character: george weasley

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

George Weasley did not celebrate his twenty first birthday. When his mother had sent him an owl inviting him back to The Burrow, all she got back were the words “I can’t blow out the candles alone.” He hasn’t celebrated a birthday since then.

It took George almost two years of therapy before he had the strength to re open Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. He designed a new line of products for the reopening, Trigger Charms that would temporarily block out your senses when a trigger was detected, No Nightmare Nougat, Lethargy Lollipops, etc. Eventually Ron decided that being an auror was too stressful for him, and George offered him a job. It got easier to run once he had a brother with him.

Life slowly got easier, George’s business was booming, his family didn’t have to worry about money as much. Nieces and nephews started cropping up. George reconnected with Angelina and after a few years of dating they wound up getting married. It was harder picking a best man with Fred gone, but George managed. When Angelina gave birth his son, it was all too easy to pick a name.

One day George was sitting at the table explaining to Fred II how fainting fancies worked, Fred looked up and asked,

“Dad, when is your birthday?”

“Oh, in about a week,” George replied glancing at the calendar.

“Are you going to have a party?”

“No, a don’t really do birthday parties.”

“Aw, c’mon! You have to have a party!”

“Okay, I’ll have one, on one condition, you have to help me blow out the candles.”

A week later for the first time since George was twenty, Fred and George blew out the birthday candles together.

  • George: Come on Harry! Look, turning 35 is not that big a deal.
  • Harry: Oh really. Is that how you felt when you turned 35?
  • [Flashback to George's 35th birthday party]
  • George: (screaming) Why Merlin?! Why?! Let the others grow old! Not me!
  • Harry: Oh come on you guys! Is it just me? Am I overreacting to this?
  • Ron: Nah mate, it's not just you. My 35th certainly wasn't that much fun.
  • [Flashback to Ron's 35th birthday party]
  • George: (screaming) And now Ron! We're all getting so old!
  • Fred liked Hermione ever since he first met her, but he thought it was too weird cause of the age difference. It became obvious to George after he got so pissed about Malfoy calling her a mudblood. 
  • George would find ways to distract Ron so Fred could talk to Hermione without Ron figuring out he liked her. Ron finally figured it out one day though when he found Fred just watching her read at the Burrow.
  • Fred and Hermione started dating during her fourth year. It happened after she went to the ball with Krum. He got extremely jealous and one day just decided to spill his feelings for her. To his surprised, she also shared the same feelings.
  • Ron and Fred had silent competition going on towards Hermione for years. Hermione never noticed it at such a young age, but Ron soon enough became very accepting of their relationship and moved on fairly easily.
  • Harry always knew that Fred liked Hermione. He confronted George about it one day, and George couldn’t even keep a straight face.
  • Fred and Hermione got married.
  • Fred and Hermione had three children. A set of twin boys and a daughter. Their daughter was a major daddy’s girl.
  • Hermione had the twins before they got married.
  • Fred loves watching Hermione’s muggle movies, and she will catch him watching them alone late at night. She will make him tea and wrap a blanket around him once he cries over Disney movie deaths.
  • Hermione takes the longest showers, and Fred will sneak in behind her as she rinses off her face. He will massage her shoulders, and she will just close her eyes and let the steam consume her.
  • Hermione gets really into decorating for the holidays. He will set up traps around the house that won’t harm her. She will get irritated, and while she is complaining about it, he will just smile down at her and kiss her. She can’t stay mad for too long.
  • Fred always buys Hermione a lot of muggle candles. She loves the scents, and when she has a bad day at work, he just lights one and she automatically calms down.
  • Hermione reads to Fred every night before bed. He will fall asleep with his head in her lap as she strokes his hair.
  • Hermione is the most passionate. She will cry and scream when she is angry, but Fred will never yell back. He just wraps his arms around her and rests his head on the top of hers. He will stroke her hair then.
  • Fremione is real.