character: character: i gotta get new friends

I gotta get new friends...
  • Friend: they seem to be right, what you guys are doing is adultery against the couple.
  • Me: they are just fictional characters, bruh. I don't know why people inisist on guilt-tripping us when we make artworks and fanfics based on our otps.
  • Friend: But this is a big deal. They are married now with different spouses. It is undignified for you to ship A with B because they have their own marriage. So just stop. Just accept your non-canon delusions.
  • Not my friend anymore: ...

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(1/2)Srsly Keith and Shiro's relationship is just so funny to me cos like, why's a show about team building and the found family trope and team work and all that making it's arguably strongest bond something that has already happened? Like we didn't even get to see them become friends? Why? You'd think they'd focus more on developing some new relationship rather than keep constantly showing how much Keith loves Shrio? Right? Like why's he gotta save Shiro constantly So much that it's a theme now

(2/2)Like I just don’t get why they made them so close and then keep making it a central theme for the characters if there’s no reason for it? Cos it’s not like it’s just a character quirk either? It’s something that keeps coming back all the damn time? N affects the plot? I don’t understand why? If they can’t kill Shrio off for money reasons then what’s the point? Even the leader conflict loses most of is conflict cos they are just so goddamn supportive of each other all the time! ???

so like… yeah big mood buddy. i guess these are the three things i keep coming back to as far as canon goes:

  • their relationship is the most important relationship we see in the show, either for keith and shiro, or for the plot over all (except for zonerva). and it’s weird that they go out of their way to show it in contrast to the found family relationships. the “as many times as it takes” line was like. wow buddy. 
  • i don’t think we can get a good handle on it yet, and i’m excited to see what’s up with s4. i think that it will be like… at least informative of the direction the show is going–in many respects, and maybe also in this one.

  • and the slightly salty thing i always come back to is that if they were a het couple, it would be canon without question. and if they were a het couple, i would absolutely still ship it full throttle, because they have an incredible dynamic.

but i’m not going to riot or something if i’m wrong? i’ll still love the show and characters and i really hope we can all be rational about whatever comes and look at it with a wider perspective rather than tunnel visioning on this one aspect.

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Any stories that are LGBT that you can recommend to me on Episode? Thanks!

user stories that i’ve finished reading (but are probably incomplete):

  • homecoming kings by lauren murphy: you play as ben, a gay theater nerd who gets caught up in a lot of unexpected drama. this one’s super cute and contains a lot of internet culture/meme references.
  • dea ex machina by minnow lake: you choose the model (male or female) and customize the character. a machine is recounting the story, and you can choose whether it addresses you (the reader) as “mr.” “ms.” or “agent.” your character is bisexual and you can choose to date someone of the same gender.
  • inamorata and roses by s.w. rose: you play as paris, the pettiest bitch i have seen on this app. the “new girl” that catches her attention is pretty hardcore too. you also get to customize your character.
  • nothing special by sarah c.: chapter 21 was just updated binch!! i gotta go!! you play as ember and can choose between two friends (harmony and drake), date both of them in a polyamorous relationship, date a nb person named harley, or choose to date no one. the story is interesting and very diverse. at the beginning, chapters are short and the pacing is awful, but it gets much better!
  • .:dream escape:. by kay elle: as described by the author, it is intended to be “a puzzle wrapped inside a psychological exploration wrapped inside a vague love story.” you follow ali as he tries to get better and over the man of his dreams. kay elle is brilliant, i highly recommend anything by her!

user stories that i’ve only read the first chapter or so of but seem promising:

  • “greenfly” by toriah: you play as tee, a girl who falls for her best friend.
  • adventures away: tourist traps by sarah c.: you choose the model (male or female) and customize your character. this is written by the same author as nothing special and she stated that you get to choose your sexuality within this story.
  • a scorpio’s tail by sabrooks: you create the character and he narrates his story about his first crush.

in addition, in these two official episode stories:

    • demi lovato (all seasons)
    • pretty little liars

you play as a girl, customize your character, and have the option be attracted to (and marry in the demi game) a character of the same gender.

in my favorite episode story .:drakulya’s kiss:. by kay elle the main love story is het but the main character is pan and previously had a girlfriend; also there are a few gay side characters.

have fun reading :)

Queen of Hearts and Bullets

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout (Video Games)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Female Courier/Original Female Character, Female Courier/Original Character(s), Courier/Original Character (Fallout)
Characters: Female Courier, Courier (Fallout), Original Female Character(s)
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Even after Hoover Dam, Lexi stayed in Vegas to help her girlfriend, Courier Mary, run the place. But sometimes, a girl’s just gotta get out of the city and taste the open roads. Luckily, Mary’s prepared to meet her halfway.

Gift fic for my dear friends @instishoot and @fraenkysjunk!

list of AUs I want to write but never will
  • “We don’t really talk but I think you’re hot, funny, and all around amazing but there’s only a few days of school left and we’re both seniors and you’re going to college across the country so I gotta make my move, befriend you, and make you fall in love with me in like a week”
  • “We’re roommates and I broke your favorite cup that you always drink ice tea out of and apparently it was really rare and limited and we go on a wild odyssey through a bunch of Walmarts to get a new one”
  • “We both run ask blogs for the same character but we interpret the character a bit differently and somehow our followers get our interpretations to fight, and in a string of reblogs where our characters argue we exchange skypes and become friends and do collabs with our characters often and now our followers ship our interpretations of our characters and whoa your Mod Monday Selfie is attractive”
  • “I’m the coach of my kid’s soccer team and you’re the rival coach of the other team. I brought orange slices for my team after the game but you brought ice pops. next week I bring candy. the week after that you bring cupcakes. let the battle of one-upmanship  begin”
  • “you complemented my Teen Titans shirt but apparently you only watch the shitty new version so I must show you the error of your ways. I don’t care that we just met in the line at the grocery store, you are coming over to my house and marathoning this shit with me”
  • “I’m a die hard Harry Potter fan. You’re a die hard Percy Jackson fan. we’re in the same book club and we’re aggressively trying to convince everyone else to read our favorite series” (BONUS OT3: person 3 is a die hard Hunger Games fan)
  • “we both got scared and ran out during a horror movies that our separate friend groups dragged us to and now we’re sitting outside the theater crying and sharing a bucket of popcorn”
  • “I write erotica and you write children’s books. we’re both pretty famous authors. it’d be best if no one knew about our relationship.”
  • “I’m eating a conventionally unheard of and odd-looking food item in public and you’ve been the only one brave enough to ask what it is so far so I let you try it and you love it”
  • “We’re both in seventh grade, in the prime of our weeb phase. we became friends because the rest of the school is full of bakas who don’t understand that anime is the supreme form of entertainment. and whoa you’re looking pretty kawaii lately and I think I’m starting to feel like how Naruto feels about Sasuke about you (yaoi 4ever)”
  • “I write fanfiction, you do art. you liked my fic so much that you drew fan art for it, making it popular. and now we’ve both gotten pretty fandom-famous off of this and our followers want to know when we’re getting married”
  • “You caught me cheating off of your test and instead of getting angry you just moved it so I could see it better. how can I repay you.”
  • “i follow you on tumblr and you just made a post where you just ended your sentence with a period. you never end your sentences with periods. are you okay. is everything alright. I’m sending concerned asks your way.”
  • “I didn’t include an oxford comma in a tweet. you called me out on it. let the war begin.”