Dhurke Sahdmadhi rushing into that burning building, trying to save someone, ANYONE.  But everything is collapsing and it’s so hot and there’s fire and smoke, so much smoke.  It gets into his eyes, his lungs; he can’t breath, he can’t see-

But then he hears the crying, the ear-piercing screaming of a baby, alone and terrified.

And he runs towards it, never mind his own danger or discomfort, and finds the single little bundle, dropped on the floor but swaddled so well he’s unharmed.  There’s rubble and burning wood next to the child, and from under the ruins he sees a hand, still and lifeless.

The baby is light in his arms but it still feels so heavy as he runs from that building that so quickly became a grave.

“I’m sorry, little one,” he says, holding the child close to his chest, rocking him gently like he knows always works for Nahyuta.  But the child still cries, and cries, and cries, like he knows he’s lost something he can never get back.  

He tries to find the baby’s mother, but there’s nothing, no information to go on, just Dhurke’s word.  “The baby’s name is Apollo Justice; I don’t know his father’s name he never told me- no, he didn’t live here he was a tourist.  No, I don’t know where he came from!  Everything burnt, everything is gone… there’s nothing else I can tell you!  Please, just help me find his mother, whoever she is!”

Nobody comes forward.

Dhurke won’t submit this child to an orphanage; there’s too many other little boys and girls who need homes, he can’t add to that number.  Without Amara, sweet lovely Amara, he doesn’t know how he’ll do it.  But he will, he decides, he will.

Gazing at the children, cozy inside of a crib made for one but now housing two, he thinks it’s as if they were always meant to be brothers.  He gathers them up in his arms, as always realizing how young and fragile they really are, how he is their sole protector, their barrier between this world and the Twilight Realm.  They slumber peacefully against him, oblivious of this, of the outside world, of the chaos and the evil and the deception that has so tired Dhurke now for weeks.  But they, in their innocence, are so young and do not know the difference between a palace and a hut, between the city and the mountains, between royalty and poverty.  It’s better that way, Dhurke decides.

“They’ve taken Amara away from me,” he says, “But I will not let them take you.”  Nahyuta suckles on his thumb.  Apollo yawns.  Dhurke kisses them each on the forehead.  “My sons.”

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Overwatch OC Meme: #19 - What they do in their free time

Man, what do any of the OW people do in their free time? Since I’ve already done Cage in her shop outfit (where she still spend a lot of her time tinkering with Omnic technology and machinery), here are three more hobbies of hers: 

1- Yoga - she does a lot of this, and usually with Zenyatta if she can. 

2 - Martial Arts - her wrists are very bad, and whenever she fights, she has to wear braces for support - so she’s had to modify a lot of the techniques she’s learned to compensate for attacks that require a bent wrist. Her combat suit reflects these braces and allows for minimal wrist movement. 

3 - Relaxing - I mean, who doesn’t? But relaxing for Cage can be a lot of things - usually it involves her computer, be it doodling, gaming, reading, etc. 

Hi I am Fhe ( & ) UNFOLLOW me if you :

  • Hate BAEHEE
  • Think that Seven is the best of the best ( & ) the rest of the gang is HORRIBLE
  • Think that Jumin Han is a mean bitch 
  • Think that Yoosung’s route is just ‘YOU ARE SO LIKE RIKA’

Two very old characters who I haven’t drawn in more or less 6 years… 

Letitia Perez and her husband Ronan Gallager - two archaeologists from a story I wrote back in 2010 with a friend. 
They were my OTP for a long, long time and I still hold them dear, even though I don’t work with them anymore. But in my mini-series of “nostalgic old OTPs” they had to be included. 

This picture was also therapy today because something on TV really upset me and this was a welcome distraction.
Weird askew background is weird… but alas… 

3 fictional characters

that describe you best

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1. I think Chucky from Rugrats because i’m scared of practically everything and I love my teddy bear

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2. Probably Cas because my “social skills” are “rusty”, I’m awkward and I love Dean and would give my life for the Winchesters, also because like Cas I don’t really feel like I fit in in this world but i’m trying my best and yeah

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3. I am both Tina and Louise from Bob’s Burger. Tina because I never know how to respond to things “uuuuhhh” and I wear glasses, and Louise because of her humour (but I don’t like conflict like she does)

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maskedpride FEELS MY PAIN: i agree with this so much?? like i understand why people might find seven/his route most likeable but when they dismiss the other characters in the process it makes me so irritated?


maetda FEELS MY PAIN: ILY FHE you took the words right out of my mouth

( & )  this is how the fandom sees their route ( & ) the character:

  • JAEHEE: For gay people who isn’t straight or attracted to boys. LOL ! She is totally STRAIGHT, she sees the MC as a friend no more no less, she loves coffee ( & ) coffee, yeah she is just a normal character with nothing important.
  • JUMIN: Does Jumin Han is gay ? HA ! Also like, he only loves his cat yeah. His route is HORRIBLE because you need to be mean with all, poor baby seven :’(
  • YOOSUNG: His route ( & ) what he says is just ‘ RIKA ‘.
  • ZEN: Such NARCISSIT, such gay. Is all, he just wants to fuck you. AH ! ( & ) he hates cats, HE IS PERFECT FOR JUMIN even though they always fight !!!
  • SEVEN: I WANT TO FUCK HIM!!! The poor character that matters, the only one with a backstory that makes me cry, he has been through some serious shit please save him. I LOVE HIM !!! MC’S TRUE LOVE, PROTECT HIM. HE KNOWS THAT YOU RESET GOD.
  • UNKNOW: A meme who sees MC kissing with Seven, just that.
  • V: He is blind, HAHAHAHAHA

“Ugh why is there so much hinanami in this show” gee I dunno maybe because hinata and nanami are the main focuses of the show and it’s a lot more interesting if they have a character dynamic than if they arbitrarily paired him with some hope weirdo that canonically HATES reserve course students and has no reason to be a main character other than ‘fans like him’

Tony Stark slowly falling apart over the course of the mcu like

Iron Man 1: the man who i trusted to co-run my company betrayed me and also i have a super battery keeping shrapnel away from my heart soi could die if that ever fails but i’m cool it’s cool

Iron Man 2: Ok so i am also being poisoned by this? And or some reason people want to kill me and the person i rely on fo emotional support is mad at me and i am… No it’s chill i’m chill

Avengers: and now there’s ALIENS WHY NOT

Irom Man 3: ok alright so… So now there’s a literal terorist out for my blood and they are putting the one person i give a crap bout in jeopardy and also i’m having anxiety attacks and i am just… This is…

Avengers 2: ok ok we’re gonna just… Build a satellite that can protect the earth. And maybe… Maybe we can like…. Maybe ultron can protect us and ok ok let me just… Ok so jarvis my oldest friend is dead ok…