character: charlie bradbury

I like to think that if the supernatural didn’t exist, Charlie and Dean would’ve grown up together as best bros. Her mum and his dad wouldn’t have been around much so they’d get up to all sorts of geeky stuff together and break into teachers’ cars on the weekends just because. They wouldn’t ever get caught. Charlie’d teach Dean about computers and he’d teach her about cars, and they’d have epic Star Trek and Firefly marathons during the school holidays where they’d invite Cas and Sam and dress up. I think at one stage Charlie would’ve been taller than Dean and she’d tease him about it, a lot, with Charlie always saying, “Chin up, bitch." Then suddenly they’d both be grown and he would’ve been taller than her but she’d keep saying it because, you know, sometimes he just needed to hear it anyway. 

A freak with a knife collection and that chick nerd...

Anon requested Jo/Charlie for Femslash February :D

Started to think what I could do with these two and came up with a HS AU/headcanon where Jo and Charlie share a high school at some point of their lives and, both being outcasts, start to hang together and more~

Comic Con Is For Nerds~Charlie Bradbury smut for rainbow-muncher~

Hey so I am a huge spn fan but there seems to be NO Charlie Bradbury smut :( can you write some for me?

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You were so excited. Your Princess Leia slave girl costume was perfect and you were sooo ready to go to Comic Con. You’d been planning this for years since it was your first one.

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