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Thor and Donald Blake are separated each others? What happened to Donald?

The Donald Blake Thor thing is so confusing because some writers make it like they are the same person while others tell you he isn’t and that Don is a separate being that Odin created.

If you read the old Thor comics starting with JiM #83 it’s obvious that Donald Blake was a mortal doctor who finds Mjolnir and channels Thor’s power (not unlike what Jane Foster is doing right now with Mjolnir her whole shtick is pretty much a recreation of the old Thor and Don dynamic).

I mean initially Don didn’t really think of himself as Thor.

He wasn’t that familiar with people in Thor’s life

He was even upset when he thought that Jane was in love with Thor but when Jane confesses to Thor that she loves Don this is Thor’s reaction.

Then as the stories continued and got more cosmic and Don became a more background character while Thor became more godly like and Stan started with the doth and thous and that Old English speak we get a retcon with Don being a product of a spell that Odin cast on Thor to make him think he was a mortal man.

Later other writers came in and made the whole thing more confusing by making Donald Blake a seperate identity that Odin created (in one version Donald Blake was a regular dude who Odin just went an inserted Thor’s spirit in which makes him more of a dick) JMS made an interesting dynamic between Thor and Don being separate personas yet being the same person while Fraction just fucked everything up.

Personally I like to think they are the same person because it adds a new dimension to Thor. Because Don in a way was Thor starting a new life as a mortal and in that new life he chooses to become a healer, he goes to college and studies medicine and becomes a surgeon (in some versions he’s a neurosurgeon).

I also liked the fact that Thor liked being Donald Blake and that there was a moment in his life that he would have chosen his life as Donald Blake instead of his life as Thor because he valued his life as Donald Blake and it made Odin angry that he would throw away his Godhood for his mortal life (which is why Odin ends up screwing it up and later lifts the Donald Blake enchantment but Thor still wants to be among mortals much to Odin’s anger)

I mean we already have the “Thor shares a body with someone” stories with Eric Masterson and Jake Olsen, him being Don adds something different.

As for Don’s fate? he ended up as a severed head dreaming a fake life while some dream parasites feed on him.

The worst part was that Thor was OK with it but then again Fraction wrote Thor like a colossal dick who disliked Don.

I wouldn’t mind that (and a lot of things in Fraction’s run) being retconned out of continuity, the best thing he did was come up with Kid Loki and Gillen did most of the work for that character so much people consider him Gillen’s

Anyway this article talks in depth about the Donald Blake character during the Silver Age and I also recommend reading Thor: Season One since it’s an update of the Silver Age story and it has Don in it.

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Regarding Thor from Marvel, what approach to his whole 'mingling with mortals' thing: Being disguised as Dr Donald Blake or just simply arriving straight out of Asgard?

Definitely Blake. It was efficient to go for the latter with the movie, but the idea of him learning humility as a long-term thing, in a way that reinforces the power and authority of the gods by having them forge an actual human life simply as a means of (by their standards brief) instruction, which also brings Blake into the mix with all his complications as part of the larger mythology, is too potent to simply ditch out of hand.

chris sims described superman as the hero who will never let us down, which gets to the heart of where man of steel erred by giving superman batman’s character arc.

i’ve been thinking lately about quentin’s bit about clark kent being superman’s critique of humanity, and it’s a good line, but it doesn’t ring true bc he’s actually talking about thor. thor is a god raised among gods and when he walks the earth as a mortal man, whether by habit or bc odin forced humility on him, he is still in his heart a god.

superman is an assumed identity. kal-el is clark’s heritage, something he found out about later. clark is basically one of the x-men as far as his personal narrative goes - he has great power but his root personality was formed as a boy on a farm.

even if you read superman as an alien oretending to be human, intrinsically alien and unknowably non-human - and i think reading him that way is a mistake bc nobody thinks of scott summers as an alien but he is in all the ways clark is - clark kent isn’t the assumed identity, superman is. the cape is a symbol, a costume. clark kent is who he really is. more to the point, being kal-el, being superman, those come easily, just as being cyclops is easier than being scott summers. clark kent is who supoerman //aspires// to be.