sometimes I think back to this time last year when the CR fandom was smaller and younger and it’s wild to look at what’s changed and what hasn’t

4.9 | 5.6 

Not really a parallel rather just something I noticed/was reminded of  in my commentary post yesterday

With context you know these situations were very different as Sister Monica Joan went missing and Sister Mary Cynthia was attacked but I don’t know, my thought process works in a strange way and I wish I could explain it better. But as soon as Trixie suggested that I immediately thought of the similarity and it made me feel a bit sad..

robinwinghood  asked:

So does anybody else wonder if the lass with the Clow Wand (and all of my jealousy) could possibly be this world's Sakura, just given maybe 5-10 extra years? I mean, looking close, I reckon she could pass.


A lot of messages came through last night identifying her as Miyuki (and I’ll reply to those soon), which I suppose would make sense as well, but like

I’m not… completely sold, I guess?

I can totally understand if CLAMP absolutely meant for that to be Miyuki. 

But like. WHAT IF?

Challenge me?

So… I want to challenge myself. For the next week I’m going to see how many drabbles/fantasies I can write, because my inspiration/motivation lately has been low. If you have a drabble or fantasy you want to see written, send me an ask and I will do my best to get it done within the next week.

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Lazytown characters as things that I've done and or/continually do

Since everyone and their mother has done this…

Robbie Rotten: Intentionally skip songs I know my dad likes to listen to on my playlist so he can’t enjoy the music

Sportacus: Slowed down while driving to avoid hitting a dove that didn’t fly away yet; enjoyed watching guys vape and breakdance in the Student Union bc it looked like they were having fun

Stephanie: Was a Section Leader in HS marching band and had to boost morale of my section and also scorn them when necessary; was labeled a goodie-goodie “Pardee’s Favourite” by a friend

Ziggy: Ate so many peanut butter cookies before dinner that I got super sick and threw up on the side of 7-Eleven while my mom was inside buying Pepto Bismol bc I complained about having a stomach ache once

Trixie: Popped a bunch of holes into one of our dining table chairs with a pencil when I was 10 and blamed it on my brother; I was 18 before my parents knew the truth

Stingy: Whenever I get mad at my parents for using MY toothpaste or MY shampoo or sleeping in MY bed.

Pixel: Felt like a genius when I correct my 50 something old parents whenever they say something erroneous about technology (what’s a jpg?)


Glanni: Shoplifted. A lot. It used to be my favourite pastime back in the day; also I shat my pants once at school bc I was hella sick, but I was like 16

Ithro: Ate two servings of raw ‘lox’ straight out of the package at work to see what it tasted like. Found out lox was salmon

Jives: Pretended to be, and continually pretends to be, a stoner; in reality has never even once smoked pot

Penny: Literally dropped $700 on a brand new iPhone 6s Plus after I got my federal aide for this semester (told my mom it was for school and that it only cost $400)


Pi likes Rain. Really. He does. That’s his human brother! His mentor! He runs the Rain fan club for crying out loud!

But Rain talks so dang little about himself that it’s aggravating.

 Like c’mon, dude. Pi’s tells you everything. You know about that time with the Bunsen burner and the swordfish, man. Not even his mom knows about that. Just tell him where you came from. 

Or at least if you can see with all of that hair in your face. 

Also I have metallic pens now. GO ME! \o/

Yuri!!! On Ice character things

Victor - Perfume, fresh water and moisturiser, warm bed sheets

Yuuri - anxiety, pork cutlet bowls, big jumpers, big glasses, close warm hugs

Otabek - Engine oil, leather and coffee, metal

Yurio - cats, boyfriend hoodies, ruffled bed sheets, bed hair

(feel free to add)