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“I have lived through a fucking world war, I have lost a child. I have lost two husbands. I have starved with an army, been beaten and wounded, been patronized, betrayed, imprisoned, and attacked. And I have fucking survived!” - A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Page 259)


The Tenth Doctor and Alec Hardy introducing their partners to important people from their past (and then dashing off)

Doctor Who - Series 2, School Reunion
Broadchurch - Series 2, Episode 1


   [25 Days of Outlander]
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   [Broch Tuarach | Lallybroch]

“You said ‘Broch Tuarach’ means ‘North Facing Tower.’”
“Well, it’s round. It doesn’t have a face.”
door faces north.”
“Ha. Frasers. I’m beginning to feel like– Like I– I actually belong here.”
“I knew you belonged here, with me, almost since the first moment I laid eyes on ye. That’s one of the reasons I agreed to marry you.”
~ Lallybroch [1x12]

“We returned to heal in the peace of the Scottish Highlands… the daily routines of Lallybroch worked like a tonic on our battered souls.”
~ The Fox’s Lair [2x08]

“He took me to his own home – Lallybroch, it was called. A beautiful place.” I shut my eyes again to get away from the look on Brianna’s face, and deliberately summoned the image of the estate of Broch Tuarach – Lallybroch, to the people who lived there. A beautiful Highland farm, with woods and streams; even a bit of fertile ground – rare for the Highlands. A lovely, peaceful place sealed within the high hills above a mountain pass that kept it remote from the recurrent strife that troubled the Highlands.
~ Dragonfly in Amber

I had never actually had a home. Orphaned at five, I had lived the life of a academic vagabond with my uncle Lamb for the next thirteen years…
It was strange, then, and rather wonderful, to wake up in the upper bedroom at Lallybroch, next to Jamie, and realize, as I watched the dawn touch his sleeping face, that he had been born in this bed. All the sounds of the house, from the creak of the back stair under an early-rising maid’s foot, to the drumming rain on the roofslates, were sounds he had heard a thousand times before; heard so often, he didn’t hear them anymore. I did.

~ Dragonfly in Amber

“On your feet, soldier. Take me  h o m e  t o  L a l l y b r o c h .”
~ The Devil’s Mark [1x11]


   [25 Days of Outlander]
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Smart. Positive. Funny. Scared. Guilty. Brave. Broken. Determined. In just one episode arc, we see Claire go through all these attributes, and get Claire!Backstory and the origins of Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! 

I will never not love Matt B. Roberts for finally expanding upon how Claire’s WWII experience affected her, especially in the midst of yet another war. Though we know her background, it’s gratifying for Claire to finally have room to speak about it. Best of all, we get to see Jamie learn that bit a about Claire he’s never known before and have their relationship strengthen because of it. Because, like Claire said, “My husband and I share everything,” including the ghosts of past (future?) lives.

“Listen to me, if I– if I go back then it will just be like lying in that ditch again. Helpless and powerless to move like a dragonfly in amber. Except this time it will be worse. Because I’ll know the people out there dying alone are people I know. P e o p l e  I   l o v e. I can’t do that, Jamie. I won’t lie in that ditch again. I can’t be helpless and alone ever again. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you. I promise, whatever happens you’ll never be alone again.”

Matt Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter: 
In the book, this section for Claire is very internal. She’s thinking a lot… We thought that it wouldn’t be going off book so to speak if we were just to tell part of that story, when in fact we know this all happened… I wanted to incorporate all these little exchanges and moments from all the different books into a script somehow, and so I did it with these flashbacks. 

What I like to do is when our couple comes together, they solve problems with their connection. Bad things happen when they’re apart and good things happen when they’re together.
The 20 Best Episodes of 2016
It was another great, crowded year for TV. If you were to ask us to choose the 20 episodes everyone should have watched, here are our picks. Use your holiday vacation wisely, friends.

10 / 20 ‘Outlander,’ “Faith” (May 21)

The episode opened with a flash-forward to 1954: Claire tending to her perfectly healthy and adorable flame-haired muffin, which, looking back, was maybe the writers’ way of giving those fans who had not read the novels a small shred of hope to focus on once the bloodletting started. The beloved heroine had been rushed to the hospital after witnessing her husband’s betrayal (Jamie had sworn to leave Black Jack alone, but instead was found in the forest engaged in a duel with the man Claire still believed to be her future husband Frank’s ancestor) and lost the baby. Delirious with fever, forever damaged by the loss of a child, and apoplectic and let down by her soulmate’s broken promise, this could have easily veered into Lifetime movie territory. Instead, Caitriona Balfe rose to the occasion and churned out what should be an Emmy-winning performance, and the show presented one of the most honest looks at grief to ever grace a TV. They stuck with her through her pain, which she was forced to deal with solo, given that Jamie had gotten himself thrown in the Bastille, and eventually made her get back up again and carry on because there was still history-changing work to be done and a husband to save … again. In a brief break from the brutality, La Dame Blanche is asked by the King to preside over a secret backroom inquisition of Master Raymond, who quickly became our favorite French character, and St. Germain, which highlighted many of the other things Outlander does well, like set design, costumes, secondary character casting, and dabbling in mysticism. But the break was brief, and when Jamie returned home, there was more meaty dialogue to chew up. —Carrie Bell
Caitriona Balfe discusses the episode.