character: captain chandler


The Last Ship -  Season 1 Episode 10  “No Place Like Home”

“ did it…lets enjoy the moment” Captain Chandler to Dr. Rachel Scott.  Gawd I love his face!!!! <3

Not sure how I feel about the way they look at each other.  I want to ship Rachel and Tex SO BAD, but damn…these two are just all lovey eyes at each other LOL!!   Great finale tho…such a good friggin show!!! Bring on season 2!!! 

Some men lose an arm or a hand or a leg. Chandler lost himself. He’s not playing a game. He spent two years dropping bombs on people who never did anything to him, until finally something inside this kid from Idaho said, enough! You’re Christ, you’re not a killer. The next bomb you drop, you drop on yourself.
—  Sidney Freedman

Can Vanessa get Ethan to confide in her over their shared darkness? (x)

3x01-3x02 spoilers!

I haven’t watched the episode yet, I’m waiting for the french version to watch it in family but I already know the fate of Rachel.

I’m not happy, at all.

I’ll keep believing that she’s alive, but being hid by the President for her own safe. Of course not many people are aware of that, not even Chandler. That’s why everyone believes she’s dead, that’s why we haven’t seen any flashbacks, THAT’S WHY EVERYTHING HAPPENED BECAUSE I WON’T ACCEPT THE FACT THAT SHE’S GONE FOR REAL. 

And she will come back, it will be a shock, but then she will be able to live happily ever after with Tom AND THAT’S ALL I WANT.


I believe this could be really good
Or really bad

Sinking ship: TLS
So is she saying that she didn’t want to go down with the ship and that’s why she left???

But then apparently the little Dutch boy sacrificed himself to save the town or whatever.
Did she think leaving was a sacrifice to save the sinking ship?
Or does it mean she’s sticking around the the boy did??