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Connor/Reader/Haytham Part 1

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Out of all the Kenways, the first Y/N met was the native by the name of Connor Kenway. She met him through the brotherhood, as they both worked as Assassins. Coincidently enough, there was a mission that required some help from a side they fought against. That was when she met the assassin’s father, Haytham Kenway.

The British man certainly seemed like a gentleman. Though the father and son frequently tossed back snarky remarks to each other, he seemed to treat Y/N with more respect. It somewhat threw her off. He was a Templar, right? He wasn’t to be trusted, right? This was merely just an opportunity for both teams to get the one similar goal they had. No one liked one another, right?
Well, that was what Y/N thought.

She never would have realized the dilemma at hand until she overheard the Assassin and the Templar arguing. The topic they were arguing over was her.
It was about a month into this job, and things were pretty slow. They were able to get some information on Ben Church, but aside from that… Nothing else. No improvements or losses were made, and it was getting to be frustrating. All the frustration got released on something that wasn’t even supposed to be argued over.

What sparked the heat between the two men was when Connor had noticed Haytham watching Y/N walk off for longer than needed. A scoff left him as he looked away. “I would have thought you had more respect than that, Father.”
“Wh… What are you going on about, Connor?” Haytham snapped his head over to his son, sending him a suspicious glare. What Haytham, nor Y/N, didn’t know was that even before this mission had started, the young Native was developing feelings for the female.

It had taken some time for her to even earn his trust. After the betrayals he had in his life, Connor did tend to be on edge a bit. Then after that, he found himself coming to terms with being romantically interested in her. It was a weird feeling, he had to admit, which is why he kept it to himself.

“You know what I am talking about. You are staring.” Connor replied dryly, casting a reprimanding gaze over to the older man. Haytham raised a brow at him, the gears in his mind working to piece together this strange puzzle.

“I was simply making sure she walked off safely… Are you becoming jealous, Connor?” At that, the Assassin gave a snort of disapproval. Jealous? No, not ever. Even if he was, he would never admit it. His lack of answer was enough to have Haytham approving of his own inquiry. “That’s it, you are jealous.”

“I am not.” He gritted through clenched teeth, his hands balling up tightly at his sides. At this, a barely noticeable smile tugged at Haytham’s lips. He clicked his tongue in a low and chastising tone. 

“You would have had me fooled had you not have responded so angrily, Connor. You like this girl, don’t you?” He decided to poke more fun, getting thoroughly amused at the fact that Connor was trying so hard not to be fuming in this moment. Though like his son, Haytham also seemed to have an interest in Y/N. Unlike his son, Haytham was hiding it much better. 

From the start of the mission when they first met, Haytham did see her as rather attractive. With Y/N being an Assassin that made him hold back from even trying anything. As time seemed to continue on, he found her to be someone he surprisingly got along with. Sadly, he didn’t know how she felt. Probably just thought he was another lousy Templar.

“And what about you, father? I am not dense; I have seen how you have looked at her. You like her as well, do you not?” Connor had already turned the tables in an attempt to get his dad off of his case. The last thing he wanted to do right now was admit his crush. Especially since it could be anytime now for Y/N to come back. 

Haytham gave a scoff at that, not enjoying being put on the spot like Connor had done. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You like her, do you not?” 

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing!”

“You did not say no.”

“And I certainly didn’t say yes!”

The yelling had continued for quite a few minutes. The two men were so involved into their argument that they didn’t even notice the girl they were yelling about was standing less than ten feet away from them. 

When Y/N approached them, she stopped and took a minute to look between them both. She picked up on a few things being said, at least enough to let her know that this quarrel was over her. They… Liked her? Oh boy, this was awkward. 

She cleared her throat loud enough for them to hear, the two immediately stopping and turning in her general direction. Both of their eyes grew wide upon the realization that she most definitely knew about their secrets now. With a sheepish smile, Y/N waved to the two.

“Um.. I’m back?” She spoke a bit hesitantly, all the attention from the two staring had her growing nervous. They snapped out of their daze and glanced to each other before looking back at her.

The two spoke in sync, “… Did you hear any of that?”

“Um.. Yeah.”