character: alex whitman


Alright so episode three that is commonly known as the strip tease episode apparently, but there was a lot of other stuff that went down. I was warned ahead of time that I was gonna have to do a strip tease and the powers that be had sent me a CD asked me if it was something I liked and I said, you want to know what? If I’m gonna strip tease I had to be comfortable with the music and the music that they had originally picked was something that I couldn’t really dance to in a more and a more slow sort of thing which would have just been really really hard and embarrassing. Basically I just got to dance, I mean I didn’t really choreograph anything I didn’t have specific moves I mean the only thing the script really said was I had to slap my ass. That was the only like specific thing so I knew that would probably be like the climax so I just went for it you know, it wasn’t really something that I wanted to do, it was something that I was actually sort of not looking forward to doing at all but it ended up being really cool because Katie and Jason would just start laughing hysterically so then I said okay well then let me try to just make it as ridiculous as possible so I tried to make Alex quasi a good dancer, but not really I wanted him to sort of be flailing a little bit so he flailed because that’s one of those things where you just like “dude you just gotta go for it, you know you just gotta dance.” I actually hurt my shoulder doing it if you could believe it or not, ripping your clothes off is actually kind of dangerous. For all you inquisitive people I was not really wearing a g-string that was just a line, the thong was nowhere to be seen that’s not my forte I’m a boxers man myself.