character: edward rochester


hey I just met you,
thus this is madness.
but here’s my petticoat,
now have my babies.


Jane Eyre: Edward Rochester [ENTJ]

Te: Edward organizes others and his surroundings in such a way as to provide his own entertainment, and accomplish whatever his goals are (in this case, prompting Jane to feel jealousy). He is eager to take charge of situations and arrange them according to his tastes and desires (wanting to decide what jewels and carriages Jane will ride around in). He’s often scheming and making plans for his future.

Ni: He instinctively understands Jane in a way no one else does. He sees the potential in her, as well as the danger in encouraging her affections. He easily discerns how best to manipulate her to his advantage. He also foresees all the problems in deceiving her and foolishly chooses to do so regardless.

Se: His appreciation for fine things and quick action led to trouble in his youth (an impromptu marriage, an affair with a ballet dancer). Edward can be explosive in his temper as he reacts instantly to situations around him, but he also sees and takes advantage of situations as they present themselves.

Fi: Edward lives according to his own values (immoral as they may be) and doesn’t care what anyone in society thinks of him. He can be callous in dealing with other people’s feelings.

10 Fictional Characters I'd Marry In A Heartbeat

I’m bored and I like making lists, so here goes: 

1) Edward Rochester

2) Gilbert Blythe

3) Fitzwilliam Darcy

4) George Emerson

5) Tristran Thorne

6) Ron Weasley 

7) Dawsey Adams

8) Benjamin Malaussène

9) Eddard Stark

10) Maximilian de Winter

Very original, I know. The list could go on and on, especially if I included characters from TV and movies (Captain Von Trapp, I’m looking at you). It’s a bit terrifying this capacity I have to fall in love with fictional characters. I blame them for my current (and lasting) lack of boyfriend, they set impossible expectations.