character: agent ward


“Aren’t you on a mission??”

        “Yea but I had a little free time, just wanted to hear your voice.”

Framework is giving life messages to the audience. Basically, who you choose to be a role model or the one who you believe saved you, it will shape the rest of your life.

Framework Fitz had his father, which he turned to be an evil doctor. He learned that it was weak to have certain emotions and to show no mercy. Without his mother, Fitz would not be so kind hearted. His feelings is what makes him good. He consider other people’s feelings as well.

Framework Ward had Agent Hand rescue him in his vulnerable stage and he turned into a good guy instead of Garrett who influenced him to become Hydra. Garrett taught Ward not to feel and betray those he grew a connection with.

Random Thought/Theory

So we know that AIDA is working on experiments outside of the framework, on the head of the Watchdogs. We also know his body is pretty damaged. What if the experiment is to create a completely organic LMD to see if they can essentially “transfer” a person to a new body? And he’s their guinea pig?

So far, the idea behind AIDA and Radcliffe’s work is to make sure people can’t die (which obviously has gone a bit astray in the framework itself). So what if the idea goes further past the framework to creating 100% duplicates, with a copy always ready to go in the framework if need be? Essentially, no one can ever truly die unless the head of the framework choose so. This is essentially playing god and a terrible idea but it is totally plausible.

This also would mean whoever dies in the framework might not be dead really. ALSO, people that are dead but in the framework (Ward, Trip) all the sudden could have a way back. A total possible reset.

If they do this, I assume it will only be for a person or two. And if so, I have to assume it will be Ward. An AU is a reset, and it won’t be a reset unless something drastically changes. He would have the most impact. But it would be sweet if it were Trip.


Love him. So much. 😍😍❤️