character: dan humphrey


Blair was obviously flustered as she stomped up the stairs of her apartment, glaring directly at Dan and Chuck until she couldn’t see them anymore.  Her plan to get to know Y/N and her motives had backfired, as all she wanted to do was hang out with the guys downstairs instead of with Blair and Serena upstairs, and it infuriated the Queen B.

Chuck, on the other hand, found it commendable.  “Don’t even think about it.”  Dan warned, noticing the glint in Chucks eye that gave away that he was coming up with an idea.  “She’s my best friend.  Off limits to dating.”  Chuck glanced over at Dan and scoffed, rolling his eyes and standing up when he heard Y/N coming back from the bathroom.

“To you she is.”  He commented, stepping out into the hallway just in time to turn the corner and bump into Y/N, grabbing onto her elbows to steady her before she fell backwards.  “I’m sorry.”  He commented, making sure she was right on her feet before letting go.  “How about I take you out to dinner, to make up for it?”

Y/N raised an unimpressed eyebrow at Chucks lame attempt to ask her out, but after thinking about it for a minute shrugged.  “Alright.”  What better way to get a free meal than to go on a date, right?”