character: defender of the earth


- Lance convinces Allura to sit down and listen to some Earth music, Allura agrees as she is curious to learn more about earth.

- The meme loving trash son plays fucking Wonderwall

- Allura actually loves it and now hums it wherever she goes.

- She sings when she’s calibrating at the bridge, when she’s getting food in the kitchen, she fucking hums it when she’s training.

- Everyone hates Lance, particularly Pidge.

- Lance:

Things I just discovered today, after several intense viewings of youtube videos: Rose Tyler says almost the same thing in the season one and two finales of Doctor Who, after she’s separated from the Doctor.

The Parting of the Ways:

Rose: You can’t do this to me. You can’t. Take me back. Take me back!


Rose: Bring me back! Bring me back!

This is not in any way a revelation, but I just noticed it right now and felt like commenting. After I had stopped crying from rewatching these two episodes.