I know I say this like… every other week but this season of Osomatsu-san has a definite more -kun feel to it than season 1, especially when it comes to its AUs and I feel like there has been some confusion over the continuity, especially when it comes to the Girlymatsus existing at the same time as the regular Matsunos and Jyushimatsu’s almost-girlfriend being a separate character in this episode, so I thought I could make the whole Character Actors thing that -kun had going on a little more clear for people who aren’t as familiar with it? Hopefully it’ll help someone out!

OK so… I’ve written a bit about this before, I might reblog it again after this, but Akatsuka (and other mangaka of his time, such as Osamu Tezuka) used to operate on a very loose continuity, in that what was carried from story to story was almost nothing but the character’s basic personalities. It was almost like they were “actors” playing parts, hence Character Actors. Osomatsu-kun’s most used setting is pretty familiar to most -san fans, I believe: the sextuplets living with their parents, having a crush on Totoko and having to deal with well-known local rascals Iyami and Chibita, and, as most people in fandom are, we’re also familiar with full AUs, in which the characters have the same personalities but live different lives and have different connections between each other. We’d also get this in -kun, where we had settings such as a Wild West AU (ep. 22), a Fairy Tale AU (ep. 27) and an Everyone-is-a- Bug AU (ep. 72), amongst others. (I’ll use only the 80s adaptations of these stories as examples here for convenience’s sake, but this applies to the manga and the 60s version as well.)

However! While we had those full-blown AUs, for the most part, -kun’s AUs were a bit different, in that only a few characters had different roles or slightly different connections with the rest of the cast while everyone else stuck to the “usual” setting. You know how Western cartoons sometimes have one character that’s always changing jobs such as the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken or Larry from The Amazing World of Gumball (and sometimes that’s even lampshaded)? It’s pretty much like that, except the other characters have no memory of their usual roles.

This is why we had a story where everyone was the same except for Iyami and Chibita being samurai and feudal lord from the Edo Period (ep. 13) and a story where everyone was the same except for Iyami and Chibita being (legit) filmmakers from France, with Actually French!Iyami being obsessed with Japan instead (ep. 44), for example! But we also had stories where the changes weren’t as explicit, and therefore might be a bit more confusing. For example, stories where a character is related to another in a different way (such as Dekapan being the president of the company Matsuzo works in and having a son in ep. 40 or him being the sextuplets’ uncle in ep. 5) stories where everything is the same except Iyami has a different job instead of being a con man/petty thief and stories where everything was the same except everyone is meeting Iyami and Chibita for the first time and they’re able to pull some wacky scam they wouldn’t be able to were they well-known in the neighborhood.

Ep. 8 season 2 of Osomatsu-san, especially the 2nd skit, felt very close to -kun in this aspect! As you’ve probably noticed by now, those role changes happened mostly to Iyami, Chibita and the side cast instead of to the sextuplets in -kun, probably because they didn’t have that much of a personality back them besides identical noisy troublemakers. Now that they’re very much their own persons though, we’ve had AUs such as the Girlymatsus and the Delinquent Matsus in season 1, for example. But now these personas have started being used together with the usual Matsunos and people are (understandably) asking questions like: “are the Girlymatsus just the sextuplets in costume or are they separate characters? Do they exist in the same universe as the sextuplets or not? What is canon and what’s not after all?” and the answer, as anticlimactic as it might seem is… nothing is canon! Or everything is, if you want to look at it this way.

 In the end, while there is a more “standard setting” where the majority of the skits takes place, Osomatsu characters remain being used mostly to tell a story rather than to have backgrounds attached to them. In the dolphin skit, the Girlymatsus (and Jyushimatsu’s almost-girlfriend) were used in place of incidental characters, much like Dekapan and Iyami were used as the supervisor of the dolphin show and his yes-man. Hell, you could even argue that this Jyushimatsu wasn’t the same Jyushimatsu that we’re used to seeing in the standard setting, in the same vein as the Jyushimatsu in the Interview with Choromatsu skit from season 1 wasn’t quite the same, and neither was that Choromatsu! The whole show is technically characters with set personalities playing parts, even if some settings are more common than others. Does that mean we can’t headcanon things or keep track of the canon, as loose as it is? Of course not! In fact, given the “multiple AUs stacked up one on top of the other in a trenchcoat” nature of everything Osomatsu, there’s nothing that says any AU or interpretation you might come up with is any less canon than anything happening in the series, really.

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3, 6, and 23 for the salty asks please?

Anonymous said:7 

@hunter-kole said: 12 from the Salty Ask List

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

Yeah. It’s usually over aggressive character hate- like, not “this character did things wrong and I’m uncomfortable with them” but “Boy I can’t WAIT for [insert fave here] to assault and beat up [insert object of hate here]” where for the proper experience, fave character would never do that, and object of hate is usually someone who did bad things that you could reasonably be uncomfortable with but is also blatantly acting this way because they’re miserable and trapped in a garbage situation and making them more miserable is not going to fix things for them or anyone they hurt.

I try to distance myself from people whose meta/posts just make me upset and exhausted.

6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?

I’m trying to think of an example? It’s rare, since, I’m pretty obtuse when it comes to shipping. Not within Voltron, I don’t think.

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I read your post on cliche romances and it made me think about one of my projects. It's supposed to be a hate/love thing, but one of the characters doesn't realized she loved him until right before he's about to die. Do you have any advice on how I should or shouldn't go about it?


One thing I would say is that, try to make readers realize they love your character too. Give him good qualities, give him bad ones, give him redeemable moments that will make their hearts flutter along with the girl’s heart. 

On another note:

Some good love-hate relationships that I personally really love: Dastan and Tamina from Prince of Persia, Nanami and Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss, Inuyasha and Kagome in Inuyasha, the two main characters from 10 things I hate about you (i forgot their names i apologize), Mia and Nicholas from Princess DIaries 2.  

Sometimes I find the female protagonist hates the male counterpart for no valid reason at all. So find your valid reason. Make them bicker over valid things that should be bickered about. If the guy kicks a puppy and shows no remorse, and then the girl simply gives him a slap on the wrist, well that’s not good haha. Murder isn’t something a love-hate relationship could be built on, ja feel?

Make the guy show sides of him that the girl will fall for. If she values loyalty and caringness, make him show that through actions. A little boy falls down and scrapes his knee, proceeds to cry and ask for his mom. The guy can go console the little boy and help him find his mom. The girl thinks, “Aw, he’s an asshole because he won’t lend me a pen, but he’s got a caring side” (just an example haha)

I don’t think having the girl realize she loves the guy right before he dies is a good thing on its own. Sprinkle those feelings throughout prior scenes that will build up to her realizing that what she’s been feeling for a while now is affection/love towards the guy. 

Which brings me to this: give readers a slow buildup, or at least a valid and solid one. Like building a sand castle. Think of her realizing she loves him as the little flag you put on top of the highest point of your castle: without the building, you’re putting a flag on a pile of sand. The stronger your foundation for their developed relationship leading to his death, the more impact her realization will have on readers. And the nicer the castle quite frankly.

Avoid an abusive love hate relatiosnhip that is glorified in the end. That’s a big no no. But other than that, those are my personal opinions so you do you honey bunches and good luck!!

I’m sick so this might have not made any sense, my fellow writers feel free to add your two cents too as I can barely see in front of me lmao)

The thing that makes Vegeta a better character than Goku is that Goku essentially stays the same throughout the story. He’s a rather flat character, lovable and sweet, but still flat. Vegeta is not like that. Vegeta grows and learns as the story progresses, learning about human emotion and going from someone who I despised when I first saw him to a loving and protective parent/husband. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone almost completely irredeemable turn their life around for the better because of a loved one. 

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I gave up on animal crossing like an hour into it... the game kept crashing and it’s not as fun I think. This will be like Pokémon go and be cool for a month and then be stupid later

wow way to ruin other people’s fun anon…

But seriously, Animal Crossing has been my entire childhood. 
Like actually. 

The Gameboy version came out in early 2000-2001 right before (or after?) the Gamecube version was released. I begged for that game so many times whenever we went to Hollywood Video or Blockbuster (YEAH I’M THAT OLD JUDGE ME) and they never had it in stock until my parents just gave in and got it for me for christmas. 

I cherished that game like it was my life. I was no more than 6 or 7 at the time. My eyes were glued to the tv on the daily, playing as this character, rearranging things in my house, even messing with my brother’s character and making him send me money (because he always had more money than me) 

I memorized characters and themes and story lines. I fast forwarded time and rewound it to “cheat” the system. (Anyone remember the early morning aerobics on the gamecube version?? Or the NES games? GOOD TIMES)

I owned Animal Crossing on the DS and I got Animal Crossing City Folk for the wii THE DAY IT CAME OUT. THE ACTUAL DAY. BACK IN 2008. AND I PLAYED IT FOR HOOUUURRRSSS. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Animal Crossing means to me and all the stories I’ve had with friends and the towns I’ve created and the drama I’ve gotten into with all the animal friends. How many weeds I’ve had to pull, how many fish and fossils I have found. How many KK songs I’ve heard (all of them, the answer is all of them btw)

I never got it for the 3DS because I never had a 3DS and my heart is still bitter about never being able to experience every single animal crossing. 

SO anyway, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp might not be that big of a deal for you, but it is for me. It’s going to be my therapy, as it’s so calming and gentle and nice. 

Give it another try. You might surprise yourself on how nice and beautiful the game is. 

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Can u show more examples of elena being dumb vapid in s6? Also I think it started in 5b at least whenever she was with damon

It’s a little difficult to explain what I mean but it’s like … OK, in Buffy The Vampire Slayer when Spike is obsessed with Buffy and she’s still repulsed by him, he  creates a Buffybot, which is a sex robot that looks exactly like Buffy programmed specifically for his needs 

and that’s how Elena seemed in season 6. Like this ditzy, bland, no-personality Elenabot. 

And I mean definitely, it does have to do with how they wrote her character, all things lead to Damon and sex with Damon that even when they talk about having kids, she talks about neglecting them to have sex:

But most of it is just the way Elena is

like obviously there’s nothing wrong with someone feeding someone else:

Like I don’t even ship Nate and Serena but that was cute and that kitchen scene was hot but with Damon and Elena when they do it, it seems gratuitous and very Damon-centric, like the show is having Elena do things that would make Damon feel good, if that makes sense and that goes with how they make her inept at certain things and he has to explain it to her like a stereotype of sugardaddys who mansplain things to barely legal women  

and even when she can’t “torture” Caroline with the letter:

like no, Elena may not have liked doing what was painful and considered necessary to get through to people, but she did do it in earlier seasons, they took that away from her for Damon so they can play up the she-good-he-bad-she-make-him-GOOD storylines.

Part of it is also Nina’s facial expressions because she’s trying to show how happy or how impacted Elena is by Damon but she just looks like a smiling idiot especially in the context of certain scenes, like Damon was acting hella sketchy here, he slams a drawer shut and can’t even come up with a convincing excuse for such abrupt behaviour but because Elena is SO BLIND by love this is how she reacts? 

like Nina was trying to show how impacted Elena is by Damon but she just looks DUMB like even this when she’s comforting him 

I can’t explain why this feels like there’s no depth here but in comparison to how she would comfort or assure Stefan even in season 4

There’s conviction in her gaze, she actually feels like a person. Like when she’s giddy around Stefan I don’t think she’s a brainless idiot 

Spanning the 21st to the 30th century: a story of life, loss, and finding yourself again. Even for heroes. Love is never easy. 𝘏𝘢𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘥, 𝘰𝘳 𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘵 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘣𝘦𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨? 

Her face sticks out like a sore thumb among the ones I know and interact with on a daily basis. I don’t know who she is or why those dimples and her blonde hair make me feel like sunshine has entered the room. I don’t remember the sun, not really, but two years have passed and I’ve waited so many days to see her smile and waited months to hear her laugh. Maybe, I just can’t get enough. - breathe (2. A.M.) @karainkaraoke @fangirlintheforest

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my boy tamama for the character thing. and or keroro

Yeah buddy! Time for a double feature, I can practically write an essay about these two, though really, I can write an essay about all five of the main Keronians. It is Not That Deep, but it certainly could be. So, thank you! They are surprisingly interesting characters to talk about in length if you read between the lines, so time to blab about the sugar guzzling tadpole and the sergeant himself~! 

Originally posted by sergeant-keroro

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4, 7, 15 & 26.

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4 ) Name one thing you don’t like about your character.

one thing that i don’t like about ondine ? her lack of mannerism . i mean she’s elegant and polite ( only when dealing w business ) but like she’s rude . very rude  and to everyone .  woman has a stick up her ass and i’m just sitting here looking at her like ‘ where did i go wrong w u ? ’ i just wish she wasn’t so —– stand offish but that’s my child and i love her even if she’s a bitch.

7) Who is your favorite muse to RP with that is not yours?

Why you gotta do this to me , precious bebs ? i can’t pick one . honestly i can not but i’ll name a few of my never ending list of favorite muses to see on my dash .  honestly though i enjoy everyone on my dash but here’s just a few : @myosi @epigrvm @astraeignis @czernobuh @eterneli ( obviously bc ilysm ) @sametanoia @sangoit @scrcndipty @vulpiine @vvitchiisms and omfg so many more .. literally…. but those are a FEW of my favorites . 

15) When is the best time for you to sit down and write replies?

the best time for me ? there really isn’t a best time to be honest .  i just sit down when i have time and i got motivation to do anything that deals w this place .  like right now , i should go back to doing homework but i’m taking a small break and just release stress with writing . but i should get back to it .  i just write whenever i have time .

26) Name one thing about your character(s) that no one knows about.

ondine has a fear towards spiders . i mean a horrible fear towards spiders — for someone that’s quiet full of herself , ondine can not stand the view of a spider and that is because they remind her so much of her past and her time in the darkness .

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So I saw that you started Tokyo Ghoul and you liked the idea of a fairy tail au. Do you have any ideas about which ft character should portay which tg character ? And also what do you think about the anime and the story as a whole? :)

I don’t do the whole X=Y character thing, but Lucy, Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, Makarov, Mirajane,Elfman, and a few others are ghouls.

Erza and Gray are both members of the CCG!

So far I’m really enjoying the anime! Though, I think S2 is a little weird? Which is understandable considering it’s an anime only arc.

When cinder told mercury to lay low after getting his leg broken, why didn’t he listen? Was it to watch penny die at the hands of pyhrra? Or did he know ruby would spot emerald? It’s just really confusing how the characters DO things that are questionable and we don’t get the full explanation why. We are just left to turn off our brain or think of an answer ourselves as if WE are the character.

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you shouldn't blog about the it and stranger things kids considering that you're 19 and talked about writing smut about them lol. you're not even like a safe person for kids to be around if ur gonna write porn abt them so u might as well not blog abt them lmao.

(alright, i’m sure you guys can infer that there’s a big rant coming)

lmao this is so cute. i love how you think that my age matters when writing about FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. there is a huge difference between writing nsfw content for the actors, and writing it for the characters.

now, the stranger things characters, i sort of get. i get it, i do. we have yet to see any of those characters as canonical adults. the “it” characters, however (as i always have to remind people), have existed in canon as adults (in their thirties) for over thirty fucking years.

and, for another thing, when i’m writing about these characters, i don’t even have the actors in mind. i have a college-age fan cast that i have in my head when writing aged-up fics. and, on that note, people have been aging up characters for their fandom content for as long as that concept has been around.

so, like, thanks for your opinion (i guess), but you’re incorrect. have a fantastic day!!! :)

[if anyone else has an issue with my fics or my blogging about the kids, feel free to unfollow me, because no one is forcing you to see my content.]