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Miranda Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries (CW) || Jasmine Braverman, Parenthood (NBC) || Renee Clemons, Gracepoint (FOX) || Zoey Dalton, Nashville (ABC) || Gabriela Dawson, Chicago Fire (NBC) || Stephanie Edwards, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Victoria Gates, Castle (ABC) || Daisy Grant, Madam Secretary (CBS) || Dena Jackson, Red Band Society (FOX) || Rainbow Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Abbie Mills, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Jenny Mills, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Fish Mooney, Gotham (FOX) || Lanie Parish, Castle (ABC) || Margaret Pierce, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Olivia Pope, Scandal (ABC) || Michaela Pratt, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Joanna Reece, Forever (ABC) || Camille Saroyan, Bones (FOX) || Stephie, A to Z (NBC) || Tamra, The Mindy Project (FOX) || Loretta Wade, NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) || Iris West, The Flash (CW) || Charmonique Whitaker, Selfie (ABC)


A LIST OF MY OTP’s (in no particular order): Abby Mills & Jimmy Mance, Harper’s Island.

I need to confess something…After you left, I swore if I ever saw you again I’d break your heart. I wanted to hurt you worse than you hurt me. Make you pay…But when I saw you walk off that bout, when I saw you all grown up…so beautiful…All those feelings fell away. All I felt…was love.
For Our Favorite Bennett Witch: Chapter 13, 14, & 15

I’m finally putting all my tumblr drabbles together. Though there is Klonnie and other pairings and other goodies, this is mostly showing my appreciation to the Bonnie Bennett character, since TVD didn’t know how to do it right. Please enjoy! ;D

Chapter 13: Klonnie

Chapter 14: Binn (Or Fonnie. I’m not sure of the ship name. Let’s just call it Bonnie x Finn for now)

Chapter 15: Bonnie and her Super Magical Friends Pt. 1


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My best friend is getting married to the girl of his dreams but not everything about this trip is a celebration.

Seven years ago I left this place after John Wakefield murdered six people. My mother was one of them.

Everyone else has moved on, believes the killings are in the past… but I can’t help feel there’s more to come.