character: henry dunn

Henry: But you have me!

Abby: I don’t want you!

I’ve always loved this scene. The power in Abby’s voice, her expression, her anger. Henry was absolutely crazy and all he wanted was Abby, he wanted her unconditional love that she had for him up until the moment she found out the real truth about him. Their relationship was the definition of friendship. Through thick and thin, they had each other.


Dunn’s portrait of Rossetti in his home is used as a cover design by Penguin for Oscar Wilde’s The Soul of Man under Socialism and Selected Critical Prose

Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Theodore Watts-Dunton, 1882, Henry Dunn

Christina and Frances Rossetti, 1877, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Made after the death of Rossetti, the painting is set at Rossetti’s Cheyne Walk home. In the background you can see Rossetti’s chalk drawing of his sister and mother.


Hitler Learns About Harper’s Island
(…I haven’t laughed so hard in days.)