Character theme songs/playlists (requests open!)

guidelines of what I look for in a request (aka the info I’m gonna need from you) - NOT only for followers anymore, cause you’re all part of my lovely DA family followers or not. And yeah, I’ll read about your fantastic inquisitor/hawke/warden and tell ya what song I’d link to them as well. :)


Theme songs: (usually more than one)

Here’s the drawing based on @thatsthat24‘s Morality. Patton is too pure for this world and must be protected.

Virgil’s: (x)

Roman’s: (x)

Also if anyone would be interested in prints of these tell me because i may do that 


I’m re-opening animation commissions! So if you’d like to see something animated, whether it’s your OC, your favorite character, or your OC interacting with your favorite character, now’s your chance to make it happen!

You can ask for as many frames and as many characters as you’d like. I animate at 12 frames per second, and in most cases I will simplify the character a little so the design is suited for animating. However, if you would like a more complex design, I would be willing to negotiate a fair price for the amount of detail involved.

Lines are $6 per character per frame, and to add color it’s only 25 cents per character per frame! I also charge $6 for the initial sketch I do of each character. At your request, I can make minor changes to the design to ensure that we’re both happy with the result before I start animating. I do charge for illustrated backgrounds (let me know what you have in mind and I’ll give you a quote), but flat color backgrounds are free!

Shoot me an ask or send an email to

Requests are open!!

Hey guys, so I decided to do something new on this blog and that is,I’m gonna let you request an inazuma eleven character and a palette I will draw it for you.

So here’s the palette list and send me an ask or reblog this with:

-the inazuma eleven character of your choice + the number of the palette you want me to use.

The only rules are:

- It has to be an Inazuma Eleven character.I’m currently not gonna do characters from any other anime.

- It has to be a solo character. I can’t do ships.

- Don’t expect anything nsfw from me….like ever.

And that’s it!Hope you guys will request!