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I frequently act as though I am not possessed of the Inner Eye, so as not to make others nervous.

Okay so I came up with this great AU idea and I decided I'm gonna post it here so here you go

Imagine a charm necklace AU.

Everyone gets a charm necklace at birth with one charm on it. This charm being a small plate with the person’s birth date on it.

Throughout their lives, they find more charms scattered about in their daily life. One in their bookbag, another in the bottom of a cup of coffee, just showing up wherever they’ll find them.

Now imagine each charm representing a significant life event in the near future.

Some are obvious, like a coffin indicating that they will have a secondhand experience with death soon. Some are more cryptic and require more thought. The individual can decipher what each charm means for themselves, or they can just wait for destiny to take its course.

But what about soulmates, you may ask?

Soulmate charms are themed after whoever your soulmate is. For example, if your soulmate is passionate about cats, you might find a charm of a cat or a ball of yarn. Something along those lines.

Soulmate charms come in two varieties: platonic and romantic. Platonic soulmate charms have a diamond, romantic soulmate charms have a heart. Sometimes the charm will also have the soulmate’s favorite color in it, or maybe the first letter of their name.

When someone dies prematurely, their necklace breaks in half and scatters the charms. Old age deaths only occur after the necklace can only hold one more charm: a small plate with the person’s death date on it.

Feel free to add to this AU or use it in your art or writing if you want! I’d love to see what people do with it!


Benophie AU: Roadtrip

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I love how everybody just listens to Michaels entrance and goes "gay and wonderful" and by two player game everybody loves him and would protect him

michael: *breathes*



Peter Cushing as Captain Clive Judd in Cone of Silence (1960).


Showed my Rule 63 work to a friend, but because she is not familiar with some of the movies, it was hard for her to see what changes I had done (expect for adding/removing boobs :P) so I put together this post. Then she was all like “How do you remove facial hair?!” XD

Links to all the GIFs:  ShanPhoebeEsmeraldo 1Esmeraldo 2Miss CharmingDeanaNaveen & Davida

PS: Some of the designs are based on Lettherebedoodles’ work! :D

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Ace ravenclaw? Xxx

Asexual Ravenclaws who know the term asexual far before they realize it can describe them.

Asexual Ravenclaws joking that they’re asexual and think they’re being clever creating a new term until someone breaks the news to them.

Asexual Ravenclaws having small meet-ups in the common room, which they have the House Elves send up tea and snacks for.

Asexual Ravenclaws dropping everything if one of their own is in trouble or hurting, knowing it would be done for them as well.

Asexual Ravenclaws who casually drop sexuality and gender terms into random classes whenever semi-connected. This particularly happens a lot during History of Magic (where they don’t bother raising their hands, as Professor Binns hardly notices them). When Binns brings up a historical figure they think must have been ace, they casually interrupt the poor ghost, “yeah, that’s cool and all, but also, that great wix was totally asexual, and I think we should acknowledge that”.

Asexual Ravenclaws starting a school newspaper with an advice column where they do Monday Mogai Features and answer any mogai-related questions students have.

Asexual Ravenclaws petitioning professors to create a Mogai Alliance Club so they can talk to an even wider group of people with different experiences so they are not limited to just talking with other ace Ravenclaws.

Asexual Ravenclaws who always practice this big, educational speech whenever they come out to try and avoid questions… and to give the person(s) they’re coming out to less of a chance to potentially say something ignorant and hurt their feelings.

Asexual Ravenclaws who don’t need to be too showy about pride but enjoy subtle pride memorabilia, such as purple and gray scarves, a simple witches hat with a purple ribbon, pride colored socks, and a clever or punny pin every now and then.

Asexual Ravenclaws figuring out spells to create cleverly hidden pride memorabilia for wixen who aren’t out yet, such as using color changing spells to turn a scarf into blank colors when around someone you’re not out to.

Asexual Ravenclaws presenting a very calm and accepting demeanor about their identity, helping others to find their own confidence in coming out just by being around them.

Asexual Ravenclaws being each other’s unwavering support group and creating lifelong friendships (not to mention all the great activities they’ve helped organize that now boost their resume).

~Hufflepuff Mod