character: claude

Black Butler characters disguising themselves:
  • Sebastian: *brushes hair backwards*
  • Sebastian: aay lmao who Sebastian?
  • Ciel: *cross dresses into a girl*
  • Ciel: im going to murder everyone
  • Claude: *puts a hat on*
  • Claude: Im not a demon
  • Grell: *is actually disguised pretty well as a clumsy Butler who goofs everything up*
  • William: hello, I am a Grim Reaper. You're going to die soon.

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Do you think Claude wants to fire one of the triplets but he can’t work out which one is which and it would be embarrassing to ask so he just silently suffers, quietly scribbling down his eternal hatred for Canterbury in his diary? 


Happy 41st Birthday, Takahiro Sakurai!
13 June 2015

even after claude tells alois straight up that he was using him as a tool 

even after claude kills alois

even after hannah tells alois that she loves him and he can be reunited with his brother

even after all that 

alois still talks almost exclusively about claude 

he’s still visibly upset when claude dies 

he still reserves a place in his heaven for claude 

alois is too painful  u g h