Not Dead Yet


I am requesting a male character for my zombie story.

  • Must have dirty, aged or ripped clothing.
  • I want you to use CC and sliders just make sure you link me to the CC.
  • Must be an edgy looking character, strong etc.
  • I don’t care if you send me pre-made sims as long as you’ve tweeked them to the requirements!
  • The name doesn’t matter as I will be choosing it.
  • The closing date will be 02/01/14 at 7pm.
  • Send me a message with a picture link and a download link to your character.
  • I will message you back if I have chosen your character to be in the story.

Hope to see some submissions!


lover please, do not fall to your knees

so this request is for a best friend for aidan. i’m going to call her jamie just for the sake of the request. first and foremost, jamie is aidan’s best friend. they’ve been best friends since they were kids. like, seriously, he tells jamie everything. they’ve literally been together since birth. aidan needs his best friend. they’ve always been there for each other, through everything. when they got their first kisses. when they first started dating, they told each other every little mundane detail that went on in their lives. when aidan’s mom died, he shut everybody out, but not jamie. she’s basically his other half. and then his dad died and he completely shut down for a while. jamie was the one person he didn’t shut out.

there’s always been a little bit of a crush there, on aidan’s side anyway. since he was old enough to like girls, it’s always been jamie. so yeah when she got her first boyfriend, he was jealous. but nothing ever came of it. i do want a little something between them but we can see how it goes. while i do want some romance here, this is a best friend request above all else. her suggested face claim is jamie chung and her age should be 27-28!