character: dustin

Theories about the Steve and Dustin bond

In the video Netflix twitter posted we see Joe (that plays Steve) talking about bonding with someone younger. The trailer made it clear that the person is Dustin. But the video also shows an emoji of a broken heart for some reason.

This is how I think they bond will happen:

They will be sassy at first bc they dont really like eachother.

In the trailer Lucas tells Dustin that it is Judgment Day, which is why they need all the help they can get. This means Dustin is reluctant about Steve going with them wherever they are going (probably the upside down, since they were in the tunnels).
In the trailer Dustin is shown carrying flowers for Max and we already know that he will have a crush on her.

So the emoji, I think, refers to both of them being heartbroken, since Max will fall for Lucas (as pointed by Caleb in the video he says he would get his own Eleven) and Nancy is falling for Jonathan. That could be the spark for them understanding and simpatizing with each other.

Im sure their friendship will be funny and sweet. If Steve does die, Dustin reaction will be heartbroken to us. I really hope he doesn’t, he probably is gonna get the best character development in the show which would make total sense to kill him in a heroic way BUT I WILL RIOT IF SO

wait so if there have been 10 other kids before eleven then i want us to find out by watching the boys talk to eleven and one of them (cough dustin) is like hey el wanna hear a joke and she’s like ok?????? and then he goes “why was six afraid of seven” ?????? “because seven eight nine” and eleven’s just like wait what??? how did you find out???? that was top secret??????