Day-After Thoughts and Episode-Related Rapid-Fire (6.03: The Other Shoe)

“No, because I AM happy! And I know it’s going away—that vision of my future. My number is up! And every time I think about it then…that thing happens, and…my magic goes away. […] My magic is failing!

“[…] Is that a reason to stop striving for what you want?”

“[…] [Hook] deserves a FUTURE, and I can’t give that to him. I feel like a fraud. This happiness is…an illusion. I went and fought for everybody else’s Happy Endings and then…I don’t get mine.”

“Well, maybe it’s not about how you END things. Maybe it’s about how you LIVE them.”
–Emma and Archie on her Happy Ending


Did you see the visual parallel of which I spoke?! It was plain-as-day, wasn’t it??? ;-)

And the time hasn’t even come yet! :-D :-D This is merely the foreshadowing visual parallel image! It’s not even the real one yet!!! :-D :-D :-D

(Sidebar: You know what’s interesting? The beds in all three pictures are almost the exact same color as the clothing the sleepers are wearing. Jesus in white linen on a white linen bed, Sleeping Beauty in a blue dress on a blue bed, Emma in a black leather jacket on a black leather couch. Either this was entirely intentional or it’s just a ridiculously awesome coincidence. Lol! Anyway!)

That just got me excited for a hot second. I’ve been saying I should be able to do that visual parallel (the “laying in the tomb” visual parallel from my collage) with Emma for over two years now, and all of a sudden, I get it on Sunday! WHOO! Lol! But yeah…As I was saying, this collage that I made for the poster isn’t the real visual parallel yet. It’s merely the visual parallel that foreshadows the actual storyline for Emma—the storyline wherein she too will be in a “sleeping curse”, or otherwise some other cursed state wherein she will practically be “dead”. And then it’ll be Killian’s job to “resurrect” her (with a TLK). Do you see how that worked? Do you see how the two different storyline (Sleeping Beauty and Jesus’ story) came together to form one cohesive storyline for Emma? Aurora’s sleeping curse and Jesus’ “death” paralleled each other, and crossed over to become Emma’s “death”/curse. Then the TLK does double duty as a “resurrection”/curse breaker parallel.

This is how I put my predictions together, folks! You just look at the plotlines of the parallel stories. Then you figure out which character is which, and then you connect A with B. Then Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got the plotline of the upcoming season. (Of course, it gets more complicated when you add in more than two storylines, cross them over with other characters who have multiple positions to their names as well, and then take into the account the Repeating History Theme of the show, but…what I talked about is the general idea of how to do it.)

Anyway! What I want to talk about above the cut this week is Emma’s conversation with Archie because there are quite a few things that not only functioned as good advice in general, but also foreshadowed a shit ton of stuff. I’m going to break down the whole conversation into three parts: Emma’s magic, her definition of her family, and the illusion of happiness in Storybrooke. I’m going to talk about why all of this is actually expected, and what it tells us about the upcoming plotline. And then, of course, Archie has some great advice along the way as well.

Emma: “You know that I’m not a jealous person.”
Archie: “But…”
Emma: “Butseeing Ashley today with her perfectly…happy family…
Archie: “Made you jealous. Because…Because you’re not happy…”
: “No, because I am happy! And I know it’s going away—that vision of my future. My number is up! And every time I think about it then…that thing happens, and…my magic goes away.”
Archie: “Well, the mind has a profound effect on the body. Whenever I get nervous, I get hives!”
: “My magic doesn’t have hives. My magic is failing!”

Okay! First of all, Emma’s failing magic.

I didn’t actually think they were going to do it exactly like this, but Emma losing her magic (albeit temporarily) was more-or-less expected, given my theories.


Because it allows Killian an opportunity (and a motivation) to discover and come to terms with HIS new SORCERER MAGIC this season.

See…if Emma loses her magic at a critical time when Regina is being tempted back to Darkness, the Evil Queen is roaming about causing chaos, and Rumple is threatening both Belle and Emma, then Killian will be forced to not only discover his magic (hopefully performing a bout of accidental magic protecting Belle against Rumple), but he’ll also be forced to come to terms with it in order to and protect the people he loves. If Killian is not forced to do the latter, if he’s not forced to come to terms with his magic by any means, then as someone who has hated magic in the past, Killian is going to hate that aspect of himself. He’s going to hate his magic. He’s going to hate how he got it, he’s going to hate that he has it, and if Killian is not forced to use magic, he won’t.

And that is the whole point of Emma losing her magic—it forces Killian to use his in order to protect her.

Because Killian is very much aware of how strong Emma is. He thinks Emma is stronger than he is! That harsh opinion of himself is very much his self-doubt and humility talking, and Killian actually has no idea of his own strength. Killian will usually let Emma take care of herself because he knows that she can, and that she’s not a damsel in distress. However, if Emma loses her magic for any reason (including for the protection of their child), then Killian’s not going to hesitate to step up to the plate and protect all of them if need be. He’s Emma’s partner, not her inferior. The two of them are absolute equals, and this includes their ability to use magic. If Emma gained magic at some point in the series, then it was inevitable that Killian would get magic too at some point.

Killian became the Sorcerer at the end of 5A upon being given Merlin’s magic by Emma and then sacrificing himself to destroy the Darkness that came with it (which automatically turned it to light magic again). Now he’s going to realize A) that it happened and B) what that means. Now both he and Emma are going to come to terms with the consequences of both their actions in Camelot.

Does that make sense?

Another thing about this is…it’s a redux of S1 as well. Remember when Henry told Emma that she was “The Savior” in S1? What did she do? She denied it! This is largely what I expect out of Killian as well. Emma denied that she was the Savior for a majority of S1, and she only came to terms with it when she was forced to save Henry (her own child) near the end of the season. Again—this is what I expect out of Killian this season. Ashley, a pregnant woman in S1, was Emma’s first save as “A Savior”, and it was something she acknowledged in this episode (“if Ashley was my first save…”). For Killian, who is himself “A Savior” in addition to being the Sorcerer, Belle, a pregnant woman in S6, will be his first save in the coming episode this weekend. But like I said—just like Emma kept denying her “Savior” status in S1, so too will Killian deny his status as “Savior/Sorcerer” for nearly the rest of the season. And just like Emma was forced to accept her “Savior” status in S1 because her son was put “to death”, so too will Killian be forced to accept his “Savior/Sorcerer” status in S6 because his son will be put “to death” (along with Emma, who is carrying him). Emma losing her magic is the only way this can happen. Emma losing her magic and being forced into a corner is the only way that Killian will find it in himself to step up to the plate and save her.

I also think Archie’s line here about “the mind [having] a profound effect on the body” is a little bit of foreshadowing. Basically, my theory states that Emma is going to be poisoned this coming season by Regina (a Snow White parallel) and that poison is going to lead to her being put in a sleeping curse (a Snow White/Sleeping Beauty/Jesus’ “dead” parallel). I’ve theorized that the poison will probably be physical—as in a literal poison that she ingests and affects her body. However, considering Archie’s words, the “poison” that Emma “ingests” could very well be psychological—a poison of the mind that eventually affects her body and puts her in a sleeping curse. This theory actually goes hand-in-hand with all the storylines that I mentioned above. Snow White was tricked by the Evil Queen into sharing a poisoned apple with her, and that led to her “death” at the Evil Queen’s hand. Aurora was hypnotized by Maleficent into pricking herself on a poisoned spindle, and that led to her sleeping curse and Maleficent’s temporary “Happy Ending”. Emma being tricked/hypnotized by Regina into poisoning herself and putting herself “to death”. The mind has a profound effect on the body indeed!

This “mind poison” scenario would also be easier for the writers to traverse to because then all it would take (writing-wise) is a whole bunch of tiny shoves on Regina’s character in order to get her to the edge of that cliff, because once she’s there, once Regina is standing on the precipice of a cliff she’s previously enjoyed falling off of, it’ll only take a single, powerful temptation for her to go, “Fuck it!” and take the plunge. Regina, by herself, is not a strong person by any means. The side of her personality that gave her strength (the Evil Queen) is finally free of her good conscience and she spells doom for Regina and her weak mind. So to get Regina to the point where she decides to embrace her Happy Ending and poison Emma (psychologically, which leads to the physical ailment), is a much easier place for the writers to get to from here (from Regina’s state-of-mind in 6.03). I’ll talk more about those “tiny shoves” and Regina’s current state-of-mind under the cut.

Archie: “Okay…Emma, um…Let’s just say it is. Okay? Is that a reason to stop striving for what you want? Emma…any day, I could walk out that door and I can get hit by a bus. But that doesn’t stop me from walking out the door.”
: “This is not about a bus. It’s very hard to keep this secret from my family. Like Hook and me, we should be living together. He wants to, I want to. Hook’s waiting for me to ask him.”
: “So why don’t you?”

Archie’s advice to Emma is good advice for everybody, in my humble opinion. Just because you’re afraid of something shouldn’t stop you from actually living your life to the fullest. Look at me! I’m afraid of heights and yet (tandem or not) I jumped out of an airplane, and it was magical! I’m afraid of midterms and finals and oral exams, and yet I’m on track to go to Med School soon and I’m trying to pick up an additional Biomedical Engineering degree. Just because you’re afraid of something doesn’t mean it should stop you from trying to achieve your goals. What Archie told Emma is valid for everybody.

Now as for Emma’s response, here’s what I found interesting—she said that it was very hard to keep her vision a secret from “[her] familyand then she immediately launched into a conversation about “Hook and [her]”. Literally, there was, like, no pause. It was immediate. She went from “my family” to “like Hook and me” in the span of one second. Add that to Emma’s line above about being jealous of Ashley’s “perfectly happy family” and the fact that she was watching Killian with Alexandra just before that, and you get that in Emma’s mind, her “happy family” is her, Killian and Henry—the three of them. To Emma, keeping this reality would be her “Happy Ending”. Did you hear Snow and Charming mentioned here at all? No! When Emma thinks about “my family”, her mind conjures up images of her, Killian and Henry. That’s not to say that Snow and Charming aren’t a part of “her family” anymore. Of course not! But her own family is what Emma is concerned about when she thinks about keeping her secret—she’s concerned about her own husband and her own son (and the son she doesn’t know about yet). So the way that Emma immediately began talking about her and Killian upon expressing concerns of keeping a secret from “[her] family” is indicative of exactly who Emma considers “[her] family” (Killian and Henry). It’s telling about her state-of-mind.

(Sidebar: In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious yet…if Emma is contemplating asking Killian to move in with her, and share a closet with her, that should indicate to everybody that they’re intimate already and have been intimate for quite some time. You don’t ask someone to move in with you and share your bed unless you already know what it’s like to share a bed with them. Unless you’re a religious conservative [or just choose to live like that], it’s the way normal relationships progress nowadays—first you sleep together, and then further down the line you contemplate cohabitation and sharing a bed every night. No girl in their right mind asks their boyfriend to move in with them if they haven’t slept with them yet. It makes zero sense. You don’t lease a car without a test drive first. This message has been brought to you by those people who still don’t think Captain Swan has slept together after I’ve already explained why I believe their first time was between 4.10 and 4.11.)

Emma: “Because…he deserves a future and I can’t give that to him. I feel like a fraud. This happiness is…an illusion! I went and fought for everybody else’s happy endings and…I don’t get mine.”
: “Well, maybe it’s not about how you end things. Maybe it’s about how you live them.”

Now…there are a couple of things about these particular lines.

First of all, Emma’s use of the word “future” to describe what Killian deserves, all the while holding this image of Killian in her head:

WAAAAAY BACK IN 5.01, Zelena had a line in the middle of the episode, in regards to how she viewed her baby (“This [child] is my future and I am not letting anyone take it from me or turn it against me!”), and that line alone set the standard for it and ALL references to the word “future” from that point forward. Ever since 5.01, the word “future” has been code for “child/baby”. In almost every instance, you could take the word “child/baby” and substitute it in for “future”, and the line would still work. I talked about this whole “future” code word several times during S5, not just in 5.01. It talked about it in 5.07, 5.08, and 5.15 (if not a few other times throughout the season)—all of these times, Emma and Killian talked of “having a future” (having a “child”) together, or being happy that the other one had a “future” (“child”) while one of them lay dying. Every time the word “future” was used, it was a callback to what Zelena said about her baby at the start of the season.

And for me, it’s the same exact thing now with Emma—she’s talking about how Killian deserves a “future” and all the while she’s holding this image of Killian with a “child” in her head. And, remember, this image is what actually motivated Emma to run to Archie’s office and start a conversation with him about keeping secrets from “her family”. That only emphasizes the equivalency I made in S5—that to the writers of the show, “future” = “child”. Thus, when Emma talks about Killian deserving a “future”, she’s talking about Killian deserving a “child”.

Emma’s concern that she can’t give him a “future” and how that makes her feel like a “fraud” is heart-wrenching. But it’s also quite reminiscent of Snow White in episode 2.03, when she was poisoned (there’s that theme again) by King George and made infertile by the drinking water. Meeting Charming’s mother and hearing her story about how all Charming wanted was a wife and a son broke Snow’s heart because she kmew that she could no longer give it to him. Snow’s guilt about not being able to give Charming a child is now echoed in her daughter with Emma’s guilt about not being able to give Killian a child (“future”). There are a few more things from 2.03 with Snowing that carry over to Captain Swan and their story this season, but I’ll discuss those later, under the cut.

Now as for Emma’s comment about her happiness being an “illusion”, and how she went to fight for everyone else’s Happy Endings and she doesn’t get hers. In regards to that… Emma is right. Everyone’s happiness is an illusion! Not just hers, but Snowing’s, Archie’s, Ashley’s, Granny’s—everybody’s happiness is an illusion…so long as they remain in Storybrooke! Everyone’s happiness in Storybrooke is not a real happiness. Nothing in Storybrooke is meant to be real. Everybody’s real Happy Endings are only going to come if they return to the Enchanted Forest—the Land of Happy Endings. Without a complete return to the Enchanted Forest, without the complete destruction of Storybrooke, achieving one’s Happy Ending is not possible!

Because remember what Storybrooke isStorybrooke and the Dark Curse is Regina’s Happy Ending. It’s Regina’s “Happily Ever After” and nobody else’s. Regina brought everyone over to Storybrooke because she wanted to yank them away from their Happy Endings, and that in turn would give her hers. And it did! Casting the Dark Curse and creating Storybrooke did do that for Regina—it took everyone else’s Happy Endings away and gave her hers. Until she got bored with it after about three days. And then got really bored with it after about eighteen years. Until she got so bored with it one day, she went out to the shadiest adoption agency in the country and picked up a baby because children are merely a commodity to her. Anyway! Everyone’s happiness in Storybrooke is an illusion except for Regina’s. Emma may have fought for everyone’s happiness but she by no means helped them achieve it or keep it. As long as any of them remain in Storybrooke, their happiness will always be temporary. No matter how much they say what they have is “enough” or that they’re “content”, whatever they settle for is never going to stay until they return to the Enchanted Forest. Thus, Emma’s observation is right—their happiness is an illusion in Storybrooke. Emma is not the only one who doesn’t get hers in Storybrooke. Everyone one doesn’t either. Except for Regina.

And, finally, Archie’s gem of the night: in a line which may carry the lesson of the entire series as a whole (and not just this episode), Archie tells Emma, “Maybe it’s not about how you end things. Maybe it’s about how you live them.” Not only is this good advice in general, it’s also the whole point of the series. On this show, the only Happy “Ending” is a happy “death”. If you’re not planning on actually dying, then your Happy “Ending” is a lot more like a Happy “Continuation” than it is a Happy “Ending”. Happy Endings, as a concept, are fought for until death. You don’t just get a Happy Ending in the middle of your life and that’s it. It’s like a marriage—you embark on your journey of life together and in order to stay “happily married” you have to work on your relationship ever day of your life. Without a continual daily (hourly, secondly) commitment to making it work with your partner, your “happy” marriage will quickly dissolve into a “miserable” marriage and then a divorce. Without a daily, hourly, secondly commitment to fighting for your happiness, a person’s “Happy Ending” can quickly dissolve into a “Miserable Ending”. So Archie is completely correct in his advice—it really isn’t about how you “end” things, it’s about how you LIVE them.

Like Killian told Emma at the start of S4: “There is always a crisis. Perhaps you should consider living your life during them. Otherwise, you might miss it!” And he’s right. For what else is life if not a series of mini-crises, one after the other? If one doesn’t LIVE their lives during them, one doesn’t live.

Everything else is under the cut. Please excuse any typos, spelling/grammatical errors and/or redundancy. Thanks so much!

Enjoy! :-D

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anonymous asked:

Keith for the character ask!!!

1: sexuality headcanon: Gay

2: otp: Lance/Keith

3: brotp: Keith/Hunk (Let Hunk hug the resting bitch face off that boy!)

4: notp: I’m not answering notps

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Keith likes colorful hair ties for training.  He keeps them color coordinated for the days of the week and his favorites are the bright red ones, because “I’m fun Lance, bye!”

6: favorite line from this character: “We had a bonding moment… I cradled you in my arms!” (He’s so stressed bless him)

7: one way in which I relate to this character: I also look pissed off and miserable on the outside

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Sleeping in shoes and jeans? I hate that, why does he do that?

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll

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I was so thrown off when I saw Dan's white shoes

everyone is railing against them but they are one of my favorite pairs of his shoes? does no one else appreciate this white shoe character development? do none of you remember his old nasty white shoes?

Shoe Fetish

To the person who wrote, “if you where character shoes to sleep no more I want you dead” (not gracing that with an actual re-blog):

1.  Death seems an awfully extreme punishment for footwear choices.  Can we choose cake instead?

2.  Many of the actors wear character shoes in Sleep No More - would you like them dead as well, or just the audience?

3.  Who pays $120 to stare at other people’s shoes?  You could do that for free, you know.

4.  If you are going to criticize fashion choices, for the love of god, learn the difference between “wear” and “where.”  Mistakes like that incline me toward violence…



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