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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 5th Anniversary

During 2012, there wasn’t a movie I was more interested in seeing than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I mean, I was also excited for other movies too, but this was the one that I was beyond excited for. It was also part of three movies with Tim Burton attached to it, Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie. I began reading the book earlier that April and was preparing myself for the spectacle I was to see that summer. On the morning of June 22, I bought the newspaper and flipped to the movie section, only to find that Abraham Lincoln was only awarded 2 Stars. Well what does one critic know?, I thought to myself, still keeping hope alive. I wasn’t looking for Shakespeare or anything, I just wanted to see what it was like.

I actually saw the film almost a month after it’s release. All I had was the book to go by, which I was still in the process of reading. Saturday July 14th, my Aunt took me to the last showing of the day, at 10pm. We sat down in a partially empty theater and watched. My reactions were actually of disappointment. I was expecting some changes, of course, but this movie had almost nothing to do with the book I’ve been studying for months. The beginning went from Abe learning about vampires and hunting them at a young age to him being a grown man and stumbling into the existence of vampires. Major characters were omitted and replaced with new ones, the basis of Henry and Be’s relationship changed just to give the movie an unnecessary twist. Action scenes and set pieces were added in. AND THERE”S NO EDGAR ALLEN POE! I was devastated and basically ignored the movie for a long time. Even when it was on DVD, I didn’t bother to re-watch it. Hell, I didn’t even finish the book. Months passed before I even opened it again and I would only read a few pieces of a chapter.

In the Fall of 2012, I started getting more into the Dark Shadows soap opera and had more exposure into Hammer Horror. I especially got into the Christopher Lee Dracula movies, my favorite being Dracula A.D. 1972. And suddenly, something clicked in my head. Much of these movies, Universal Classics and Hammer Horrors, are based on classic works of fiction, but the movies have very little to do with their novel counterparts. They take the theme and run with them, retweeking them into more filmable plots. Could that be the point of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? Was I too wrapped up with the book that I missed the point of the movie? Applying the main idea in a different platform. I started thinking about the phrase “film adaptation” and what that actually entails. I gave the film a second watch and definitely came around to it.The book read like an actual biography, with journal entries and photographic evidence, while the movie is a traditional hero’s journey. I bought the movie, the soundtrack, and even pins. It also came to mind that I can keep reading the book and still have a different experience. Once I finally finished the book, I was at peace and found myself liking the movie’s end than the book’s. 5 years later, I am still watching and talking about this movie and what it taught me about adaptions. Chances are, I’ll keep doing so til the end of time.

-Jose Barr (6-22-2017)


He wrapped his arms around you, “I’m sorry. I should have told you the truth sooner. I just didn’t want to lose you or have you see me as a monster.” You sigh, “I don’t see you as a monster. I love you. I’m mad you didn’t tell me sooner. I thought we could trust each other with everything.” He sighs, “I promise, no more secret.” 

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and we’ll live a long life a playlist for Henry Sturges [x]

1. angel with a shotgun | the cab 2. weight of living, pt. ii | bastille 3. alone together | fall out boy 4. counting stars | onerepublic 5. maybe sprout wings | the mountain goats 6. pompeii | bastille 7. take me to church | hozier 8. shots | imagine dragons 9. how far we’ve come | matchbox twenty 10. ghosts that we knew | mumford and sons 11. centuries | fall out boy

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Send 🃏 And I’ll Generate An AU From The List Below! = 31. Space Travel AU

(I actually rolled dice and they came up with the one that scares Adam witless. It’s up to you if they are vampires or human.)


He looked to the younger man and had to remind himself that ‘that you has done this before’. Though the fact that yes, the younger crewman having experience was a slight kick to the older’s pride. If Sturges was calm then all was well. His own rank was mostly ceremonial. Though he had passed every exam most of the crew knew it was an honorary commission. 

They were due to dock at the station to recharge the batteries after leaving the surface then they would be off on the true bulk of their mission. He knew he had been briefed on the parameters so why couldn’t he remember what that was right now?