character: astrid farnsworth


F R I N G E • September 9, 2008 | January 18, 2013

Of course it’s the way you expected it to end, like happily ever after. That’s what’s beautiful, these people don’t live in the real world. They live in your minds, and they live in your imagination, and the reason you watch shows is so that you can hope. And I think that at the end of the day that was what Joel [Wyman] was trying to say… is that, there is  h o p e.

Favorite Scenes: Bellivia Flirts with Astrid during Stowaway (3.17)

Same question: How long?

24 hours. 48 at the most.

Has anyone ever told you, dear, that you have lovely hands?

Thank you.

Something to show you. We found two sets of DNA in the specimens we took from the scene. Two different people.

But in performing the tests, we noticed something odd in the molecules of Ms. Gray’s body. They didn’t want to come apart. They were held together by an unusually strong electromagnetic bond.

Um, I’m confused. You’re saying that her body’s being held together by magnetism?

Well, we’re all held together by magnetism.

Our molecules are like these hematite rocks.

Magnetism is what keeps us from flying apart. It’s what keeps us solid.

In Ms. Gray’s case, the attraction was almost unbreakable. It’s a miracle she left any blood behind at all.

[Bellivia puts the hematite bracelet on Astrid’s wrist]

I think it suits you, dear.

[Astrid begins to get creeped out]

[Astrid is now fully creeped out]

Favorite Scenes: Olivia Compares Her Feelings about Peter with Fauxlivia’s during Reciprocity (3.11)

Look, I am really thankful for your help. Seriously. But I’ve been through this whole stack already.

But I’m not just another set of eyes.  We’re the same, the other Olivia and me.  I should be able to think the same way.  So maybe I’m gonna be able to find a pattern.

“It’s strange, but at moments when I’m with PB, I find myself forgetting what I’m here for.”

“PB’s different than I expected him to be.  A sincerity behind his eyes.  A deep-seated goodness.”

“It’s hard not to get caught up in it … not to get caught up in him.”

You know, this may have started out as a mission, but it turned into something else.  She was starting to have real feelings for him.


No, I mean, and he’s a great guy.  And, of course, we’re the same.  She would see what I see.

We speak the same.  We use the same phrases.  I’m reading this and I’m thinking this is how I make sense of things.  Make sense of feelings … of Peter.