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Hey , I have a trouble with this show not tell thing , do you have any tips ? Also , can you give me few posts about it ? Thanks !

One way I like to enforce “show, don’t tell” is to imagine yourself in the character’s shoes. Sure, you might think or say ‘”it’s cold” but look at the effects of what the cold has on the characters and on the movement/scene. Integrate it into the scene and the actions.  You want to provide concrete images for the reader, not summarize.

Tell: It was a cold day.

Show: The chilly wind sent goosebumps running across Annette’s arms and she huddled closer to her sister, wishing she had worn longer sleeves or at least brought a light jacket.

Tell: My dog was excited to see my friend.

Show: When Eric walked through the door, Pickles jumped up and ran over, his fluffy tail wagging so hard I thought it might fall off.

Tell: I was sad that my grandpa died.

Show: I picked up the old photo, cleaning the glass with my fingers. My grandpa’s smiling face peeked through the dust but I fought the tears that pricked my eyes and swallowed the emptiness in my throat.

This also applies to showing things like character relationships! You don’t need to write “they were friends” when you can show that connection (and so much more!) through how the characters treat each other. 

“Hey, Ahlia,” he said as he walked toward her, eyeing the comfortable outdoor couches but opting to stand with his classmate. Even though he’d known her since entering the university, it still felt wrong to sit when the princess of his nation stood before him.

“You know I was half-joking about meeting me up here, right?” she said. “I know you have actual work to do.”

He shrugged and looked over the railing to the city streets far below, bustling with people on their way home for the evening. “It was time for a break anyway.”

That tiny moment shows a decent amount about their relationship:

1. They must be pretty close because “hey” is a casual conversation starter and he calls the princess by her first name. There isn’t even any small talk.

2. There’s a mention about the time frame of their established relationship and how they know each other.

3. Ahlia is happy to see him, but in a chill kind of way that means it’s either her personality or they’ve known each other for long enough that she doesn’t have to really react to his presence.

4. Despite his casual greeting, he still recognizes her influential position with his thought about not sitting down unless she did.

5. Ahlia respects him back, shown by her concern over his amount of work.

Not everything needs to be directly stated in exposition for your reader to get the idea, but a bit of exposition is required. Imagine if I’d written out an entire conversation just to convey that they’re students in a university, that she’s a princess, that they’re in a city setting, etc. That’s caused “expository dialogue”, is an easy track to cheesy-town, and is a case when “show don’t tell” can go too far for certain details. You really do need some “telling” in your exposition, but you can be creative about it and use context to keep it interesting. 

I also have this Three Signs That Mean You’re Telling, Not Showing post.

Good luck with your work!


Madam Secretary: Sara Ramirez previews her return to TV | EW

A year-and-a-half hiatus after leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Sara Ramirez will make her triumphant return to TV during Sunday’s episode of Madam Secretary.

The actress will be playing Kat Sandoval, a brilliant political strategist, legendary in D.C. for her talent and for abruptly dropping out of politics until Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) manages to coax her back into the State Department. It’s a character that the openly bisexual Ramirez can relate to, having taken time off to both discover herself and give a voice to the LGBTQ community. So what was it about Madam Secretary that lured Ramirez back to TV? EW turned to the actress to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it about Madam Secretary that made you want to return to TV in a series regular role?
SARA RAMIREZ: A new position was opening up on Madam Secretary, and it was during a time when I was open to taking a meeting. [Executive producers] Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary were consistent and persistent in their commitment to meeting with me. We wanted to get to know each other to see what was possible. I really appreciate the kind of show that Madam Secretary is; it’s an aspirational and political show, and I found that really attractive as well.

Tell us about Kat Sandoval and what brings her into Elizabeth’s orbit.
Something that I can say about Kat is that she is a political strategist. She’s a retired chief of staff to the U.N. ambassador, she’s known well in D.C. for her talents, she’s also know for her sudden departure from politics following an incident. She dropped out for years, and rumors circulate about why. But after Kat consults on a State Department problem, she realizes she has not entirely lost faith in the system, and she’s inspired by Elizabeth McCord, Madam Secretary, and her team — so much so that she proposes to join the State Department. When we first meet Kat, we learn a little bit about her past, and it clues us to the potential challenges she may face due to rumors around an incident that may have led her to leave politics. Her brain is one of her most valuable assets. In this first episode, we’ll see just how valuable it is, here at home and globally. This episode also shows up some vulnerable truths she’s never owned or expressed about herself before.

Will the show explore her sexuality?
I just met Kat a few months ago, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know her as these episodes unfold.

Do you share any similarities with the character?
One thing that I know that we have in common is we both took a step back from our respective fields for over a year. I understand how important it can be to acknowledge when a break is needed, for whatever reason, especially when the intention is to come home to oneself in ways that couldn’t occur authentically without that time away. So I really respect Kat for knowing and valuing herself enough to make that move in her life.

How is this working experience, both in front of the camera and behind, different from Grey’s?
One of the things that I like about Madam Secretary is that, like I said, it’s an aspirational and political show. It takes place one election cycle in the future, which is kind of exciting, so it’s about four to five years down the line. I really love how it dramatizes certain topical world issues and events. It utilizes its projections to normalize inspiring ways to evolve challenging issues in the world through an alternate reality where the current political situation actually doesn’t exist, and with inclusive characters and cast and crew, off-screen as well. It promotes complex, three-dimensional women. Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary are executive producers, five out of the eight writers on the staff are female, the set has inclusive representation on screen and off, more than 70 percent of the show’s directors this season are women or men from diverse backgrounds, the Secretary of State is played by Téa Leoni — this show is in some ways similar, and different in all these ways.

After the results of the election last week, inclusive politics is not necessarily a distant aspiration anymore, but attainable, which is really exciting. We just saw Andrea Jenkins, the first openly bisexual and transgender black woman be elected to public office in the U.S. My intention for Madam Secretary’s Kat Sandoval is to continue normalizing, strengthening, and celebrating these types of inclusive outcomes in the world. As far as the character is concerned, I’m still getting to know her, but so far she’s different in that she spent a good portion of her life in politics before stepping away from it. Kat is very intentional and clear in her approach, because she knows she’s capable. She’s outspoken and unapologetically herself.

Is it fun to change up your style now on-screen and not have to suit up every day in scrubs?
It’s been a really wonderful experience. Amy Roth, who is the head of the wardrobe department, has been so gracious, kind, and imaginative. I’m just really grateful to be working with her as well. It’s been really fun.

What have you been up to since leaving Grey’s, and what do you think you’ve learned during that time?
It has been a really full year and a half. Taking a step back from the industry has allowed me to take space and get even more clear about things that are important to me. Coming out publicly was an organic decision and one that I spent a lot of energy and time making. It was incremental, not a spur-of-the-moment decision. By the time the Orlando shooting happened, especially in the context of the political climate escalating, I felt an urgency around coming out publicly in ways that I haven’t felt before. This past year and a half has taught me how to embrace myself fully, to never ever be afraid to claim my truth and power in spaces, and that bisexual, pansexual, queer-identified women of color, of all genders, or no genders, deserve to exist fully and equally in any and every space with respect to our visibility, representation, dignity, and various intersecting identities.

It has been a really full year. There were a lot of important events that I got the opportunity to be a part of. There was the ACLU rally in Austin, Texas. Initially, when Gavin Grimm’s case was headed to the Supreme Court, it was really important to me to use my public platform to show up and stand in solidarity with the trans and non-binary community, and when Gavin’s case didn’t make it to the Supreme Court, I got a phone call from the ACLU asking if I was open to participating in a rally in Austin connected to the same hurtful anti-trans legislation. I leapt at the opportunity to not only speak to these important issues, but to also engage local and state legislature. As well as introducing a trans woman of color, I introduced a wonder woman named Ana Andrea Molina, so that was a really important event to be a part of.

Then I was asked to speak at the Equality March in June, and I’m so grateful to the committee of the Equality March in D.C. for giving me the opportunity to speak to issues that are rarely spoken in mainstream LGBTQ advocacy. I was able to speak to the need for a truly intersectional movement, one in which we draw the margins in and center the lives of bisexual, queer, trans, non-binary, disabled, and other communities within our LGBTQ family who lack the access, power, and visibility. So as we move forward the community through the onslaught of anti-LGBTQ legislation and attacks, I think it’s important for us to continue to use these intersectional lines and center these communities, and that Equality March was a really beautiful way to be able to speak to that.

Then there was the LGBT Center in New York, who awarded me with this beautiful Trailblazer Award not that long ago, and that was a really special moment for me. Accepting the Trailblazer Award from the New York LGBT Center was — how else can I describe it? — it was a full-circle moment for me, actually. It was almost a year to the date, actually, from when I publicly came out as bisexual queer at the True Colors Fund event at the L.A. LGBT Center, so that was interesting. Lately, I’m feeling more confident about my purpose and highlighting the issues that are plaguing my community as well as continuing to create solidarity within the LGBT community. You know what else I’m thrilled about? Glenda Testone, who is the executive director of the New York LGBT Center, has expressed her commitment to creating specific bisexual programming, so that was a really wonderful full-circle moment after taking this time.

In hindsight, for everything you’ve done for yourself and the community over the last year, do you feel like it was the right decision to leave Grey’s when you did?

You voiced displeasure with ABC over the Real O’Neals bisexuality joke, which many Grey’s fans took as a sign you probably wouldn’t return to the show. Would you ever consider returning to Grey’s Anatomy?
First I’ll speak to the Real O’Neals portion, and then I’ll speak to the other portion. I was really disappointed that a show on a network that I worked on for over 10 years, playing a bisexual character, would get the greenlight for such a hurtful and destructive comment about our community. The bigger disappointment was that this particular episode was set up to succeed in every way by having PFLAG involved, with a gay actor playing a gay character, in all these ways where all of our community would be protected in every way. However, I appreciate how PFLAG acknowledged the issue and owned their mistake, and so far that is the only party involved taking genuine accountability. To the other point, when Shonda [Rhimes] and I last spoke, we agreed to keep the conversations going, and she knows I’m open to keeping those conversations going.

So looking around tumblr, I found out that Darth Maul, whom I’ve seen getting cut in half in “Phantom Menace” apparently survived that (?), I’ve seen Anakin surviving getting burnt alive only just after all his limbs got cut off in “Revenge of the Sith”, and this very much seems to tell me that Star Wars characters can survive things that they just should not be able to survive…

… and then I remember that Padme dies in labor because she “lost her will to live” after Anakin fell, although she just gave birth to two wonderful children whom she would have never left alone if she could have helped it, because Padme is strong and amazing and full of love and tenacious beyond believe.

All in all, I’m calling bullshit, people, and Padme got killed with an absolutely dumb reason, and I will never not be cranky about it. Like, never. Nope. You killed off my girl for dumb reasons, Star Wars creators, and you ain’t forgiven yet.

will byers is the best stranger things character because every other lead character at one point is horny, will is too busy dealing with being possesed and never becomes horny and i respect that

why there aren’t and maybe won’t be any lgbt representation in stranger things

the show is set in 1983, when homosexuality wasn’t as acceptable as today, and even today people are fighting for lgbt rights, ca 40 years later.

the duffer brother have so many other storylines such as, eleven, her mom, 8, will and so on, so why make / bring a gay character to the show, when they struggle to fit everyones storylines as they are.

the duffer brothers may be homophobic, or unwilling, or just something simple as don’t want to make a/few open gay characters.

even other shows today struggle to show diversity and sexuality in their characters, and with stranger things, a big show, they don’t show diversity or sexuality that much.

with this said, i really hope the duffers brothers make a gay storyline for some character, because it will show the youth in the 80s, lgbt people existed back then to. it’s a great opportunity for a big show to have diversity in its series. and we’ve got a few lgbt ”insults” such as ”queer, etc” to will and billys dad said ”faggot” to him, so don’t give up the hope guys, it may will happen, but if it doesn’t maybe this is why.





A Tragicomedy in One Act.

I wish I could make this stuff up, but I’m not that creative.

So, in Japan there’s this famous all-female theatre troupe called Takarazuka (named after the town they perform in).  The troupe has an impressive historical pedigree, over 100 years old, and my American readers would know what I mean when I say they’re a bit like the Japanese answer to the Rockettes.  Except the Rockettes don’t insist on putting on theatrical productions of historical fanfiction.

So you guys remember the super-popular and hilariously weird French comédie musicale 1789: Les Amants de la Bastille?  You know, dancing Robespierre:

So, hold that thought.

Because I once thought the weirdest French Rev thing I would ever see is an interpretive dance version of the Tennis Court Oath, but now I have witnessed a song in which Saint-Just works to convince Robespierre of the need to arrest Danton, and this song included a dance break for the entire Committee of Public Safety.  Including Couthon.  And no, he wasn’t doing it from a wheelchair like that kid in “Barney.”

Of course, this being Takarazuka, all the roles are played by women, including the male roles, i.e., Lucile Desmoulins is played by a woman, as is Camille.  And so are Robespierre, Saint-Just, Danton, etc.  This is not really a problem in practice, aside from the fact that the male role actresses often have trouble singing low enough for their roles.  And I want to say right off the bat that I really don’t want to rip Takarazuka itself too bad in this post, because I’ve seen first-hand how much joy it brings to its (many!) fans, and I don’t want to shit on that.  I’ll restrain myself to saying that about 95% of the Takarazuka ladies are singing flat, like, about 50% of the time.  (My own statistics, there.  :P)  But that’s really not what bothered me about their latest show, “A Passage Through the Light: Maximilien Robespierre, the Revolutionary,” which I was lucky (?) enough to catch while I was here in Japan this time.  (My grasp of the Japanese language is iffy, but my husband is a native speaker, so he was able to open whole new worlds of how silly the dialogue was in this.  I had kinda assumed it was, but it’s nice to have that confirmed.)

Let’s just have a looky-loo at the official poster for the show, shall we?


So, long story short, the “plot” of the show basically covers the cliffs notes of Robespierre’s political career throughout the Revolution from 1789 to 1794, with the one little addition of a Mary Sue self-insert character who at first wants to pull a Charlotte Corday on Robespierre but ends up inexplicably falling in love with him instead.  Oh yeah, and he falls in love with her too.  Yeah.  Okay.  So when I say “one little addition,” I mean that’s half the plot of the show.  Yeah.  Okay.  I mean, the trial and execution of Louis XVI was there, and the wars with foreign powers, and Saint-Just and Desmoulins, and the arrest of the Girondistes, and the bribe-taking and eventual fall of Danton, and Talleyrand’s plotting, and the basic events of Thermidor leading to the fall of Robespierre, and all that…………..And Robespierre had a girlfriend.  Whut.

What really gets under my skin is the utter lack of respect here.  The Japanese guy who created the show basically straight up said in an interview that since Robespierre never had a wife or even a known girlfriend, it must be because he had a love that was so forbidden or something that it couldn’t even be made known to history.  I mean. what.  

Get the fuck out of here with that shit.  So I guess there’s no such thing as asexuals, eh?  I already ranted about something similar back when the BBC did its slutty War & Peace adaptation last year, when the stupid screenwriter claimed he just made shit up for his TV script because, y’know, Tolstoy totally would’ve written it if he could, so he was just rewriting Tolstoy to be better than, well, Tolstoy.  I mean, what fucking audacity.  >:P  And it’s all the worse when it’s a real historical person we’re talking about here.  You’re writing real-person-fanfiction, sir.  Shame. 

All of this would be okay, I guess, if it were an audience made up of a bunch of French Rev scholars who could just sit around and laugh about it afterwards, but dude, from what I understand, the average Japanese’s understanding of the French Rev is limited to junk they soak up from manga (like, “Rose of Versailles” level stuff) and bad musicals like this and 1789 (which, incidentally, Takarazuka already did a production of a few years back, and it too was pretty much a travesty, no pun intended).  I was most freaked out that there was a huge group of high school students at the show—I mean, this was literally part of a history lesson for them.  Whaaaaat, NO!!!  Now, I would totally have let my students watch something like this back when I was teaching, but our discussion afterwards would have revolved around getting the kids to tell me everything that was historically inaccurate in the plot of the show.  Knowing something of the Japanese educational system, I am going to assume that was not the point of this educational exercise.  :(

On an acting note, this show was the debut as a leading star for the main actress, Futo Nozomi, and she was actually pretty good as Robespierre.  She could actually sing, which was a welcome change from some of the others…won’t name names.  Also liked the portrayal of Desmoulins in this, though I guess your mileage may vary because he was written pretty “boku” as a character and maybe some would think he was a little too boyish:

Saint-Just was great to watch; I would call it a slanderous portrayal if he weren’t such a bad dude in real life.  He was basically played as a murderous puppy, and every time he strutted onstage you knew somebody was gonna die.  

^^^Trying to get Robespierre to arrest Danton, in aforementioned song.

^^^The first time they met, when Saint-Just still just seemed like a harmless groupie and not a crazy guillotine freak.  He spent the whole show with a major crush on Robespierre, by which I mean a creepy stalkerish desire to make Robespierre the “god of his revolution” or some such nonsense (apparently there really was a line to this effect in the show, according to my husband….O__o).  I’m not sure why this didn’t appear to creep out Robespierre, who went on to keep him as a right-hand bro…I mean, there’s a part where Saint-Just literally comes up and hugs him from behind…like, passionately spoons him.  Because, you know, bros always do that…?  

^^^Right before that part.  It was truly amazing, the old French Rev fangirl in me jumped for joy.  Also, I just want to take a moment to add that Saint-Just had his earring—I mean, whut!  They could get right a teeny historical detail like Saint-Just’s earring but not, like, the really important fact of Robespierre not having a girlfriend…?

I have very little to say about Danton, except that, just as with the Takarazuka production of 1789, I feel that this character is pretty shit when portrayed by women attempting to swagger and sing baritone.  Anyway, he called himself “ore-sama” and was pretty much a loveable dickbag, as always, so I couldn’t really complain with the characterization:

Naturally, it being Takarazuka, all the bros look like a bunch of K-pop boy band twinks.  That’s pretty much the case for all Takarazuka productions, but it’s especially jarring when dealing with a bunch of pretty mannish French guys…I mean, if they all look like Saint-Just, how does Saint-Just stand out at all?  Also, when I have trouble telling them apart right from the beginning of the show…that’s a problem.  Imagine my even greater disappointment when I open the program to find that they actually did a photoshoot with Robespierre with a “powdered” look…!

Omg, how did this not end up as the final wig design!?!?!  Ugh, Japan, you’re killing me here…!  How cool would this have been!  Instead we got this fashion model look:


While I’m on the subject of costumes, I usually give a looooot of latitude to Takarazuka costumes for historical accuracy since of course that generally takes a backseat to romantic frou-frou in their shows, but there was one costume moment that almost made me laugh out loud in the middle of the show: the Fête de l'Être Suprême costume that Robespierre swanned in wearing.  It was, ahem, not period accurate.  I think it is polite to leave it at that. It looked something like this (no, I am not kidding):

So yeah.  That was Takarazuka Robespierre.  Was it the end of the world, or the historical profession as we know it?  No.  Was it massively entertaining?  I’d say so, or at least the half of it that dealt with politics, because every time the Mary Sue self-insert character plot kicked in, it became, like, snoooore.  Except for this one scene where it looked like Saint-Just was going to eviscerate her with his eyes, and she got all miffed when Robespierre went to hang out with Saint-Just instead of her.  That was totally entertaining.

I’m just gonna leave this last pic here, because it is….um….yeah.

antisemitism in the dc fandom is uhh Quite Bad. i’ve seen it so badly in the dctv fandom specifically. goyim fans just really need to think about how they approach jewish characters and jewish headcanons for characters. some examples are things such as making christmas icons for stein or felicity - clear jewish characters, the headcanon that leonard snart is jewish and then having no other jewish headcanons for other characters - this is feeding many harmful jewish stereotypes such as jewish people are greedy villains, ignoring that ray palmer got his jewish identity erased, ignoring jewish characters in general, writing antisemitic fics (often involving canon jewish characters), antisemitic headcanons, supporting this earth-x crossover, and honestly i could go on. i think it’s very important that goyim fans listen to jewish fans when they say something is antisemitic and not argue with them, because if you are willing to argue with a jewish person over if something is antisemitic - maybe question why you would do that.

Hey guys! I’ve decided to finally take the jump and start doing commissions! Don’t worry, I’m still keeping free requests open, but if you want to show your support you can commission me :) This money will likely go towards my spending money for MCM Northern Ireland Comic Con.


This is a Sonic blog, so your commission has to be related to the Sonic franchise in some way! Here are some suggestions:

  • Sonic characters/shippings
  • Sonic OCs
  • Non-Sonic characters drawn as mobians

Things I will NOT draw:

  • Nudity/sex
  • Fetish art
  • Pedophilia
  • Basically anything bigoted (racism/homophobia/sexism etc)

I AM willing to draw:

  • LGBT+ stuff
  • Gore


Send me an IM detailing what you’d like me to draw; include a reference pic if you want me to draw an OC. Don’t worry about the quality of the reference, I can work from very little.

After I have finished I’ll send you my email address so you can send me the money via PayPal.

NOTE: I’ll need you to pay in GBP (pounds sterling), and unless you typically use that currency, PayPal will charge you a small conversion fee. I apologize if that inconveniences anyone.

My price list is shown above (as modeled by one of my OCs, Pip). If you have any queries about how pricing works just ask.

here’s a question
if I were to ever draw “"fanservice”“ what would that be for you? what is the secret, shameful, junk food content that would make you combust if I ever drew it? what ship? what character? what debatably kinky thing? I’m not taking requests but by god I’m so curious to know what you REALLY want from me. if u wanna share in secret I turned anon on so 👀

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If someone were to create a Doctor Hammy skin for minecraft, would you wear it in a future season of Hardcore?

POSSIBLY - we have a floating idea that I can’t reveal yet to make skins choices a little more fun, but we all like picking random characters and things we’re into or have made videos on for the lulz.

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character thing: gabrielle de lioncourt because we have too little on her

OMG! Bae.

  • favorite thing about them - She’s so independent and adventurous and just like a huge badass and I love her so much. i love that she’s like DUDE I’M A VAMPIRE I WANNA GO DICK AROUND IN THE WOODS WHY ARE YOU CRYING INSIDE ALL NIGHT THIS IS GARBAGE. It’s such a rebellion against the life she lived and it’s easy to think of her as being cold and bitchy because of how she appears in canon but I love the idea that she’s actually so free and happy when she’s by herself and she must have such a romantic relationship to the night. She wouldn’t have endured this long if she weren’t happy with it, she doesn’t strike me as a Louis type trying to endure to punish herself, or a religious crybaby who only sticks around cause they’re scared of what’s out there. And i THINK SHE’S JUST SO SICK OF MEN LIKE I WOULD GO LIVE IN THE FUCKIN JUNGLE TOO DAMN. I’m glad she joined the lesbian vampire cave or whatever the shit was lmao. Good 4 u bb. 
  • least favorite thing about them - I don’t think I have one? She can be a bitch but we only get to hear about her from two whiny little dudes who have craved her attention and been rejected at one point or another. So I take all her iciness with a grain of salt. She shows up when she’s needed and she was like that when Lestat was alive, too. He just hasn’t accepted it and the butthurt remains.
  • favorite line - I wanna say the IF I WASTE THIS BITCH line because even though I’m like lmao wow 3 edgy 5 me I just also want to point out HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SHE SAYS *I* AND NOT *WE* like she’s a little kitten ready to take on the queen, she aint afraid of nobody.
  • brOTP - Bianca? They remind me of each other in a lot of ways but Bianca also strikes me as this young version of Gabrielle that never got trapped by motherhood.
  • nOTP - Just, stop with Lestat. And not even because the creep factor because I accept this universe in which they are elevated to different types of love, but because he is such a fuck boy and she doesn’t have time for it.
  • random headcanon - She is a secret benefactor of Jane Goodall and has the biggest crush on her. She writes little letters to her to fill in gaps about night stuff that she’s been able to observe, and occasionally comes out to talk to her. She’s like this weird mysterious jungle woman that Jane has been running into for her entire career and she’s always lurking in the shadows and doesn’t age and Jane kinda has a crush on her, too. Like an adorable dangercrush. 
  • unpopular opinion - I’m not sure I see enough about her to know what the popular opinions are, but a topic on which I am a typical rebel is the NEGLIGENT ABUSIVE PARENT VS JUST AN ASSHOLE thing haha. I think there’s some nuance there and I say that as a person who was raised by negligent and emotionally empty parents haha. Some people are just dicks, it’s just how they are, they’re just cold, and it doesn’t mean they’re bad people.
  • song i associate with them - LEADER OF THE RATS BY ARCH ENEMY? It’s not super lyrically relevant aside from Gabrielle being a misanthropist but like tbh I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it’s because ANGELA GOSSOW TOTALLY REMINDS ME OF HER HAHA. =D

Angela is such a fuckin queen honestly. Google her if you aren’t familiar, she is the adorable petite blonde death metal vocalist in the tune above ^

I’m trying something new where I’m gonna draw a taz character whose design I haven’t figured out yet (i.e. all of them) every day for 30 days, first so I can figure out their designs and second so I can practice experimenting with drawing a character doing different things.

I’ve decided to start with Lup because I just??? love her???? so???? much?? So here’s day one of that, although I probably won’t post every day’s drawing.

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Sorry for the late reply! I've read yours and I'm just a little confused so... are you saying that characters like silver should not exist because they are bad examples for the audience (or the readers?)

No - I’m not saying that at all. Silver is a brilliant character, actually. He’s morally ambiguous shading into villainous the longer the show goes on. He goes through one hell of a journey to become the character from a book many of us read as children, and he’s actually an excellent example of a character being relatable or sympathetic - but absolutely, completely not right. The phrase I’m looking for is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and I think that somewhere in a book of phrases, there should probably be a picture of Silver’s face next to that phrase. He’s a great character - I’m saying that as a fandom there’s a tendency to paint a character as one thing in s1 and then refuse to allow that character to grow and change, yes, even for the worse, as far as our portrayal of him outside the original medium he came from. S1 Silver was stumbling his way through life, getting into messes and getting out again with a grin and a few glib words and maybe a murder or two, but was certainly not a monster or a villain. S4 Silver has moved on apace into being a genuinely scary, certainly manipulative individual who is very short-sighted when it comes to the difference between his needs and wants as regards other people and what those other people have envisioned for their lives and why those things are important to them. Silver’s not a bad character by any means, but our reaction to him and understanding of him as a fandom has proven to be problematic, to say the least in that it’s static and actually sometimes harmful to people who see clearly what he became and have quite rightly said we’re not fond of him as a result.

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Talking about SatAm do you think his Metal Sonic would be in comparison to Eggman's Metal? :P

He already tried his hand at a fast robot. Specifically to race Sonic;

Yet another good piece of evidence that SatAM’s writers didn’t give a shit about the game characters is that this….thing took a role that could have easily gone to Metal Sonic.

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We see in 2x03 that Hopper knows about El’s visits to Mike. Hopper knows these probably aren’t the best idea. Starts how I think the first time he found out past season 2.