character: clyde langer

the Sarah Jane adventures don’t get enough love. starting In season 2 more of the main characters are poc then white! You have Rani her mum and dad who are Indian. Clyde and his mother who are black. then you have Sarah jane, luke and later sky who are white. there are no major romantic subplots which is a nice change. It’s a story about finding your own family and being brave. The women are totally bad ass and live there lives without needing romance or men. It has robots, aliens, parallel universes, female scientists and ust general awesomeness

It the female sci -fy characters we deserve


One favourite Clyde Langer moment per televised story
(A post series initially started to celebrate his birthday in 2011, finally completed in 2016.)

Revenge of the SlitheenEye of the Gorgon | Warriors of Kudlak | Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?The Lost Boy

The Last Sontaran | The Day of the ClownSecrets of the Stars | The Mark of the Berserker | The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith | Enemy of the Bane

From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love | Prisoner of the Judoon | The Mad Woman in the Attic | The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith | The Eternity Trap | Mona Lisa’s Revenge | The Gift

The Nightmare Man The Vault of Secrets | Death of the Doctor | The Empty Planet Lost in TimeGoodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Sky | The Curse of Clyde Langer The Man Who Never Was