character: captain chandler


The Last Ship -  Season 1 Episode 10  “No Place Like Home”

“ did it…lets enjoy the moment” Captain Chandler to Dr. Rachel Scott.  Gawd I love his face!!!! <3

Not sure how I feel about the way they look at each other.  I want to ship Rachel and Tex SO BAD, but damn…these two are just all lovey eyes at each other LOL!!   Great finale tho…such a good friggin show!!! Bring on season 2!!! 


Can Vanessa get Ethan to confide in her over their shared darkness? (x)

Has anyone else been watching The Last Ship with Eric Dane???

Because I am shipping Dr. Scott and Captain Chandler so. fucking. hard. I keep completely forgetting that he’s married because they are just too perfect. Seriously people, if you are in this fandom please tell me you feel the same because I need fanfics, I need gif sets, and I need a fangirling partner ASAP.