character: bei fong

So I just really want to share my opinion about something that has been on my mind lately. So, I really like the show Avatar: The last airbender, and my favorite character is Toph Bei Fong. I just love how strong, independent she is and she knows it. She knows she is probably the greatest earthbender in the world, ever. That is something I really appreciate, just as much as I love how she is blind, but that just makes her stronger. She is a great character.

The thing that is bothering me, however, has to do with Toph. Actually, more the fact that she, in the show does not get enough credit by her friends. Like, she freaking INVENTED METALBENDING and they acted like it was normal. At least, what they showed. They also did not show the Gaangs reaction to finding out TOPH WAS FREAKING KIDNAPPED!!! I think that is something the makers should have focused on much more. I want to see more of Toph Bei Fong. I want to know and see everything about her. I want more credit to how great she is.

I also think that no one really understands how strong she is. Like, the picture at the top. I just can’t fathom how strong she is. She deserves so much more credit from the producers and the fans. I just… Writing this made me angry. I love her so much, I would, if I could just jump in their world and freaking marry her.

Young Lin

So I made this as a headcannon, after Su cuts Lin’s face, Lin’s self-esteem drops a lot, but then Tenzin asks her to go to a party and she just looks gorgeous. 

Yeah I made her a dress, yes she is waring make up, and yes i still don’t figure out the line thing!


Lin’s my second or third favorite character inthe series. I like Mako too, and I’ve kind of shipped them a little since season 2. I don’t think there’s much evidence to support a Lin Beifong and Mako pairing. In fact, it’s questionable whether Lin even likes Mako at all. But it’s not hard for me to imagine something like this. I can see her being into younger guys. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that Beifong goes through rookies like tissue paper, and it would certainly explain why Mako is so intimidated by her!

Anyway, Lin’s great. 

Cognitive Function Analysis: Toph Bei Fong


Ti: Toph is extremely critical. She is usually quiet and is constantly analyzing and thinking about the situation. She’s usually the first to pick off the inconsistencies (“You mean, the Fire Lord”) and the first to reach a solution when the group faces a problem (she was the first to notice Azula was able to chase the gang due to Appa’s shedding fur despite being blind). Her thinking is extremely internal, and it can only be seen in battle when she can analyse her situation before making a strike. Her logical breakdown of situations also brought forth metalbending, the bending of refined earth in metal.

Se: Her signature Seismic Sense coupled with her Se made her an extremely skilled earthbender. Toph is extremely aware of her environment and is able to detect danger for the Gaang in mere milliseconds (with the help of her Seismic Sense). Toph is always ready to jump headfirst into confrontations or fights without a second thought.

Ni: Though it can be seen as often, Toph is able to see the bigger picture of things than what it is. She was the one that saw the need for Zuko to join the group while the others disagreed, because Aang needed a firebending teacher. Toph shows her insightful nature when her brash, Ti-Se side isn’t showing.

Fe: An extremely inferior function, Toph hides her feeling deep in herself because she doesn’t want to seem weak in front of others. She usually represses her feelings and shows affection by punching others. However, there are times when she shows her emotional side, like when she and Katara had a girls’ day out or when she’s talking to Zuko during the Ember Island play.

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Divergent faction: Dauntless

It’s no false fact that Toph is brash, reckless, adventurous and outright blunt. She is the kind of person who would jump headfirst into battle and survive. She shows courage and bravery as a fighter and earthbender. That puts her in Gryffindor and Dauntless.