character: desmond hume

all my hard work as an obsessed fangirl came to fruition today during a meeting. we were in a meeting with the producer and director of our tv show and the director wanted to give an example, and he said, “you know how on Lost-”

and at that point, I leaned forward, eyes widened, hands on table and literally said, “yes, I know, keep going,” ignoring the fact that the producer and the other writers were now just staring at me. 

and he said, “there was that episode where they wanted to introduce that new character and there was that song…”

and I blurted out, with more confidence than has ever possessed me, “Season 2 Episode 1, Man of Science Man of Faith, introducing Desmond David Hume, played by Henry Ian Cusick, the soundtrack was Make Your Own Kinda Music.”

and yeah, everyone just stared for a moment, and it just might be my proudest moment of 2017 so far.