character: dan humphrey


Dan + Blair » Almost


say you’ll remember me
standing in a nice dress,
staring at the sunset.
red lips and rosy cheeks.
say you’ll see me again, 
even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.


I recently started re-watching Gossip Girl and fell in love with it all over again.  It´s not only one of my favourites TV-shows of all time it is also an amazing fashion and style inspiration.

I don’t have one favourite style of the girls, I´m more of a mix between all of them, I have tried all styles thought. When I was younger and I was trying everything, when it comes to clothes, makeup and hair, until I came up with me and my personal style ;)

But every time I watch Gossip Girl I always come back to the same conclusion that I love Chuck and Blair together and the clothes and style of the show is just amazing.  

So I think I have spent like 4 days finding some of my absolute favourite’s looks of the show.

And I hope that you enjoy my hard work. 

Love Cornelia!

Pics from upper-east-side-elite, xoxogossipgirl121, lillypulitzerprincess, blairandserenaswardrobe, onlinelookbookforafashionista, theladyintweed, fashionmagable, fabfashionfix, ggbygossipgirl