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You could read this on its own, but it’ll make a lot more sense if you read Clarke’s POV first. :)

Special thanks to dropshipjohn, lushatrocity, bellarmyblake, and orrgasmic who were all lovely enough to express interest in this. :)

(It should be said that I don’t actually look down on Walmart and that I think it’s a wonderful place to get non-overpriced things. But I’m playing on stereotypes a little here.)

Bellamy has acquired a problem in the form of the pretty blonde girl who keeps showing up at his register at 3 am. She’s all disheveled hair and clothes, and makeup that’s definitely not as fresh as it was at one point, and somehow it totally works for him

The more he thinks about it, the more he realizes it’s less of a problem than a pathetic crush.

The second time she’s there she takes him by surprise with an apparent affinity for teasing, and he really does believe, for a split second, that she’s some high-up, pretentious artist. Then he finds out that she’s a doctor, which is really no less intimidating.

(She works with kids and he’s so far gone already.)


It’s stupid, and he feels like an idiot, but the chance that she’ll show up has him actually smiling as he pulls on his godawful blue vest before night shifts.

(He doesn’t hate working there. It pays the bills, and O’s tuition, but he does wish, a little, that he worked somewhere a little nicer. Especially when the girl he’s got a schoolboy crush on is a freaking doctor.)

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I was thinking bout Jason Todd lately, and I came to the realization, that, unlike the other batkids, (even Damian, to an extent) Jason is the only one who has no other father figure than Bruce Wayne/Batman.... what are your thoughts on it?

Huh. You know, I think you’re right, and that’s an incredibly valid thought.

And I mean, that’s just the general term of father figure, not good versus bad. Because Cass had a father figure before Bruce, and he was a piece of shit.

But I think that would explain a lot about Jason’s reactions after he came back to life. His anger and grief was because, maybe, to him, it wasn’t just that Bruce didn’t avenge him, it was the fact he might have thought he misconstrued what his and Bruce’s relationship was. Because he saw Bruce as a father, but when he came back he started to think that maybe Bruce didn’t feel the same. Maybe Bruce didn’t see him as a son, too.

Because, look what he did for Dick or Tim. Fuck, look what he did for Damian. And I think what he attempted to do for Damian after he died might have cemented that thought in his mind, that Bruce didn’t see him as a real son.

(Even though we all know, as readers, that that’s not true, and that Bruce loved him as much as all the other children.)

So I think that grief would turn into that bitterness that Jason is often portrayed with. Because Jason did see Bruce as a father figure, and Bruce was his only father figure, and now he’s trying to deal with the realization/belief that: he put his whole heart and soul into loving Bruce and being his son and making him proud, and that maybe the feeling wasn’t mutual. And that that was the real reason Bruce didn’t kill the Joker on his behalf, or try to resurrect him.

Bruce and Jason’s relationship is one of the most interesting things to me, I love trying to dissect it.

One-Named Women

I’ve been doing some organising on the Femslash Revolution tag lists, and I came across an infuriating fact: on that list of nearly 3000 different female characters from a huge range of media, about 30% are known by one name only.

In some cases, there are in-universe reasons for this. Fandoms like Merlin, The Silmarillion, or Steven Universe have societies in which large numbers of characters don’t have surnames. These are understandable cases, but they account for easily less than half of the instances on the list.

There are occasional characters who have chosen Beyonce-style to adopt a one word moniker: Skye from Agents of SHIELD, Rogue of the X-Men, or any of the characters from the Bad Blood Music Video. This tends to bring to mind Exceptional Women tropes and all the worst definitions of a Strong Female Character, but is generally rare outside of

Most common are characters who exist in modern-day society, but simply never have their last name (women are nearly always first-name-only) revealed. Think of Reagan from Faking It, Amanita from Sense8, Ruby from Once Upon A Time, Michonne from The Walking Dead, Braeden from Teen Wolf, Ruby from Supernatural, Leena from Warehouse 13, Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Important recurring characters in modern settings surrounded by two-named characters, who simply don’t get enough of an identity to be given two names.

And it doesn’t escape my attention that half of those examples are women of colour.

Not only are one-named women more difficult to discuss and share information about without ambiguity, but they are marked by the writers as simply unimportant. The implication is nearly always that these women have second names, but they have never come up, usually because they have never been in a situation (often professional or familial) where it might be relevant.

Giving female characters only one name may seem like a minor issue, but it’s a persistent enough pattern to bother me. By failing to give these characters surnames, they become genericised - they have no history, no family ties. Their only importance to the narrative is in their present role - often as a love interest. I can’t help but wonder if the easy dismissal of women’s surnames is because they are expected to surrender them upon marriage.

im back with a better idea: friends group au

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In the broader spectrum I get what you're saying because the majority of people would be okay with Oliver's version and weren't okay with Felicity's, but I saw Oliver do that with his relationships in season 1 and 2 (what happened with Felicity, Oliver, and Ray) and I thought it cheapened whatever relationship as well. I just didn't care because I was happy to see that he didn't care and was able to bounce between girls. The pacing just was terrible to me. Thanks for answering.

I’m not going to argue that the pacing could have been better.  Not just for relationships but for EVERYTHING.  The whole LoA story was so rushed, packed into the last run of episodes and it really should have had the entirety of s3b to play out.  So I think in a perfect world where that storyline was played out over more episodes, we would have seen more time between her breaking up with Ray and sleeping with Oliver.  

BUT, what I’m saying is… IT DOESN’T MATTER.  It literally doesn’t matter if she’d broken up with Ray, driven right over to Oliver’s place and jumped him at the door.  It really doesn’t. I’m sorry you don’t feel the same, we’re going to have to just disagree on this but the fact is: until you hold a guy to the same standard you are holding a girl, its misogyny.  You say that Oliver doing this cheapened his relationships in season 1 and 2. I disagree.  What Oliver did by running off with Sara while he was still together with Laurel… THAT was cheap.  But generally speaking, audiences don’t have a problem with a hero jumping from one relationship to the next.  I see it in fanfic all the time.  ALL. THE. TIME. Because I read scads of fanfic.

In the context of adult relationships, what Felicity did by breaking up with Ray and then sleeping with Oliver… is just fine. I talked this over with my husband and he agrees.  There’s literally no reason outside of misogyny why it should be considered wrong. 

Now, to be clear… you as a viewer not being exactly happy at how that whole thing unfolded is one thing.  That’s your opinion. It really only becomes hurtful and toxic if you then go online and post in comments sections about what a slut Felicity was this year and that sort of thing. I don’t think you’re doing that.  I would hope not, at least.  Everyone has opinions (and is welcome to them) but turning those opinions into hateful speech against a fictional character is a little more unsavory.  And that’s what the initial ask to MG was concerning, was people who have been doing that very thing. 

trans boy adam parrish is probably my favourite headcanon and definitely the first thing I thought about him while I was reading the book, but also this:

agender Adam who never felt quite comfortable in his own skin but couldn’t quite pinpoint why? he cut his hair short and dresses in loose clothes because that was the easiest, looking androgynous is what made him feel the most like himself. he keeps calling himself a boy if it meant he can go to the Aglionby, even though it doesn’t feel quite right - plus, really, it’s not something he can discuss with his parents. the Parrishes don’t have Internet access at home, so he’s never really got the opportunity to even learn about different genders beyond questioning whether he’s a boy or a girl - and that question he’s never sure how to answer, until cabeswater

and then suddenly - or not so suddenly, adam hates suddenly, it makes him feel dizzy and lost and anxious - there are all these feelings and thoughts that were always at the back of his mind but are now clearer, and he knows that he doesn’t have to be either if he doesn’t want to. because Cabeswater is neither and adam was cabeswater, but even when adam decides to be adam - he realises that part isn’t only cabeswater, not really, it’s adam too, it fits, like puzzle pieces, it’s something they have in common and it feels so right.

(then of course adam tells gansey first, and gansey has all the ressources for adam ready and helps them pick prounouns they can use between themselves at first until adam decides what to do next and when to tell the others)

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For the character thing: Levi~

  • My NOTP for Levi:   Mikasa / Levi
  • My BROTP for Levi:   Hanji / Levi
  • My OTP for Levi:   Eren / Levi
  • My second choice pairing for Levi:   Erwin / Levi
  • My fluffy pairing for Levi:   Eren / Levi  (or Petra / Levi)
  • My angsty pairing for Levi:   Petra / Levi  (or  Eren / Levi)
  • My favorite poly ship for Levi:    Erwin / Eren / Levi
  • My weirdest pairing for them:    Uhm… I guess Pixis / Levi would be super weird? o_O Unless it’s supposed to be a pairing I like?
Another Tag Thing

I was tagged by phoelipop!

Birthday- October 30th

Sign- Scorpio

Height- 4'11

Sexual Orientation- that’s a personal question!

Favorite Colors- any shade of blue like the ocean

Average Sleep Time- cause it’s summer 8-9 hours

Lucky Numbers- 7 like the Horcruxes, 4 like the Avatar Elements, and 3 like the Deathly Hallows :)

Last Thing I Googled- Snowhead Temple Walkthrough Zelda Majoras Mask

Word that Comes to Mind- blanket

Happy Place- the beach (but anywhere I’m with my friends and family really)

Number of Blankets to Snooze With- 2 yup yup

Favorite Fictional Character- don’t do this to me! This is so hard! Some big ones for me include Uncle Iroh, Dumbledore, and Nala

Favorite Famous Person- do Rebecca Sugar and Grace Kraft count? I don’t think so but I look up to them a lot as people and artists

Favorite Book Series- Harry Potter Forever!

Alright now I tag: crizzlegem, bloobelli, esotony, mayxwolf, and pinkfluffylion if anyone feels like it

Remember how everyone praised Alina and cursed the Darkling’s name when Alina didn’t give a fuck about her people and was willing to abandon them for Mal (and in the end did just dump them to Nikolai without a single glance so she could open a freaking orphanage with Mal) and the Darkling did everything just so the Grisha could be accepted and was always thinking beyond the things he wanted for himself because he knew his people and the future generations of Grisha were more important. Remember how we were told to see the Darkling as the villain of the story and Alina as the savior. :)

You know what I think is beautiful? The way David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser play their characters. You can almost see what’s going on in their heads…

and when they go to shake her hand…

Starsky probably isn’t even conscious of how he positioned himself between Hutch and this girl, but Paul Michael Glaser IS and David Soul picks up on that and reacts accordingly and if you don’t think that is the most beautiful acting get outta my face.

Ambrós doesn’t understand things like transgender, mental illness, or things under either of those umbrellas. He will ask offensive questions, he will turn his nose at others he finds inferior/unfit to survive, and he will not be nice about things sometimes. It’s out of ignorance in most cases, he’s not out to make people feel bad, but he’s just not going to understand.

When Krem was outed as trans, Ambrós literally did not get why he would want to live as a man. It doesn’t really matter to him regardless, he will call Krem a boy, it’s all he’s known him as, but it has left him far more confused than before.

He doesn’t understand people with (mental) disabilities either. Why are they like that? Why do they have to cling in some cases? If you get up in his personal space, he will push you regardless of who you are. Just because someone may be mentally ill or disabled, it doesn’t mean he has to be nice. I find it unrealistic to assume everyone ever will understand and be nice.

Ambrós will not coddle anyone, nor will he care if you say you can’t do something. You either do it or you don’t, and if he gets an excuse, he won’t listen. Where he’s from, if you can’t pull your weight, then you’re nonessential. He expects everyone to be able to do their share of work and be useful.

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I was reading your story, The Citadel, and when I got to your description of, it was just hauntingly beautiful. I just...I love it so far but that part, that description, was so amazingly written. Well done, you are a great writer.

I couldn’t even tell you how many time’s I’ve read this.

“hauntingly beautiful” is about the best comment on that chapter I’ve ever received. I am so glad you’re enjoying it. Just uhhh.. it gets rough from there so… have fun. I’ll be here if you need to rant.

And please, keep letting me know what you think, I love hearing what people have to say about it.

I’m always a fan of seeing your URL around so I’m quite happy you’re reading it.

and thank you. It means a lot. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far.