character: bei fong

Young Lin

So I made this as a headcannon, after Su cuts Lin’s face, Lin’s self-esteem drops a lot, but then Tenzin asks her to go to a party and she just looks gorgeous. 

Yeah I made her a dress, yes she is waring make up, and yes i still don’t figure out the line thing!


Lin’s my second or third favorite character inthe series. I like Mako too, and I’ve kind of shipped them a little since season 2. I don’t think there’s much evidence to support a Lin Beifong and Mako pairing. In fact, it’s questionable whether Lin even likes Mako at all. But it’s not hard for me to imagine something like this. I can see her being into younger guys. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that Beifong goes through rookies like tissue paper, and it would certainly explain why Mako is so intimidated by her!

Anyway, Lin’s great. 

You know, I think Lin and Suyin represent two of the dominant and conflicting aspects of Toph’s personality.

On the one hand you have Lin. She is dry, sarcastic, and doesn’t take shit from anyone, not even members of her own family. She is the no-nonsense type who has very clear beliefs about right and wrong. She is also the type who is too busy to settle down and have a family, hence why she is alone.

Suyin, on the other hand, represents the wild, lawless, and chaotic aspect of Toph’s personality. Like Toph (if you all remember the original series like I do), Suyin feels she can do what she wants without having to listen to parents or other authority figures and seems to see the world in less black-and-white morality, unlike Lin who only sees “person breaking the law, they must be a bad guy, throw them in prison.”

Despite their different personalities, both Lin and Suyin embody some of the best qualities of their mother as well as her faults. They both are firm in their convictions and will not back down in a fight, they both have an unwavering devotion to the people they care about, both are incredibly gifted Earthbenders, and of course both of them are totally badass.