character: altair ibn la ahad

Stay safe, my friend
Malik Al-Sayf/Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
Stay safe, my friend

Malik: Safety and peace, Altaïr.

Altaïr: Upon you as well, Brother.

Malik: Seems fate has a funny way with things.

Altaïr: So it’s true then. Robert de Sablé is in Jerusalem.

Malik: I’ve seen the knights myself.

Altaïr: Only misfortune follows that man. If he’s here, it’s because he intends ill. I won’t give him the chance to act.

Malik: Do not let vengeance cloud your thoughts, Brother. We both know no good can come of that.

Altaïr: I have not forgotten; you have nothing to fear. I do not seek revenge, but knowledge.

Malik: Truly you are not the man I once knew.

Altaïr: My work has taught me many things, revealed secrets to me. But there are still pieces of this puzzle I do not possess.

Malik: What do you mean?

Altaïr: All the men I’ve laid to rest have worked together, united by this man. Robert has designs upon the land, this much I know for certain. But how and why, when, and where, these things remain out of reach.

Malik: Crusaders and Saracens working together?

Altaïr: They are none of these things, but something else. Templars.

Malik: The Templars are a part of the Crusader army.

Altaïr: Or so they’d like King Richard to believe. No, their only allegiance is to Robert de Sablé, in some mad idea that they will stop the war.

Malik: You spin a strange tale.

Altaïr: You have no idea, Malik. But tell me where they’ve been seen. I should be after him before he slips away.

Malik: Three places I can say for certain. West of here, near both a guard tower and a hospital. And to the southwest, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. See what you can learn. I will do the same.

Altaïr: I’ll be quick as I can.

Malik: Stay safe, my friend.

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Halloween Preferences

You knew Altair wouldn’t want to get too festive, so you decided to kick in the spooky mood by watching a scary movie. You were curled up closed to him, and whenever there was a jumpscare that scared you, and maybe him, he would hold you tight.

With Ezio’s fun, outgoing nature, of course he would choose to go Trick-Or-Treating. Though you insisted the activity seemed much more like a kids one, he replied with, “Candy and dressing up is for anyone.” Some people actually did give you candy! Those who didn’t… They got their house egged by the two.

You told Connor that you wanted to carve pumpkins for Halloween, so he set out to search for the two greatest pumpkins he could find. He eventually came back with two pumpkins under his arms. They were perfectly round and a nice size too! Smiling, you both got ready to carve them into jack-o-lanterns. 


Edward would always try to scare you whenever he could. So while you were down on the beach by a campfire listening to others tell ghost stories, he would sneak up behind you and scare the living daylights out of you before joining in. You did manage to get your revenge though. 

Arno loved to do things with you on any holiday, so when you told him you wanted to decorate, he was more than happy to oblige. Not only was the place decorated with Halloween type stuff like skeletons and bats, but it also had a fall mix with regular pumpkins and some fall themed wreaths.

You and Desmond both actually loved to dress up, but with being adults and all, you felt like you were too old for Trick-Or-Treating. So you did the next best thing: you went to a costume party together! Desmond was dressed up as Gomez Addams and you were dressed up as Morticia Addams. You both ended up winning “Best Couples Costume”.

Jacob didn’t really care what he had to do on Halloween, as long as he got to do it with you. So you both watched some comedy horror movies, and passed out candy to any little Trick-Or-Treaters that came to your door. When the night seemed to be over, you both would share laughs over the cute costumes you saw kids wear that night.

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Omg I am in love with your Asscreed prompts. Here's one for you: How would the Assassins react when they find out they're s/o is a Templar?

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So… I was writing my response to this last night, annnnnd right as I was going to post it… my computer crashed. So I lost the whole thing and decided to write it again today. So sorry for the delay! /:



Altair: You’d decided to confess to Altair after months of being together. You expected rage and disdain, but when you witnessed neither, you were at a loss for words. His face stayed perfectly stony and stoic, as per usual, much to your confusion. He reached into his robes, pulling out a blade… your blade; engraved with the insignia of the Templar order. “I know.” His voice was steady yet firm. He held the blades hilt towards you, cocking his head to the nearest door, signalling your exit. “I… will not kill you today… but, some day.” His voice seemed strangled but his eyes never left yours. “This, I promise.” You hesitantly grabbed the blade and took your leave; your day of death being your next meeting… He never kept his promise.

Ezio: When you had told him of your Templar status, his disappointment was palpable, but his composure stayed in tact, though the look he gave you did no justice in hiding his sorrow. In a moment of sentiment, he kissed you, pulling you in for a night of passion, regret, and apology; every touch radiated pure emotion like he’d never shown before. You woke the next day in your bed… alone. You did, however, notice a single note; a final, written ‘goodbye’. Ezio always knew where you were, whether or not you noticed.

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Valentine’s Day

         He’d keep it simple. A singular rose and some chocolates were given to you before he spent the entire day with you, doing whatever you wanted, which basically meant you dragged him around everywhere with you. Of course, throughout the day he’d constantly be reminding you of how much he loves you in his own way.

        Being the hopeful romantic that he is, he’d go all out for you. For one thing, he’d actually get Leonardo to paint a portrait of you, which turned out really good! Then, he’d cook you a very lovely dinner before retiring the night with some good ole kissing and snuggling! And maybe something else, if you were up for it.

             Connor was never really one to show his emotions, mostly cause he didn’t exactly know how to explain them. After getting some help from the other homesteaders, he picked you a bouquet of wildflowers that definitely topped any store bought kind! He then bought you a sweet treat with a very cute note that emphasized just how much he felt for you. 

             The weather was just way too cold for him to take you swimming like he planned, but then Edward realized, a walk on the beach was just fine. So hand-in-hand you both strolled down the sandy stretch, idly chatting and throwing cheesy pick-up lines back and forth. He then surprised you with a beautiful pearl necklace.

                Desmond decided to take you to the movies! Whichever one you wanted to see, he would take you to it. Of course, you picked the newest one that came out that you’ve just been dying to see. He was happy to be there with you, and you were ecstatic that you finally could see this film. During the movie, Desmond had to sneak little kisses with you.

        He was a romantic as well. Arno decided to do something cheesy and buy you twelve roses: eleven real and one fake. When they were given to you, he said, “I will love you until the last rose dies.” As cliche as it may have been, you still loved it. He also took you somewhere where you could get a breath-taking view of the lovely city of Paris, where you both spent the rest of the night. 

          Jacob decided to clean up a bit for you. He put on his best suit and went to your door with many surprises. A silver bracelet, some carnations, a huge stuffed animal, and a large sized box of cupcakes were somehow all carried in his hands at once. Though you insisted he didn’t have to go through all this trouble, he merely brushed it aside and replied, “Only the best for my lady.”