character: clark kent (4)

What I'm Working On

So, I have 28 requests that I am working on. I have no idea how long it will take, as I have already planned/started quite a few. That being, I will still accept requests, but I figured I should tell you how many imagines I have for certain characters.

Clark Kent- 2 imagines

Remus Lupin- 4 imagines

Credence Barebone- 1 imagine

Newt Scamander- 5 imagines

Peter Parker- 2 imagines

Sirius Black- 4 imagines

Cedric Diggory- 1 imagine

Ward Meachum- 3 imagines

Draco Malfoy- 1 imagine

Steve Trevor- 4 imagines

Steve Rogers- 1 imagine

So, this is all that I am working on at the moment. I’m sorry if it takes a bit to get to what you requested, but I promise I will get to it; I also will not respond to the ask until I begin to work on it or am about to post what you requested. I am also working on a few drabbles. I hope that this helps if you wanted to see what will be put out in the near future, and I also reblogged the characters I write for in a post before this! Thank you guys for being so awesome, and feel free to keep sending requests in! :)