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Do you think Eren gets so many negative reactions becouse people don't understand him and not becouse of his actions?

The reaction to Eren is to me a big old pile of hypocrisy.

Erwin’s tactics at Stohess are even said to be costed a hundred innocent lives.

Why couldn’t Eren and his group find a better way to combat Marley?

Well, why couldn’t the SL find a better way to capture Annie?

That’s because they seemed the most efficent tactics to whoever created them.

Not the most morally sound. Not heroic. The most efficent. I’m sick of seeing it excused no matter the character. You can like a character that isn’t squeaky-clean and I’m so glad the season 1 finale turned up the horror when it came to Erwin’s logic. *Killing people should not be shown in a heroic light no matter the necessary logic.* The manga bordered on Erwin-worship early on and honestly, on rereads, made me a little uncomfortable as a result. I’m so glad Isayama made him much more fallible.

We’ve seen enough of Eren to know that he at least operates under the “put your humanity aside to get stuff done” mentality. We have yet to see him take joy in it. We’ve also yet to see him be deliberately cruel.

Like Erwin, he even says he might be the “bad guy”, but ultimately believes that’s the way to stop this. He also thinks he is fighting other people, not monsters. He has a very humane POV, which leads me to a more positive interpretation.

We also don’t know the full picture, so you’re right - that we don’t know everything does play a role here. People either take what we have and look at it in a negative light or take what we have in a positive light. I try my best to point out the good and the bad.

By acting here, Eren is playing straight into the enemy’s plan that could make the situation much worse than it already is. Eren might’ve been pretty reckless in his actions if he really did go off on his own. It’s a morally complicated situation. I just really don’t buy ruthless monster Eren perspectives considering the much more mature perspective he has shown at this point.

Thank you for the ask!
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