just some thoughts on Princess Marco

okay so, we all know she’s trans but like, I just realised it all possibly goes back to her introduction. Her first moments on screen are being introduced as a safe, goody two shoes character who wants to be more dangerous and rebellious. This aspect of her reaches a major point in  St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses where she goes full revolutionary, taking it upon herself to start an uprising against the oppressive school.

Marco became the kind of person she wanted to be from the beginning during that episode, her first arc reaching it’s end and evolving into a new one. Her journey to becoming the princess entirely. I feel the St. O’s episode is where she first really considers the fact she might not be a boy.


also here is Marcus from Rock ’N Royals

PoC Characters in Barbie Movies
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Character Shoe Painting!

Do this If you ever need tan character shoes but only have black ones. I used this theater hack this Fall and it looks great from the audience. No one will ever know you’re PAINTING your shoes!

1st Step. Scuff shoes. My shoes were shiny so I scuffed my shoes all over with fine gain sand paper.

2nd Step. Spray. Find a cheap spray pain similar to the shade you want. No need to be exact yet. I picked mine up at Michele’s where I found my paint. Spray 5-7 light light coats.

3rd Step. Paint all over with acrylic paint in the shade you want. Apply 2-3 coats with a medium paint brush.

4th Step. Put on a light coat of Mogpog or another clear drying glue to keep everything together.

5th Step. Your shoes WILL crack in the toe area where your shoe creases when dancing. Touch up those spots by painting 1-2 coats of your acrylic paint over it. repeat each time you wear them.

Hope this helps!

-Becca Leland

Solemate AU

Character A is a left leg amputee, and they never know what to do with the left shoe every time they buy a pair of shoes, but Character A doesn’t want to throw it out so they have a pile of unused left shoes in their closet. This continues until Character A meets Character B, a right leg amputee with the same shoe size.

(Based on this story featuring Paralympic skier, Josh Sundquist and his solemate Stephen!)