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Okay so Jehan and Montparnasse are picking Antoine up from school and it's actually JEAN that gets hit on for being the hotParent this time Montparnasse is like ...👀🔪

Oh my goddd

First day of school is always fun, right? Well, it is if you’re eight and like to be around a lot of people. Not quite so much when you’re the parent of said eight-year-old and he’s the light of your life and not having him around all day after the summer makes the day feel like it’s about eight times longer than it is. Montparnasse is usually the one who goes to pick Antoine up, but he can tell it’s just eating at Jehan, so they both decide to go.

Parnasse leaves for a moment because he just has to make sure those assholes who run all the parent-teacher things know he’s still around and not going to put up with shit this year either (”It’s been five minutes, and I’m already tired of your attitude, Carol”), so Jehan gets left alone. That’s alright, Antoine will be out in a minute.

The bell rings, and sure enough, here comes their son, all smiles and bouncing curls. He’s got a new friend in tow, too, not a kid Jehan’s seen before. That isn’t too surprising, though; Antoine likes making new friends. Turns out the kid just moved here, and his mother is here to pick him up.

His single mother.

Which would be fine, I mean, they have a lovely conversation, she compliments their clothes, but she apparently got the wrong idea somewhere along the line. So Jehan’s standing there, their son mildly distracted, while this woman awkwardly tries to give them her number. They’re not used to people flirting with them, and definitely not recently. They try to sputter some kind of explanation, and Antoine has hold of the hand with their wedding ring, so she must not have seen it, and-

“Han, here comes Papa!”

Parnasse has gotten much, much better about not acting like he’s jealous, but now he gets very touchy. He scoops Antoine up with one arm and wraps the other around Jehan’s waist. He’s smiling, but he’s also making sure she gets a very clear view of the ring on his finger. Jehan elbows him in the ribs.

They have to quickly and awkwardly introduce Parnasse as their husband and Antoine’s father. They also make a note to keep Parnasse a bit closer if they come to get their son again.


“J'suis Superman à ma superteuf” omgggg 😂😂😂

World - Antoine Griezmann

So guys, I’m gonna be away for the next two weeks cause I’m flying to see my family. I’m not gonna be online much and theres probably not gonna be any imagines. I’m gonna update a few today so I hope you like those. I miss y’all already :( 

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You played with the hem of your jersey, or rather Antoine’s jersey as you were watching the game and the minutes passing, anxiously. You were so afraid and nervous you could barely keep calm. Today was the finale of the european championship France against Portugal and since your boyfriend was playing you were there to support him. You were loving football, long before you even knew Antoine so of course you always supported him. Or went to many games to watch him play. You were with him, you watched him win, they even won against Germany, with two goals by him. So of course they could do this. Everyone was enthusiastically that France would win. You were too, before the game. You believed in Antoine, you knew what he could do. You also knew what Cristiano Ronaldo could do, but since he got fouled and needed to leave you were sure they would win. But the goal from Portugal came and the shocked and pale faces from the France national team and from the fans came too.
You looked around and saw the happiness spread into the Portuguese fans.

You were searching Antoine and saw how he was standing their with his face down. He knew it was over, that he couldn’t reach his dream anymore. Tears were welling up in your eyes, you did not wanted to see him like that. He and the team were giving their all, for over 100 minutes and then this stupid goal happened. You did not wanted to see Antoine upset, he was such a hard working person, always giving his best and he deserved to win more than anyone. The last minutes flew by but the sadness from France maintained. Portugal was celebrating their victory and most of the french players sat down looking around them to see of this was really true. You swallowed as you looked at Antoine shacking his head and putting his face in his hands. It was not long after the France Team got their medal, as soon as they got theirs, you left your seat and started looking for Antoine. You waited where you would usually meet him and after some time he was slowly walking out of the door.

„Hey“ you said as he approached you and you were pulling your arms around his torso looking up at him.

„Hey“ he said, you could see that his eyes were a bit red, even through he probably didn’t wanted to he did cry.

He pulled his arms around you and put his face in your neck, breathing out and sobbing a bit.

„I just wanna leave“ he said. „I can’t be here anymore“ he mumbled.

„Alright. let’s leave“ you said as you were pulling out of the hug and took his hand in yours.

You pulled him with you to the exist.

As soon as you were by your car you two got in your seats before you started the car and drove off.

You reached the hotel you were staying in and got out of the car, went in to your room.

Antoine wasn’t saying anything the whole time, he was too far up in his thought to say anything.

„Antoine?“ I asked as we were entering my hotel room and he was collapsing on my bed.

„hmmm?“ I only heard from under the pillow.

„Please don’t be disappointed with yourself-„

„But I am. I disappointed so many people today, my country, the team, my family, you“ he said as he was getting out of under the pillow sitting up.

You sat beside him and shook your head.

„You did not disappoint me, or your family or anyone in general, Antoine. You gave your all. You were named the player of the tournament for a reason. You are an amazing player. Portugal won today but that does not mean that you played bad today or that you disappointed anyone“

You looked over at him.

„I just feel so stupid for loosing against Cristiano again“ he said.

„he got his foul. Besides you have so many more years to pay him back, it’s only the beginning“ you said and moved closer to him.

He looked at you and a small smile played on his lips now.

„Thank you. I really needed all of this now.“

„Not for that“

He pulled you into his side, so that you were laying on his chest, pressing a kiss on your forehead.

„I’m so proud of you. I’ll never stop supporting you“ you said which caused him to smile more.

„You mean the world to me babe. I really wouldn’t know what to do without you“ he said and pressed small kisses all over your face.

Maybe he lost the game because he already had the real win by his side.

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Listen. Montparnasse is extremely proud of that ring. He loves being married. He thought he would hate it (it took him long enough to realize that he actually liked being in a committed relationship in the first place) but he absolutely loves it. He practically flaunts that ring every chance he gets because he wants every single person ever to know how happy he is and how wonderful his life is.

If anything, he somehow gets worse after Antoine is born. Now he’s got a ring and a spouse and a beautiful baby boy he can show off. He’s turned into a monster of familial affection in a matter of months, and nobody expected it at all, but it’s his life now, and he’s very happy about it.

Support - Antoine Griezmann

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I was sitting down on my seat once again after the first half had been over I went inside to use the rest room and get myself something to eat since I was already hungry again. As soon as I was done eating I went outside again and sat down on my seat. I enjoyed looking around the stadium, seeing all the Atlético fans. Seeing families who probably travels all over the country to see their favorite team. Seeing parents wearing their fan scarf and watching their little kids with red paint on their face and cheering on their team. I had been an Atlético fan for a while and had been dating Antoine for years already. Since he was playing for Atlético I had been here almost every week whenever there was a game. I was working a lot but I always made sure I could be there and support Antoine. I knew it meant a lot to him, to share his wins, ties and even looses with me. And Antoine did the same for me, he supported me with my work or with everything else in my life for that matter. Since we dated for several years now we both had been through a lot. There was always a lot going on whether if it was with his football career, my job or just family troubles. But there was never any serious reason for fights or anything. I was so lucky and proud to have someone like him in my life and that I could call him mine. My mum took the seat beside me as she just came back from the rest room as well.

“your dad just called me. he’s watching the game from home” my mum said as she giggled slightly.

My dad and me were big football fans, I probably got it all from him. Since I was little we both would always watch games together. I got my love for Atlético from him. And even through my mum used to hate football she soon became a pro and watched the games with us. She even went to games with me to support Antoine like today. My dad wanted to come too but he was busy because he had to help his mother, my grandma around the house. Apparently he went home early or just in time to watch the game now.

“poor dad” i said and giggled, she just rolled her eyes and nodded to the pitch where the teams were coming out again for the second half.

By now the score was still 0:0. It had been a tough game for Atlético, the others team defense was pretty strong and they barely got through it. Even through they had been the favorite for this game they only had one to two chances.

“well let’s see what that brings” i said and my mum nodded in agreement.

We both remained quiet throughout almost the whole match only commenting then and there. But also hugging when Antoine finally scored a goal, making it 1:0 for Atlético. he had run all the way over to our seats to the hotline bling celebration and I blew him a kiss. A wide smile remained on my lips for the last few minutes of the game. As Atlético was winning the game and Antoine had scored a pretty good goal. Both me and my mum went down to the corridor where the team dressing room was just down the corridor. We waited for a few minutes as several boys already left the dressing room greeting me.

Finally Antoine made his way out and a huge smile came across his face as soon as he spot my mum and me standing there. He walked over and pulled me in a long hug. He kissed my lips quickly before giving my mum a quick hug. He intertwined our fingers as we all walked out and walked to my car. Antoine talked about the match and how hard it was for them but how much the goal really meant to him. As we got to my car we all got in and I started driving off. We drove to my parents home. I parked the car and we all got out and my mum unlocked the door. We all got in and walked to the kitchen where my Dad was already preparing food.

“hey guys. congrats on the win” my dad said and patted Antoine’s shoulder.

He just smiled and nodded. Both me and Antoine went to the living room to sat down on the couch as my parents prepared dinner.

“i’m so proud of you” i said as I laid down and laid my head in his lap.

He started to go through my hair and I sighed happily.

“thanks babygirl” he said as I closed my eyes in comfort.

“I honestly love seeing you play. with so much passion and talent” I said and I could see Antoine smiling even with my eyes closed.

“and i love seeing you there to support you whenever you pull on your hair in frustration. or scream when I scored a goal. or when you blow me kisses when I dedicated a goal to you” he said as I opened my eyes again and looked up to him.

“you notice?”

“of course. also i watch all the gifs of videos that fans make”

“oh god” i said and hid my face and slight redness behind my hands.

Antoine took my hands in his and made me look at him, with an amused smile.

“you’re so cute babygirl” he said still smiling and I just rolled my eyes.

“and i love you so so much” he said as he leaned down and pecked my lips before pressing kisses all over my face which made me smile widely.