This was surprisingly hard to make, it literally took me the entire day, as in I woke up at 11 am and started it, and now it’s 2 am and I just finished. I’m still not satisfied.
Extra: Jeff Woods story is the creepypasta, Jeff Blalocks story is the one made by Sesseur.
Also note almost none of this is cannon.

BOLD all that applies to your muse!

Eyes: Blue | Green | Brown | Hazel | Grey | Other
Hair: Blonde | Brown | Black | Red | Ginger | Grey/White | Multi-color | Other
Body Type: Skinny | Slender | Slim | Built | Curvy | Athletic | Muscular
Skin: Pale | Light | Fair | Freckled | Tan | Olive | Medium | Dark | Discolored 

: Male | Female | Trans | Cis | No Gender | Other
Sexuality: Heterosexual | Homosexual | Bisexual | Pansexual | Asexual | Demisexual | Other
Species: Human | Undead/Vampire | Shapeshifter (Weres) | Demon | Angel | Witch/Wizard/Sorcerer | Incubus/Succubus | Other

Education: High School | College | University | Higher Education 
Living Situation: Lives alone | Lives with parents/guardian | Lives with significant other | Lives with a friend | Drifter | Homeless
Parents/Guardian: Mom | Dad | Adoptive | Foster | Grandparents | Family friend
Relationship: Single | Crushing | Dating | Engaged | Married | Separated | It’s complicated

I’ve been: In Love | Hurt | Sick | Abused
I have a(n): Learning Disorder | Personality Disorder | Mental Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Eating Disorder | Substance-related Disorder
Things I’ve done before: Drank alcohol | Smoked | Done drugs | Stolen | Self harmed | Starved myself | Had sex | Had a threesome | Gotten into a fist fight | Gone to the hospital | Gone to jail | Used a fake ID | Gone to a rave | Killed someone

Positive Traits: Affectionate | Adventurous | Athletic | Brave | Careful | Charming | Confident | Creative | Determined | Fearless | Generous | Honest | Humorous | Intelligent | Loyal | Modest | Patient | Selfless
Negative Traits: Aggressive | Bossy | Cynical | Envious | Fearful | Greedy | Gullible | Jealous | Impatient | Impulsive | Insecure | Irresponsible | Possessive | Sarcastic | Self-conscious | Selfish | Unstable

Team Signless (Execution Ver.) | Redglare | Mindfang | Dualscar | The Grand Highblood | Darkleer | The Handmaid | The Summoner (+Revolutionary Mindfang) | The Condesce

All the character references I’ve drawn for Afterus, handily put together.  Next time I do this I’ll think more about proportions, but I’m still pretty pleased with it.

Character Creation/Development Fill-Out Sheet

I created a huge character creation/development form that will help you in writing your characters! I’ll be using it for my own characters as I write my own original story this year. You can add anything else you feel should be added to your character’s fill-out sheet. 

Below the cut!

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Another character sheet from my updated portfolio work. 

This fierce lady is Fatima Bahar and is from yet another (yeah) story concept of mine called “Laissez Faire”. It has to do with ultra secret firms controlling the stock market but NOT in the way you’d traditionally think. 

Fatima works for one of these firms and makes more money than a fortune 500 CEO. Her development as a character has to do with wealth, capitalism, greed, and humanism. Can money truly buy everything???

Bio: Oda Cadash

Oda is quite a brute. She’s ruthless and tempramental, hot headed even. Though partly worsened by the regular consumption of dragon’s blood to sustain her reaver-abilities. She is however a very capable leader and a fiercely loyal friend to those few who have earned her respect. In her spare time she likes to work out and tone her muscles, mostly because she loves showing them off, but it also calms her down.

She grew up in the dwarven carta, where eventually she was in charge of her own squad that mostly raided caravans. She loved the life in the carta, because she was one of the best. Yet Oda aspired advancement within it’s ranks. “Leadership” was something she’d always strived for and through a freak turn of events at the conclave she eventually became the leader of the inquisition… Which was not all she’d expected it to be.

Up until then, Oda had been mostly self-serving and had known only survival of the fittest. Luckily she rercuited a Grey Warden named Blackwall into her services. He inspired her to lead selflessly and taught her what it is to protect and serve people. In return her trust and affection made him want to be the man she believed he was.

Then realized as I started doing the actual drawing for the shot that I still needed a sheet for the Condesce.  So the rest of the stream was spend talking about how weirdly attractive fish alien queen nicki minaj is.  

It was decided that although she wears flats in canon, she looks great in heels and since she’d have been wearing heels for millennia her calves would be AWESOME.


Makeshift Satellite Character Sheets- Kid Oslo, Dad, Adult Oslo, and Lord Terrie

Whabam! I learned what the term “color harmony” meant and tried to apply it while making this film! A Cody from a past time is giving a thumbs up for that line on the “goals” checklist…
…and a big thumbs down for the line about learning to work faster and more efficiently. For those of you who enjoy rolling a boulder up a hill, I highly recommend animating a short film during your nights and weekends, BUT…

Makeshift Satellite is pretty much done! I’ll put it online soon!