From the makers of the no-effort character checklist, I bring to you… The no-effort complete character sheet for lazy writers like you and me™! 

Because the extra effort I put in staying up until 3 am to do put this together can save us all a lot of effort filling out longer character sheets ^^

You’re supposed to print it out and fold it in half to make a little booklet but you can save ink and do it on your computer :P

Link to PDF on google drive (fixed typo)

BOLD all that applies to your muse!

Eyes: Blue | Green | Brown | Hazel | Grey | Other
Hair: Blonde | Brown | Black | Red | Ginger | Grey/White | Multi-color | Other
Body Type: Skinny | Slender | Slim | Built | Curvy | Athletic | Muscular
Skin: Pale | Light | Fair | Freckled | Tan | Olive | Medium | Dark | Discolored 

: Male | Female | Trans | Cis | No Gender | Other
Sexuality: Heterosexual | Homosexual | Bisexual | Pansexual | Asexual | Demisexual | Other
Species: Human | Undead/Vampire | Shapeshifter (Weres) | Demon | Angel | Witch/Wizard/Sorcerer | Incubus/Succubus | Other

Education: High School | College | University | Higher Education 
Living Situation: Lives alone | Lives with parents/guardian | Lives with significant other | Lives with a friend | Drifter | Homeless
Parents/Guardian: Mom | Dad | Adoptive | Foster | Grandparents | Family friend
Relationship: Single | Crushing | Dating | Engaged | Married | Separated | It’s complicated

I’ve been: In Love | Hurt | Sick | Abused
I have a(n): Learning Disorder | Personality Disorder | Mental Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Eating Disorder | Substance-related Disorder
Things I’ve done before: Drank alcohol | Smoked | Done drugs | Stolen | Self harmed | Starved myself | Had sex | Had a threesome | Gotten into a fist fight | Gone to the hospital | Gone to jail | Used a fake ID | Gone to a rave | Killed someone

Positive Traits: Affectionate | Adventurous | Athletic | Brave | Careful | Charming | Confident | Creative | Determined | Fearless | Generous | Honest | Humorous | Intelligent | Loyal | Modest | Patient | Selfless
Negative Traits: Aggressive | Bossy | Cynical | Envious | Fearful | Greedy | Gullible | Jealous | Impatient | Impulsive | Insecure | Irresponsible | Possessive | Sarcastic | Self-conscious | Selfish | Unstable


I’m a very lazy person. I know my characters well, but every time I try to fill out a proper character sheet, I either get distracted or simply never finish them.


I made this! A silly, simple character sheet in which you only have to check boxes to get to know your dear puppet character. Use to your heart’s content, and if you’re going to repost, please credit! Enjoy~

PDF/Printable version on Google Drive

Team Signless (Execution Ver.) | Redglare | Mindfang | Dualscar | The Grand Highblood | Darkleer | The Handmaid | The Summoner (+Revolutionary Mindfang) | The Condesce

All the character references I’ve drawn for Afterus, handily put together.  Next time I do this I’ll think more about proportions, but I’m still pretty pleased with it.


Woo! For those who asked about sleeper knight hux design or about cosplaying him.

Character sheet as promised! I really hope this helps some of you out :D

Practicing some semblance of neat character layout too…hah.

All the shades of grey. You can really just be free with those. I just included it incase. It’s pretty much a bunch of dark charcoal greys and blacks. Yes watermark. Cause people be croppin and reposting. Sorry

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I finished my first ever commissioned character sheet!!!
I finally have an OFFICIAL example for them! EEEEEEEEEE!
The extra sketches at the end were a gift. ^^

Commission Email;;

anonymous asked:

I have become completely enamored by Sid, can you please tell me more about him?

Sidney Terrance Shipwright (Sid) is at creation age 11 years old, living in a world sort of like X-Men but without Xavier - so basically every super is evil. If one happens to be a super that isn’t evil, it’s too bad for them, because they’re going by default to jail, because having powers is a taboo.

Sid was born looking like any other baby. He grew up in a large family where he is the youngest of many brothers and sisters. They weren’t very kind or social to him and he quickly got used to be pushed around and ignored.
When he turned 9 he got his first hint of having powers, which he hid from his family, naturally.

His power is shapeshifting, and up until Sid turned 10, it had protected him from looking like a monster to survive. When it decided Sid should learn how to control it, it gradually let go, making it troublesome for Sid to hide it.
Secretly he practiced though, since this was his only way he thought himself special.

In a car accident with his parents and some siblings he escaped. He got out unharmed, turned into an unknown boy and disappeared in the crowd. As far as he knows, his family is okay.
He started living far out in the woods outside of the city in a rundown shed, taking the forms of the forest animals to survive.
For a year he believed he could continue like this, but then
Katie:(belongs to ladykalliste, has power of telekenesis) and
(belongs to luleo, has power of fire) showed up, and after a lot of commotion all three were off together, nobody really liking eachother very much.

Sid always sees good in people but has trouble believing in himself. He does whatever he can for the people he loves and dislikes being in the center of attention and when events takes sudden turns.

“For someone with the power shapeshifting, I’m terrible with change.”

His biggest regrets are that he didn’t stand up to his family, and that he once ate a half package of butter, because now he can’t stand butter at all.

When he grows up he learns to accept himself in his true form and casually walks around in it.

Sid’s body consists of a gray skin, fading into darker shades by his chest, arms, legs, back, face and ears. It’s dotted by little light spots, which Sid believes has some sort of connection to the glowy thing that happens when he shifts.

His ears and teeth are pointy, and his nails all grows into firm claws.
Feet, thighs and hands are slightly bigger, and when fully grown he reaches up to 220 cm. (By 15 he had grown past a 21-22 year old Jamie).

(To be updated if more comes to me but this is it for now!)