character: cooter menkins


Coach Beiste: Why are you doing this Cooter? Somebody put you up to this?
Cooter: Geez, why don’t you get that I’m attracted to you?
Coach Beiste: Because you’re the kind of man that could have any pretty girl he pointed at and I…I don’t look the way pretty girls look.
Cooter: Well good cuz I don’t date girls, I just date women, beautiful women, like you. So take the flowers. Go on…

Glee. 3x05. The First Time

REQUESTED BY ANONYMOUS: “Coach Beiste and that recruiter. When he gave her the flower. Please and thank you. :)”

The greatest scene ever.
  • Cooter Menkins: Don't leave me. You can't hate me anymore than I already hate myself.
  • Shannon Beiste: I don't hate you! That's the awful part of it! I love you! But what does that say about what I think of me?
  • Cooter Menkins: What are you gonna do, huh? Just walk out on me?! Who's gonna love you the way I loved you Shannon? Who's gonna love you now?
  • Shannon Beiste: Me.

Cooter: Don’t leave me..You can’t hate me more than i already hate myself.
Coach Beiste: I don’t hate you! That’s the awful part of it, I love you! but what does that say about what i think of me.
Cooter: What are you going to do, huh? Just walk out on me?!
Cooter: Who’s going to the love you the way i loved you! Who’s going to love you now?!
Coach Beiste: Me.

OPEN CHARACTER: Cooter Menkins

STARTING SHIP: Beiste/Menkins

ENDGAME SHIP: Beiste/Menkins


It’s 2012 for our favorite Gleeks, and senior year for most of them. It’s time to decide their futures; where will they go after high school? Will they stay behind in Lima, or will they pursue something else? Only you and time can tell, but tonight, you are young. 

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AAAHHHHH!!!!! I'm so happy!

Emma I’m celebrating. Cooter and I eloped. Well you know I tried to be better at showing folks my feelings, so there we were. It’s Christmas Eve and we were at the Taco Bell. I looked Cooter right in the eye and I said “Coots, I gotta tell you. I think your my soul mate.” and the next thing you know, I’m walking down the Fort Waynes 24 hour chapel. Mrs. Cooter Menkins.

Casting Call for Facebook RP!

Our RP group is in need of a new character!

Cooter Menkins

If you think you could play him (and please think carefully if you can!), please send me an e-mail at

You can also send me an ask, here on my tumblr!

Only requirements is you need to be 17 or older (sorry) speak good English (It’s okay if its not your first language just be able to type it well) BE OPEN MINDED FRIENDLY AND FUN Ya’ll have seen caps from the OOC chat, we’re an insane awesome bunch. Tomorrow we begin playing the episode ‘I Kissed A Girl’.

Interested? Let me know~


PLEASE, NO ONE e-mail me asking about new characters on the show (Like Sebastian or characters we haven’t seen yet). We do not assign RPers for new characters until we’ve seen them in action and official ON THE SHOW get names and info (Sebastian I’m waiting on, for the time being. Not necessarily until/if he comes back but for now, I’m waiting). I will post when they are available too, but for now, don’t even ask.