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i love seth turner sato so much i cried about him once thank u for this pointy trash boy i feel blessed to know his existence

honestly? i’m glad he exists too, and i’m even gladder he’s made you feel this blessed, somehow this trash man is good for SOMETHING

I just remembered before the release of KotFE, I saw an asshole make a comment on Dulfy talking about if they could kill Vette they would re-sub SWTOR in a heartbeat.

@that asshole, well, I hope you enjoy getting your wish in KotET. /sarcasm

The Magnus Archives ‘Grifter’s Bone’ (S02E02) Analysis

This week’s statement seems to have a bit of an urban-legend-meets-Creepypasta feel to it, and delves into the music scene of London and a band reputed to be so bad they would cause patrons to tear their own ears off.  The story itself is a mix of creeps and gruesome, and seems to be largely a return to the more stand-alone scary story format that dominated the first season.  Although, for us lore fans, there is one potential tie to an old case …  

Come on in if you’re interested in my take on ‘Grifter’s Bone’.

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I’m so painfully addicted to moments where one character summons the courage to be vulnerable in the face of uncertainty, despite said character being scared and not being able to see their actions as bravery, and the payoff is affirmation and love and support from another character which makes the all anxiety and vulnarbility well worth it.

Character development

I somehow got myself even more hyped for the next season, and it’s not just because Trixie is probs going to be bragging her arse all the way to the top of Twilight’s castle for at least the first half of the season for saving the world!

I think I talked about this before but…
I love how Rainbow Dash just keeps getting gayer.
Like in every season!

Like, okay, of course I would say that every episode with her is a continuous gay moment, but that aside, she’s still getting gayer!

Like, season one, eh, not too much to say but hmmm…

But, season 3 literally has an episode where Rainbow Dash winds up devaluing herself when she meets Daring Do (of course– SUPER unhealthy). Granted, Daring Do became like a huge idol and hero to her since she started reading her books, buuut I think there is a little crush in there too.

I like to call this, Rainbow Dash’s “oh-shit-I-might-be-gay” moment.
She was more taken with this than the guards.

Season 6, there is actually A LOT going on.

Here we have the episode, which from what I hear, that confirmed for a lot of people that she’s totally gay.
Granted, Zephyr Breeze is a little gross BUT RAINBOW DASH IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED AND HORRIFIED that he keeps trying to flirt with her.
I mean, that first screenshot– she looks like she’s in so much pain, someone help this poor soul!

When Fluttershy’s parents got in on thinking she has a crush on Zephyr, she was about to very angrily set everyone right until being interrupted by Fluttershy.

A few episodes later…

This set of wonderful screenshots. This is probably one of the smuggest grins I’ve ever seen.
Yeah, I’ve posted about this before, but what makes this seem particular to me is not only does Rainbow Dash so casually throw her wing over her, but Daring Do isn’t exactly welcoming of the surprise.
It totally looks like Rainbow tried to pull a move on her, sorta just to see if it would work!

She keeps getting gayer every season and it’s wonderful! OF COURSE I’M TITLING THIS POST “CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT”!
Of course I’m wondering how they’ll top her literally trying to pull a move on Daring Do and being revolted when a guy keeps trying to flirt with her, next season!

I still firmly believe a lot of the writers and animators are really trying (not just Rainbow being gay either, there is so much great work and subtle things put into every bit), and it would be so amazing and important if they had Rainbow Dash be 1000% canonly gay, or eVEN GAVE HER A COMING OUT ARC!

At the very least though, there will be more Trixie.

why do all the films under “gay and lesbian” on Netflix look like indie films with half assed plots because the main thing about them is the fact that they’re just about gay people and being gay.. and GASP, gay sex!

like yeah, that’s awesome, give us more stuff with lgbt characters but where’s that post that’s like give us the advanced lgbt stuff? not stuff that is just solely based on coming to terms with/being gay and sex and oh my god don’t get me started on how all of these movies involve two skinny conventionally attractive young white guys like come on people give us riveting plot driven films of all genres where the main characters and more are lgbt and it’s not about being sinful and it’s not about sex or accepting yourself and it’s just. a good fucking movie. with characters who are openly lgbt. is it that difficult??


I changed up how I’m approaching my lighting project so that I’m doing different characters and being rougher with them, so here’s a weeks worth of progress on that (+ my two favorites at the bottom)

edit: tumblr is messing with the quality of the top image, clicking to enlarge should fix it, sorry

captain two robots
  • gogol: do you think liberty&discovery willed the old l&d mech to ibex, was it just in ibex's garage
  • Emma: i think "willed" is a really strong word for "was bored of"
  • gogol: also, pre-audy, did liberty and discovery still TAKE THAT MECH OUT FOR A SPIN sometimes. was there like a green gocart with a saw at quentin's graduation
  • Emma: quentin like: i... thank
  • Emma: it's... nice to see you
  • Emma: i bet l&d has tried to offload this mech on ppl for
  • Emma: literally millennia
  • Emma: like a bad penny, nobody wants a busted mech with a fuckin chainsaw
  • gogol: right, it smells like blood and poorly-repressed remorse
  • Emma: it was in a museum for a while!
  • Emma: then l&d took it back
  • Emma: they did not ask first
  • Emma: there was just a hole in the glass and no mech one morning
  • gogol: isn't that a captain america scene
  • Emma: i'm mostly picturing the curator like "sir... your mech has been stolen" "yes i took it"
  • Emma: "thank you"

“Final Boss: Take your pick!”

SO I added an overlay to my friend @bibbledoo‘s boss design and decided to repost it with mine. We made our bosses based off this post! I hope you like it Embry! 

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// I’m a very music-oriented person, so I usually have music playing while I’m working on drafts. I’ve been slowly putting songs into playlists for my muses and in going back and listening to them tonight, I realized that Camus’ instrument is a vielle, since almost all of the music I’ve selected for him feature it (or some other type of fiddle) quite prominently.

Meanwhile, Julius is (unsurprisingly) a pipe organ, though usually muted behind a string ensemble.

Tony Stark slowly falling apart over the course of the mcu like

Iron Man 1: the man who i trusted to co-run my company betrayed me and also i have a super battery keeping shrapnel away from my heart soi could die if that ever fails but i’m cool it’s cool

Iron Man 2: Ok so i am also being poisoned by this? And or some reason people want to kill me and the person i rely on fo emotional support is mad at me and i am… No it’s chill i’m chill

Avengers: and now there’s ALIENS WHY NOT

Irom Man 3: ok alright so… So now there’s a literal terorist out for my blood and they are putting the one person i give a crap bout in jeopardy and also i’m having anxiety attacks and i am just… This is…

Avengers 2: ok ok we’re gonna just… Build a satellite that can protect the earth. And maybe… Maybe we can like…. Maybe ultron can protect us and ok ok let me just… Ok so jarvis my oldest friend is dead ok…