character: astrid farnsworth


FRINGE SEPTEMBER ~ 30 Fringe episodes according to you
⚘ 23. Making Angels (4x11) [EMPATH]

“My father… I cannot get the thought out of my mind that… that I couldn’t give him what he wanted because of the way that I am. That he secretly wished I could love him back in a way that he could understand. Do you think if I were more like you, he would’ve loved me more? If I was normal?”


Fringe rewatch:  Walter & Astrid in every episode - Pilot


F R I N G E • September 9, 2008 | January 18, 2013

Of course it’s the way you expected it to end, like happily ever after. That’s what’s beautiful, these people don’t live in the real world. They live in your minds, and they live in your imagination, and the reason you watch shows is so that you can hope. And I think that at the end of the day that was what Joel [Wyman] was trying to say… is that, there is  h o p e.