The Various Ways To Answer The Age-Old Question

Person: Hey, how are you?

Option 1: Currently dying
Option 2: Pining to the nth degree
Option 3: Binge-watching like there’s no tomorrow
Option 4: Dying and resurrecting
Option 5: Shipping people
Option 6: Getting no sleep because fictional characters have taken over my life
Option 7: Sinning like it’s going out of style
Option 8: So very tired

Me: I’m fine

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Is Barry secretly some sort of programming genius? I mean, he's supposed to invent Gideon at some point, and he's been shown writing algorithms to find villains (although not sure if Earth 2 Barry counts since he has a PhD and Earth 1 Barry might not? Was that ever clarified?). Wish they'd show this skill of his more often if he's on that level.

Well, “programming genius” would be an exaggeration from what we’ve seen so far, but it’s likely he has some computer programming skills and he definitely is very intelligent.

But it’s hard on a show / in a universe with a bunch of super-geniuses to discuss IQ and intellect (especially because how these shows seem to build up intellect, particularly a narrow subset of what counts as ‘smart’, which can be pretty ableist). 

Because look, we’ve got… Eobard, Cisco, Harry, Ray, Stein, Jax (yes, absolutely Jax, the dude taught himself to fix space ships)… all who demonstrate what probably counts as supergenius-level abilities. And we’ve got people like Caitlin and Leonard and Rip and Felicity who are all going to be in the genius level (at least), or so I would argue. 

Oh and Jesse? Isn’t she as smart as her dad? Andddd Hartley, right, him too, right up there with the other supergeniuses.

What I’m saying is this universe has a genius issue. (Note that “genius” =/= “good decision making skills”).

And then we’ve got other characters, who are many not as “smart” as those ones, but are probably up there in terms of more general metrics or comparisons to the population. Wally, for instance, what with Wally’s designs for school and engineering stuff, and Iris is a gifted writer and investigator within her journalism, which is an intellectually demanding craft, especially at the level she’s working at. Hell, since we’re looking at Arrow, you’ve got Laurel as a DA as well, and its not exactly easy to get into that career. And Nate on Legends has a PhD, right? Which doesn’t make someone a genius but it’s implied, given how he’s the “only one” who figured out about history and the Legends. And though the show jokes about Joe needing the science explained, he’s described as a damn good detective on more than one occasion and likely has an above-average intelligence level.

Anyway, sorry I’m rambling. Everyone on DC CWTV has above average intelligence, and if we were to look at their IQs, the mean IQ of main characters across the shows would probably be like 145 and the median would probably be like 130.

Which leaves us with Barry. Barry being a forensic analyst by the age of ~23 and having a master’s degree most likely (but no, not a PhD on Earth 1). He’s implied to be quite good at that job too, judging from the fact that Patty had read his reports and complimented them. Barry who was working on the speed equation and working on other algorithms, who pulls moves like jumping off the roof of STAR Labs with Zoom because he reasoned on the fly that as they’re falling, Zoom’s speed advantage will disappear. Who works out temporal dynamics seemingly without much issue and his hero, back before the accelerator blew, was the scientist Harrison Wells.

So it’s… tough to say. He’s very smart, likely in the gifted range. Could he be working more on the science side of the show and doing more of the programming stuff? Probably yeah. He’s got the background in science to make contributions there, more than we normally see. But at the same time… does that need to happen? Because most of the characters on the show are already doing the science thing. I’d like to see more of his forensics stuff, personally, rather than his programming skills, whatever level they happen to be at. 

It’s a toss-up for when/how he’ll invent Gideon, but he can speed-read books and temporarily retain the knowledge from them so he could very well use that trick to design her. He could also yet learn a lot to do with time travel and programming that we haven’t seen yet, or get help from his team to design and build her? It’s really unclear ^^;

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Okay so what do you think of a vampire who was a very gifted singer & when she was turned her talent was enhanced into that of a siren? Like she can use her singing voice to put those around her into a sort of trance & lure them in or could cause them to hurt themselves or others (like how sirens lure sailors to crash their ships)? Would that even be possible? What would the volturi think of a vampire with this ability? I 💗💗your blog by the way it gives me life & I live for when you post!!!

I definitely think this ability could be possible and quite advantageous. I’ve always been confused about a vampire’s supernatural beauty working as a lure. Like, does it appeal to a person’s sexuality? Because that would confine a vampire to a pool of victims who a) finds them attractive and b) are willing to act on that attraction. A vampire with an actual and appealing skill could draw in a wider demographic and humans could self-justify why they were following this beautiful creature somewhere secluded. Starting or using an existing legend as a cover-story is ingenious too. 

Historically, I imagine that this gift would be a really useful Heidi-alternative for the Volturi, particularly when the population was significantly lower and it would be harder to gather large groups of people together without drawing attention. These days, the showy nature of singing publicly might discourage Aro from recruiting a siren-like vampire. If someone filmed that performance (and we really, really like filming gifted street-performers as a species), that would be pretty bad. Particularly if some intelligent investigator linked the audience around the performer with some unsolved missing-persons cases…


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Let’s talk about what making characters who do bad things should look like.

Say I’ve made Character X. Character X does a lot of bad shit that might, if played to its full extent, adversely affect a fellow player. And I’m not talking simple criminality. Character X delights in actions that could potentially trigger someone.

Now, RP is cooperative storytelling, and just because I’m fine with what’s happening doesn’t mean the people I play with will be. Because I’m in this to have fun and tell stories with people, I try to respect my partners’ boundaries and make sure they’re okay with any triggering material before throwing it at them.

So. Armed with an understanding of how my character does bad shit, I take them to an RP event. At this RP event, something crops up. And I know my character would do some of this bad shit, if left to their own devices.

So, what do I do?


If I’m not already 100% certain they’re okay with the content, I need to make sure they’re fine with it happening. I can throw a line out there to everyone that says something like, “Hey, my character’s gonna try to do this bad shit here, is everyone okay with that?” And if not? Then I need to figure out something else I can do to avoid it.

With this interaction, I’ve shown the following:

  1. I’m not trying to justify my character’s behavior in a way that paints their bad shit in a good light. I understand the bad shit is actually bad, and I’m aware of how being suddenly exposed to it could affect someone.
  2. I respect my RP partners’ comfort levels, boundaries, and varying experiences by making sure they’re comfortable with the content before throwing it at them. And especially by doing something else if I find out they’re not.

This is the bare minimum of what I expect from people when they play characters that do actions that could be potentially triggering to somebody. Ultimately, the problem is not the bad shit itself, but violating other players’ boundaries. 

So if you like playing a character that does bad shit and you find other people who enjoy doing it with you? Great. Go for it.

But please please please be aware of how that could affect others if done publically, or with people you’re not completely sure are comfortable with what’s happening. Make sure other people have the tools they need to avoid the content if they have to. 

female characters were treated /horribly/ in most of the past fandoms ive been in (sometimes just bc they were female/‘in the way’ of an m/m ship), i’m really glad it’s not really like that with overwatch