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reading that long answer abt hinny, I finally realized the answer to what your blog made me question ever since you started this series - why did/do I have such aversion to hinny that I hadn't read any fanfic of it ever. it's that bloody 20-year skip in the epilogue with its "all was peachy in the end" forced right after the battle's end which made everything in it feel disgustingly fake to me. you're giving this ship flesh and blood. thank you for helping me enjoy it after so many years.

I read the 7th book in 2007. It took me 10 years to figure out a concept of Harry that makes me feel inspire to draw and write and read about. I have never given much attention to Harry before, nor even Hinny or the golden trio era as adults. But now he seems so clear in my mind, I think it’s because I draw him a lot and I think about him and it’s like being friends with this character again… Same thing with Ginny. I’ve always been in her defense squad, but I didn’t draw her too much before. drawing ordinary moments of their lives makes me believe they are out there. I’m glad you feel this way too. In 19 years, lots of thing happened. These sketches are my contribution to the fandom! And I’m glad there are more people considering having another point of view of that “fake happy ending” through my sketches :)

bmc characters as things my family has said
  • Jeremy: *dabs* I am white.
  • Michael: I have never had a singular gay thought in my life. I mean, I've wanted to make out with dudes but no homo though
  • Rich: jfc all of you people will outgrow me and I won't be the Superior Sibling
  • Jake: who wants to listen to some Funky Tunes *turns up car radio while nae naeing*
  • Chloe: *holds middle finger up* i love and appreciate you all
  • Brooke: Hey so funny story this frozen yogurt building was actually named after me cool right

Thought only the Raptor Squad’s adopted parents were queer? Think again MOTHERFLOOFERS!

Blue is my Graygender baby. Also, you get to see her as a almost-not-fledgeling and in a hoodie. What a fashionable little murderer. <3 

For @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s Pride Month! Thanks a bunch for educating and inspiring me. And also for indirectly helping me figure out I’m Graygender. Suprise!

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Anon that you answered a few hours ago about the end speech. I don't really think it's a reply from Julie to the fans. I think it's more a comment on hate in general. Like what Sana experienced. Like I'm sure most of the Skam actors had to experience (esp those who played characters that did things that the fans didn't like). I don't remember all the comments but I know one was attacking Thomas rather than William and one said that Vilde is a whore. Really, I don't think Julie is that petty.

You sent this just as I saw a post that isolated the hate. I agree that sending hate about the actors is not cool.

However, a few of the “hate” don’t sit well with me.

These three. First one seems to have been sent to the official website which, fair enough. It’s saying they hate a certain character. That’s it. The other two are the same except they were posted on personal twitters.

This one that raises up a lot of valid criticism that a lot of us had. How much of the Nopehelm storyline was brought up in Sana’s season and the “Even tried to kill himself” reveal that led to nothing and only served to trigger a lot of people (just like the video of Vilde on her hate account).

This one which, like a lot of the ones I posted here I do not agree with but, I do not feel is equal to “kys” type messages.

This one that, although kudos for showing hate from someone pro Nopehelm too (I checked out their blog, I’m not just saying that based on assumptions), shits on a big part of the fandom but doesn’t do so in any particularly hateful way (not in this extract anyway).

What annoys me about all of these is that they were put side by side with straight up violent, sexist, and islamophobic hate messages.
That I feel like it’s putting any type of criticism in the same basket and telling anyone who’s ever had anything but pure love for the show that they are just a hater.

It also feels like it’s (maybe unconsciously) pitting the fans against each other even more. As if there weren’t enough divides already. Most of the comments that weren’t send to the official website come with the twitter handle and tumblr url of the OP. So anyone can now see these, see that Julie and Mari isolated them, and think “OMG Julie and Mari were hurt by these, let’s go push these fuckers out of the fandom”.

I don’t know if it’s pettiness or just trying to comment on “hate in general” but, once again, it was poorly executed. If it meant to comment on hate in general, I feel like it was done clumsily. Just like the reveal of Even’s suicide attempt and the video of Vilde purging. The intentions might have been good, but the result wasn’t. And no one acknowledged it, or opened platforms for discussions, or anything.

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hey can you please point me in the direction of good tips for writing blind characters? or like things *not* to do, that would be good too.

here are avia’s top ten tips for writing blind characters!

tip #1: be an actual blind person

tip #2: if you’re not an actual blind person, pay me

tip #3: no seriously hire a diversity consultant, aka me, to read over everything you’ve done and tell you what to fix to make it less shitty

tip #4: this should be fucking obvious but if you’re writing a blind character whatever story this is needs to be accessible to blind audiences. looking at you, star wars. and avatar. and the way he looks. and daredevil. and the daredevil comics. and the xmen comics. and–

tip #5: blindness, like any disability, is not a tragedy. it can occur in a traumatizing fashion which may reasonably distress a character and thats fine, but it’s not the end of the goddamn world and acting like it is hurts actual real life blind people. if you’re making a character go blind, show them coming to terms with it and moving on with their life

tip #6: white canes are great and should be used. in the US you can get a free cheap one from the NFB, even. theyre way more common than guide dogs and way more useful than shit like that terrible “seeing eye robot” or whatever that one teenager invented or like, sonar glasses. training to use a white cane isnt a requirement or whatever but it’s called O&M.

tip #7: assistive tech exists. there’s apps like taptapsee and bespecular that you should check out. this shit called OCR can scan written words on paper and usually get you something vaguely resembing it in a digital format. screenreaders like JAWS and thunder exist. there’s a screenreader on apple products called VoiceOver and it’s great. these technologies be used with audio or with refreshable braille displays.

tip #8: on the topic of assistive tech, i really strongly suggest that you stick to technologies that either exist or are recognizably similar to technologies that exist, or else your representation is fucking useless

tip #9: cure narratives are bad!!! don’t cure your characters, just don’t…..fucking… it. i will find you and i will kill you my fucking self don’t play this game with me im not kidding

tip #10: nobody fucking touches faces and the only reason to pull this move at all is to smack a bitch in the fucking face

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For the character guessing thing: unicorn headband.

im so ???? like it could either be evens headband in the kitchen scene in ep 2 or 3 or chris??? bc i feel like if anyone wore a unicorn headband it would be her but i dont remember when


*Revolves around Hannah England
*Focuses on the brittish characters so most things will be in their POV
*meaning, Dianakko in this fic will be seen from Diana’s perspective
*H&B obviously
*one day Hannah is just suddenly pulled out of school and the reason for that is because she’s currently one of the next legitimate and possible heirs for the English monarchy
*no one knew this until it was announced the following day on TV or the newspaper or something
*barbara wants her back
*enters the Buckingham and stuff under Akko’s influence
*Hannah surprisingly not bratty
*very professional
I will write this better when I’m not typing like a drunk before bed.

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My Hero Academia for the ask thing

  • Favorite character: all might 
  • Second favorite character: kirishima eijirou
  • Least favorite character: i only dislike mineta, please delete him.
  • The character I’m most like: i really have no idea lol.
  • Favorite pairing: kiribaku/bakushima, izuocha and todomomo. 
  • Least favorite pairing: none.
  • Favorite moment: spoilers // this moment was everything i needed
  • Rating out of 10: 4/10.


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So, I saw the send me a character thing, so what about Scout from TF2?

  • Fist impression: Hyper - bunny with a baby face
  • Impression now: Cocky bastard who I love more than I should
  • Favourite moment: 

This is rather shamefull, but there is this one split second in one of the Mann vs Machine promotions video’s where Scout and Sniper bumb their fists together and it’s honest to god my favourite thing ever 

  • Idea for a story: I was actually thinking about something with Scout’s ma being very very ill and Scout going to Spy to confront him with it (yes yes  because I’m trash for the whole Spy being Scout’s dad)
  •  Unpopular opinion: I really don’t know if this is an “unpopular opinion” but let Scout be an anxious ball from time to time, please. The kid may be a burst of self convidence in the game and almost every goddamn quote he has, but please let him be anxious and clueless sometimes. Let him be in despret need for a hug from someone, for reassuring words because he’s still so young and sometimes it’s just so hard to know what to do nomatter how much convidence you have 
  • Favourite relationship: *bangs pots and pans together* HIM AND SNIPER! HIM AND SNIPER! HIM AND SNIPER! THEY’RE P E R F E C T
  • Favourite headcanon: I like to imagine that Scout tends to faze out from time to time when people talk to him. He doesn’t do it on purpose, his concentration simply is pure shit and he’s sometimes too ashamed to admit that he didn’t hear a word of what the person said

Just a quick question everybody:

Those who I tag regularly (I try to tag you in your favorite character stuff and things I think you will like) are you guys cool with it all? I don’t want you guys to be like “Gah, Jin tagged me in something yet again…don’t wanna.”

Or whatever…

I’m going to compile a actual list of who to tag for what content and character because I don’t want anyone to be tagged in something that might offend/trigger/make uncomfortable/etc.

So if you could just let me know in a reply or ask that would be nice.

And also if I don’t normally tag you and you want to be tagged let me know too. :D

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Hamilton characters and things my friend's and I have said
  • Alexander: *writing a paper at 1 am, four cups of coffee down, and eye twitching slightly* I am the dictionary definition of health.
  • John: Guys, honestly. I'm straight and I wish you all would sto- ! *cute guy walks by* fuck.
  • Aaron: I want you dead. But I don't want you to die, ya feel me?
  • Lafayette: *while wearing an American flag muscle tank* America blows.
  • Hercules: I'm the youngest out of all you assholes, yet I still end up babysitting!
  • Eliza: *plays with a bunch of kittens* I'm a badass
  • Angelica: If I were you, I would get away from me before I start screaming about how much of a misogynistic fuck you are.
  • Peggy: My mom forgot to invite me to my own birthday party. I was two hours late because I literally had NO IDEA ABOUT IT
  • Madison: *drops purse and stares at it* this makes me wanna off myself.