Finn is a former Stormtrooper who escaped the First Order and his conditioning. He helped Rey get BB-8 to the Resistance upon meeting them on Jakku. He’s been recovering after his fight with Kylo Ren following Starkiller’s destruction for the last couple of months. He has since made friends on D'Qar with the Resistance and is trying to find his new place in life as one of their new members. Our Rey and Poe players (and several others) would love to have Finn jump into the action!

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(anti-tech islanders and smugglers)

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Rainsford Island: tucked into what the old world deemed Boston Harbor is a rocky shore that lies beyond the scope of what Wrentham deems worthy. Overlooked and ignored, the islanders are content to be left in peace, choosing instead to cling fast to days past, content to exist without the constant hum of technology in a simpler, if more rugged, existence than their modern, urban-bound cousins.