Not Dead Yet


I am requesting a male character for my zombie story.

  • Must have dirty, aged or ripped clothing.
  • I want you to use CC and sliders just make sure you link me to the CC.
  • Must be an edgy looking character, strong etc.
  • I don’t care if you send me pre-made sims as long as you’ve tweeked them to the requirements!
  • The name doesn’t matter as I will be choosing it.
  • The closing date will be 02/01/14 at 7pm.
  • Send me a message with a picture link and a download link to your character.
  • I will message you back if I have chosen your character to be in the story.

Hope to see some submissions!


//a family like ours

this is a request for the super rich, but super dysfunctional family fairfax. they own one of the top law firms in NY, along with several other businesses. face claims are open, as long as they’re blonde or brown haired for the fam. tbh this is just my ideas, so if you have a different idea of what the character should be like, or want to contribute to the story, feel free to throw it at me! send me a message or an ask or reach me on aim supernovax if you’re interested!

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// cap ou pas cap?

this is a request for my boy troy fitzpatrick based on the amazing movie jeux d’enfants (if you haven’t watched it, you should totally check it out!). anyway, the plot here is simple - a boy and a girl and a game of dares between them. at first it was just small, fun things - drink up two bottles of whiskey, make out with that one person who has the worst breath - but gradually becomes more and more involved with their personal life as they start to fall in love with each other.  the thing is, neither of them want to give up on the game, possibly because it was the thing that brought them together in the first place or they just couldn’t due to their competitive nature. and then it starts to become borderline unhealthy and has the potential of ruining each other’s lives and/or the people closest to them. 

tl;dr they want to be together, but to do so they have to give up the game. they don’t want to give up the game. 

the game could start since they were kids or teenagers - idk we can discuss that up later. this is all pretty open, the only thing I ask is for the girl to be around 20-25 and have a very competitive nature. anyway, hit me up if you’re interested! <3  taken by kaya!


The beasts roaming Britain’s (so-called) oldest dragon reserve definitely do not do that tongue thing. They’re as wild and as untameable as the mountains, and it takes a certain type of person to work with them. But the Venedotian Dragon Sanctuary is no longer doing as well as it once was. Suddenly, it looks like there’s a lot more past than future. Working to change that are a diverse bunch of creature enthusiasts, from lowly trainees all the way up to the boss herself. Interested in saving the dragons? Click through to the full request on JACFC!

Titans of Knockturn

Zayn Malik, Ashley Moore, and Natalie Dormer wanted for Knockturn Alley broke youth housemate pseudo-family. 

Thicker than Blood

Saoirse Ronan, Jensen Ackles, and Ewan McGregor wanted for dysfunctional family of adult siblings.

Imagine… Dragons!

Oscar Isaac, Chris Evans, and Gina Rodriguez wanted for ragtag family of assorted magical beast loving professionals.