Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Characters: Shawn x Dana 

Requested: Nope. But was inspired after listening to this song

POV: None

Warnings: None. But grab some tissues.

“Thank you guys so much! I love you all! Have a great night!” Shawn yelled out joyously to his adoring crowd. After each show, he had to take a minute to sink everything in. Nothing, but great things and people had come his way. Not knowing what he did to deserve such a wonderful life, but he nonetheless he was always thankful.  

Of course, Shawn couldn’t have done it without his loving family, talented band members, supportive best friends, and especially his amazing girlfriend. As long as they were all in his life, he was happy and felt like he could take on whatever the world had to throw at him.

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Important changes regarding my Patreon

Hello dear patrons/followers, old and new! I apologize for this last minute announcement, but I made some major changes to my Patreon that I wanted to at least let you know a few days in advance.

Effective starting today:

  1. There will be no more guaranteed responses to VIP suggestions. I realized that this system can easily be abused and is unfair to commissioners who pay a lot more money for the same quality of art and guarantee. Another reason why it wouldn’t work is because several people pledge the same highest amounts.

  2. However, the more you pledge, the higher your chances are of having your request  picked repeatedly.

  3. I am also more likely to draw characters that are requested by multiple people.

  4. VIP suggestions are now limited to one character each and there is no longer an option to add a description. Again, this is to be fairer to commissioners.

  5. There is now a set number of VIP suggestion picks per month: $5 tier will have 1 winner and $10 tier will have 5 winners. The number of winners will increase with each goal met. I noticed that I need more artistic freedom and therefore cannot devote too much time to requests.

  6. My $1k goal used to say “make animations,” but I may not have time to do that, since I want to keep producing still images at a consistent rate (which is something I already enjoy). Due to my lack of time, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to make those yet.

  7. NSFW artworks will now be split into two categories: “yaoi” (males only) and “girls” (yuri, female-focused). By pledging to the $10 tier, you will get both. Both categories will get an equal number of images.

The biggest change will not take effect until June 1, and that is when this Patreon becomes 100% NSFW. As of this writing, those who pledged to get only SFW content will get their SFW rewards as promised (once their payments are processed). I will make another post detailing this major change once it takes effect on June 1st.

 These are all adjustments I thought would be fair to me, my patrons, commissioners and overall everybody as a whole.  Although there are limits placed, it will definitely not affect the amount or quality of content that I produce.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions. Once again, thank you all SO, so much for supporting me, you’re incredible! <3


anonymous asked:

Jafar 31, Sharrkan 29?

I can only do one character per request with one or two numbers, not two characters with one number. So, for this, I’ll choose Sharrkan. Sorry, I hope you don’t mind.

Sharrkan, 29. “I am not a prize to be won!”

You had your arms crossed as you glared at the new king of Heliohapt, King Sharrkan. You came to visit for relations and now that this was happening you couldn’t help but grow angry as the seconds passed. Apparently, another kingdom had found out you were going to be in Heliohapt and decided to come as well, the King of Kina came.

You glared as both men were getting ready to fight for your hand in marriage. Sharrkan smirked as he glared at Takeruhiko, “better get a ship ready because you’re gonna be the only one on it while Y/N sees you off from under my arm,” he said smugly. 

Takeruhiko only laughed, “in your dream, Amun-Ra. You’re gonna be waving off my servants while Y/N’s in my room, spending some time with me,” he said with a chuckle and wink towards you causing you scoff.

As they were getting ready to fight, you grabbed a sword and quickly disarmed the both of them, “I am not a prize to be won!” You stated firmly. 

Both men looked up at you from their spots in fear, you could be quite scary at times and this time was one of them. You turned to Sharr with the hard look still on your face, “if you wanted to marry then the least you could do was do it properly,” you said as you walked off. 


i would make this post on the main but since i’m still editing stuff and switching it over for june i figured i’d just do this here but!! i have like one section left to do which is the most wanted sb and i wanted to ask if ANYONE has any other character requests so i can put them on it!! so far these are the people who will be listed: buddy murphy, daniel bryan, the authors of pain, fandango, kaitlyn, karl anderson, melissa santos, & tye dillinger!! i can add as many people as you guys want so don’t be afraid to let me know multiple names <3


The first rough sketches for my ginormous montage piece I’m working on to celebrate ACOWAR! I finished the book earlier in the week and after exhausting all the tears in my body, I’m ready for some ART.

I wanted to work on a montage rather than a scene so there’s no spoilers! There are some small ‘nods’ going in this but I don’t think they give anything away unless you’ve read the book ;)

I got sooooo many old movie vibes whilst reading this: The Black Cauldron, Princess Bride, Legend etc etc etc and I really wanted to make a movie poster montage type thing :) It’s a lot of fun… although really, talk me down off the ledge next time cause 10 characters jesus christ (although it is really nice to include some of the long requested characters: Nesta, Elain, Lucien & Tamlin)

Oh and you can all thank @blackbeak for Cassian donning his man-bun. I promised I’d draw him with one, just for her <3

I’ll keep sharing WIP’s over on my instagram


gif request meme
↳ shadowhunters + favorite male character (requested by @maghnvsbane)