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the Hound
  • Sandor Clegane, about to kill a man, but looking for info: Where's the other one? The one with the yellow cloak?
  • Man: FUCK YOU!
  • Sandor, not amused: Those are your last words? 'Fuck you'? C'mon you can do better.
  • Man, confused, but thinking for something to say: Cunt!
  • Sandor, really not amused: You're shit at dying you know that?

anonymous asked:

Do you think that the execution of Merret Frey by the BWB was justified? He didn't participate in the planning of the Red Wedding.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Oh, Merrett was involved in the planning. He wasn’t one of the main architects, but he wasn’t forgotten either:

The final humiliation had been delivered with a smile, when Lame Lothar had summoned him to discuss his role in Roslin’s wedding. “We must each play our part, according to our gifts,” his half-brother told him. “You shall have one task and one task only, Merrett, but I believe you are well suited to it. I want you to see to it that Greatjon Umber is so bloody drunk that he can hardly stand, let alone fight.”

Of course we have very little sympathy for someone like Merrett. He doesn’t regret his role in the Red Wedding - he actually defends it to the brotherhood right before they kill him. He’s not a personally sympathetic man - an alcoholic, morose and self-pitying, with no achievements in life. And again, we know he was at the Red Wedding, that he condoned it, that he took to his part with as much gusto as Merrett ever gave anything in life.

The problem for me is that the BwB under Lady Stoneheart is not a justice system, as I’ve said a few times. Justice and vengeance is a tricky area, because too often they can be seen to overlap. But the brotherhood doesn’t follow a system of law and order, a system of justice; Stoneheart seeks to hurt those in any way connected to those who hurt her and her own - to be avenged, rather than to see justice done. Killing Merrett Frey isn’t the end of the line for the brotherhood; they want everyone connected with them who hurt the Starks and their followers dead. Merrett had no trial, was not given the option of fighting for his side, and in that way I cannot say it was justified.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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If the Brotherhood knows who Gendry is do you think they have any special plans for him such as getting him legitimized and trying to make him king? Or they might just be trying to protect him.

Just because Thoros is informed doesn’t mean the rest of the BWB is. He might be keeping that to himself. 

And if they all do, why would they care? They suspect Bella is Robert’s bastard, everyone knows about Mya Stone and Edric Storm, why would Gendry be all that special. I’m sure they want to protect him as A) he’s one of them, B) it’s the “lions” they hate who are after him, and C) they’re pro-Robert, but like the importance of bastards is way overstated by the fandom. 

Part of it is the show, they didn’t make it clear why Cersei was so afraid of Robert’s bastards- and by giving the order of their execution to Joffrey, it made it appear as though he viewed them as a threat to the throne or something.

But bastard claims are hardly worth fretting over really because rarely do bastards ever get legitimized and for other reasons.

The books make this clear, too:

(on Stannis wanting Edric Storm) Catelyn read the letter again after the maester was gone. “Lord Meadows says nothing of

Robert’s bastard,” she confided to Brienne. “I suppose he yielded the boy with the rest, though I confess, I do not understand why Stannis wanted him so badly.”

“Perhaps he fears the boy’s claim.”
“A bastard’s claim? No, it’s something else… what does this child look like?” 
Catelyn, ACoK

Bastards aren’t as important as the fandom seems to think politically. The reason why KL’s after Gendry (and wants him dead) is because Cersei’s children are illegitimate. He can’t get the throne, but he can prove (by his appearance) that they shouldn’t be on there. Stannis wants them (Robert’s bastards) as proof of his right to rule over Joffrey/Tommen. Melisandre wants Edric because his blood has power- but no political power.

While I don’t think it’s impossible for Gendry to be legitimized at some point- especially since the fate of the Baratheon line looks grim and so much emphasis has been placed on his parentage with regards to him- it’s not a certain thing by any means.

And besides, Gendry’s pretty much the least desirable bastard to legitimize. He’s uneducated, spent most of his life as an orphan in Flea Bottom and the rest as an outlaw, prisoner or the like. He can’t read or write, he speaks like a commoner, he has no knowledge of ruling/lordship/etiquette/anything that would be at all useful.

Bastards like Jon, who was raised as a highborn in all but name, are desirable because it’s the name they lack- the lordship and house- not the actual abilities to be a lord. Jon was trained in arms, he’s very well educated, taught by Ned Stark and treated to a lord’s life in many respects. It would be easy for him to become a lord by legitimization. No one would balk at that compared to someone like Gendry, or Bella. To say nothing of how Gendry was never recognized in life by Robert.

Bastards like Ramsay SnowBolton, Aurane Waters, even the Sand Snakes all have backgrounds that make them a higher quality of bastard than Gendry in terms of legitimization. 

If you want a Baratheon bastard as king (which no one does, I’ll get to that though,) then why not hunt down Edric Storm- the awknowledged bastard who was raised as a noble and educated and is noble on both sides.

Gendry is a baseborn, Edric is not. (Neither is Jon with R+L=J for the record, but people like Sansa assume he is.)

Not all bastards are created equal though. Gendry would be no one’s choice for a lord really, much less a king. I could see him getting legitimized because the Baratheon line is dying (and maybe Edric’s still MIA) and he has a highborn friend/lover/who knows from a very prominent family (Arya) but it’s not at all a certain thing.

And even if I would bet on GRRM going there (which I’m not,) the BWB really have no reason to even jump there. Who’s going to back an unacknowledged blacksmith, baseborn bastard of a dead king for the Iron Throne? While aforementioned dead king’s legitimate (supposedly) and noble son sits on it?