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aP1130148 Merlin filming at Raglan by archaeologist_d


You paused, a flower halfway between the bunch and the bouquet paper. There was a man walking nervously towards you, an awkward little smile on his face.

‘Elyan?’ you asked nervously, slowly putting the flower down. ‘No.’ You shook your head, still not believing that he was there.

The man nodded. ‘It is good to see you, (Y/n),’ he said softly.

‘Elyan!’ You rushed around the stall and pulled him into a tight hug. ‘Where have you been? Why are you here? How did you know –?’

Elyan chuckling softly cut you off. You pulled away slowly.

‘Gwen told me that you were still here,’ he explained. ‘I thought that I should come and say hello.’

‘And to tell me the thrilling tales of your departure? It had better be a good story for you to have been gone so long,’ you told him.

He nodded, somewhat solemnly. ‘I will tell you the whole story if you would like. But perhaps I should allow you to –’

‘Oh no,’ you said, catching his wrist. ‘You can sit here while I work and tell me the story of when you left to now.’

His smile seemed to deepen slightly. ‘Of course.’

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Hard Sun || Elyan & Alister


It was a strange sight, this massive building that was in his line of vision. Alister was an adventurous being, always seeking out the oddities whenever he wasn’t in his classes. Today, though, was no different…except he decided to explore the wilderness of the area. The trees didn’t cover it too much, but the shadows did…but that never deterred the adventurous boy. With his canteen almost empty since he had been drinking it often, he decided to head into the shop. They might have water, but who knew.

Pulling the door open and letting crystal eyes pierce the somewhat darkened room, he smiled and stepped in fully before a small bell chimed above his head. Looking around with curious eyes, he moved to pick up what seemed to be an item he’d never seen before. Oh, and there was something else curious about this bottle over there! With his head popping up like a little gopher, he looked around to see if anyone was there. “Hello? Is anyone there?”