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Morrigan: What are you?
An idiot sandwich…

: …And if you had not been recruited? What would have happened, instead?

: I would have turned into a drooling lunatic, slaughtered the grand cleric and run through the streets of Denerim in my small clothes, I guess.

: Your self-awareness does you credit.

: I thought you’d like that.

Alistair: @blackbelttyler
Morrigan: @naipodcosplay (myself)
Photographer: @darklilies

The Longest Night

@daraasum @shadowphoenixrider

Squire!Alistair AU 


Not soldiers, it was an army but not soldiers.

It was something unearthly, unsettling seemed as though it was crawling over her skin and up into her ears to poke around her head.

It was writhing

Stone, great stone walls but they seemed wrong somehow

The marching continued stronger, seemed to be in her chest.


A roar that seemed to shake her bones

The marching didn’t stop, marching and writhing, marching and writhing…

A great dragon…

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So, we know that all Grey Wardens eventually turn into ghouls if they live long enough.  It’s a consequence of the taint in their blood.

But what if Alistair and the Warden become something different when they’re Called?

Alistair has Maric’s super special dragon blood and may also have inherited Fiona’s resistance to the taint.  The Warden was exposed to Urthemiel’s soul lightshow and may have also ingested Avernus’ questionable taint enhancement potion.  A lot of things could go horribly awry.

For instance?

Eventually the time comes for their Calling.  They head from Denerim to Orzammar, mobbed by grateful crowds all the way, and then disappear into the dark.  History says that they die in the Deep Roads but the legends tell a different story; they insist, against all logic, that the great heroes of Ferelden could not possibly be defeated by mere Darkspawn, and that they are waiting to return in the country’s hour of need. 

And the legends aren’t wrong.

Sometimes Dwarven scouting parties come across areas of the Deep Roads that even the Darkpawn refuse to venture into.  Areas too dark and deep for any mortal creature to brave.  Those who survive the encounter speak of a man with horns and scales, or a woman with slit pupils and sharp fangs.

Alistair and Dog

Whenever Alistair sleeps in the same tent as the Warden, he always ends up sleeping in the grass. When he wakes up, the first thing he sees is Dog looking over at him in disgust.

“You aren’t allowed to sleep next to her.” he seems to say. Alistair just deals with it, she loves that dog too much for him to complain anyway.

When they go on missions together, sometimes Alistair walks beside her to hold hands. Of course Dog does’t like anyone touching his master, so if he is along with them, he’ll wedge his way between them. The Warden laughs, a sweet lilting chime. It makes Alistair’s heart skip a beat, but he still glares at Dog.

Huddled around the fire, Leliana sings an Orlesian tune as the Warden cuddles up to Alistair. He puts his arm around her, finally glad to have a moment’s peace to be with her. Her hair is soft as he kisses it lightly. As he moves to capture her lips he feels a large canine jump up onto his lap, knocking the breath out of him.

It’s true, Alistair and Dog had never quite gotten along when the Warden was concerned.

Her last words to him were “You be good now, you hear?” and when the battle was over, Dog only saw Alistair, broken and defeated walking towards him.

Dog whined and put his head against Alistair’s hand, asking him where the Warden was. Alistair just patted his head and collapsed against a ruined building, and buried his head in his hands.

Alistair and Dog never got along, but after the Warden died to end the Blight, they finally did.