movie you can see him express it a little more, outwardly.

I really wish we could have seen Henry’s point-of-view in the book. I want to know how much he struggles not to be a monster. He says “Judge us not equally, Abraham,” but how different are you really, Henry? And how much is he just lying to himself?

Dark Doesn’t Always Mean Evil—Excerpt

From Chapter Five: Lincoln

“Anything going on?” I questioned, finally working up the nerve to say something, and he blinked and shook his head.  

“Not a thing,” he responded easily, too easily for me to believe.  

“Ye-ah, I’m not buying that.” My lips curved into a small smirk.  “Usually when someone gets an expression like that, something’s wrong.”

He returned my smile—albeit, reluctantly—and then met my eyes.  “I assure you, Miss Armstrong: I’m quite alright.”

You’re a rotten liar, I thought, somewhat amused, but instead chose to mutter: “If you say so.”

What I Need

Fandom: Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter

Pairing: Henry Sturges X Reader

Warning: Slight NSFW

Writer: rightwhereiwantyou (AKA Me)

Requested By: icehooligan

Request:  It’s about I meet Henry in a bar, and we meet, drink so much, and start kissing. But he leaves, bc. he doesn’t want to hurt me, and he’s afraid someone else will. But some days later he came after me, because he want to try a date, and relationship

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“I can see a man’s purpose, Abraham. It is my gift. I can see it as clearly as I see you standing before me now. Your purpose is to fight tyranny … and mine is to see that you win.”

A Note to My Dark Doesn’t Always Mean Evil Readers...

Hello everyone!  Sorry that it’s been a while since the last update.  Things in my life have been kinda hectic (not in a bad way).  I just wanted to let you know that the next chapter of Dark Doesn’t Always Mean Evil is still in production (almost done!) and that I haven’t forgotten about it/abandoned it.  I’ll be posting another little snippet today, and the chapter itself should be up by tomorrow.    

Also: if you enjoy Dark Doesn’t Always Mean Evil, then you might also enjoy an upcoming original story of mine.  It’s going to be titled And We All Fall Down, and it loosely follows the plot line of Dark Doesn’t Always Mean Evil in that it features a character named Olivia who goes back in time and meets a man named Henry.  The similarities pretty much end there, save for the fact that there are some supernatural elements, namely demons.  

I have a lot planned for this story and I hope that you check it out once it’s uploaded (hopefully within the week).  

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Henry Sturges + Character Tropes

  • Good Is Not Nice
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire
  • Berserk Button – Arguably more noticeable in the novel, but basically Henry gets particularly murderous if anyone hurts Abe.
  • Arc Words – In the film: “Time waits for no man”. In the novel: “Judge us not equally”, “some men are too interesting to die”.
  • Big Damn Hero
  • Who Wants to Live Forever

1. Imagine Cassidy from Preacher and Henry from Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter meeting.

2. Henry Strurges is to Abraham Lincoln as Bucky Barnes is to Steve Rogers. Basically all WTF DON’T DO THE STUPID THING but then FOLLOWING them right into the stupid thing. Bless them. (and both Abe and Steve are all FOR THE LOVE OF THE NATION and also bff with an Anthony Mackie character.)

3. I forgot how much I fucking loved reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I was god damn obsessed. Legit one of my faves of the last ten years.