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To ease a bit of the pain from that last post, I drew this! 

For the longest time I had this adorable idea that Hiccup would turn to Gobber for tips on serenading Astrid.

I love that the Movies and TV show hint at Gobber’s hidden passion for music(though he may not be the best at it). I can see him jumping at the opportunity to teach Hiccup a thing or two like the second-daddy he is.

Hiccup is not a really good singer, but Astrid finds it sweet and endearing anyway.

Toothless, on the other hand, thinks differently….. 

anonymous asked:

Hey is Humans gay at all or just a good show? I'm looking to start a new series and want to prepare my heart if necessary

Oh boy have I got some news for you *finger guns* they introduced the gay storyline for one of its main characters (Niska) in series 2 and nEVER LOOKED BACK

not to be a nerd but @wellamarke kindly counted up the kissing stats in S2 and Niska/Astrid (robot/human f/f couple, sinammon/cinammon rolls, too good, too pure) and their kisses constituted 1 in every 3 shown, and they were the only ones shown to actually be in a happy, functional relationship by the end of the season (x)

and by the end of season 2, as @yuuriandvictorkatsuki put it brilliantly in this post

hey so channel 4’s humans didn’t bury any gays, didn’t kill any poc, let women be badass and kind and smart and amazing and killed as many boring white men as possible all within a superb sci-fi story that could span so many series 

so I don’t think you have a lot to prepare your heart for, re: gay. my only qualms are Niska and Astrid not getting enough screentime asdfghjkl, but that goes for every storyline since the seasons are so short (8 eps each!)