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Hello, can you please tell me why you don't like sheith? Just wondering

hello, anon!

She/ith has made me uncomfortable from the start. It was obvious that Sh/iro was more of a father or an uncle to the younger paladins and it always put me off that people shipped Sh/iro with any of the paladins. Considering that this show does consist of western animation, it’s obvious that Sh/iro is an adult by looking at his character model. 

And then this age video was released, confirming that Sh/iro was an adult and K/L/H were in their late teens, but WEREN’T adults. As far as I’m concerned, all of the writers and producers reside in the United States, and have lived in the US for a while. And that means that K/L/H are all 16-17. 

And it’s not like that was the only video that confirmed the ages ever, Jeremy Shada before voltron was released said that L/ance was around 16, but, then again, you can’t always go off of what voice actors say, especially before a show starts, which brings me to the fact that they put H/unk’s birthday the week before s2 came out, when the VA explicitly said that Hunk was 17. After the amount of times that the producers and writers have been bothered by BOTH antis and shei/ths, you would think that they would make sure to tell his VA exactly what age H/unk was to avoid any clash. And, honestly, it’s not a coincidence that it was a week before s2 came out. (That was pretty much pure salt.)

 And the writer, Tim, has confirmed multiple times that the video is accurate and that it should be referenced. x/x. These are the canon ages. But sh@ladins refuse to admit it, and that just puts me off, considering that several people, including csa survivors, are saying that any sh@ladin ship is unhealthy. 

Okay, but I can see someone bringing up the “Official” Voltron podcast made for a different voltron that isn’t actually official saying that Lance is 19 and, therefore, the other paladins are the same age. (And this was literally like last month, after the ages had been confirmed several times.) This does not make it ANY better, even if it were true. Sh/iro’s mind has already been developed and any of the other paladins obviously have not exited that stage. Sh/iro is so much more composed and more adult (for lack of a better phrase) than any of the other paladins, and now that s2 is out, it’s even more obvious that he is the adult of the team. 

(Scroll all the way down of this source to see how Let’s Voltron is not an official source of information.)

And suddenly after that, Jeremy Shada apparently confirmed that Lance is 19, which he didn’t. Actually, if it were true that Lance were 19, you would bet that more of the producers and writers would have reblogged that tweet. Speaking of which, and this may seem repetitive, but sh@ladins keep ignoring the fact that the producers and writers have already said the ages and have already confirmed them many times. 

And then someone asked if the Garrison was like a college uni/military base. Tim specifically says that it is all of that and that it is training upcoming astronauts NOT soldiers and that we see the school aspect that resembles NASA with the younger paladins. (x). It is not creating soldiers, especially not children soldiers.

It frustrates me even more that the site still says they’re all teens even though the creators have repeatedly confirmed that they weren’t, but, considering the amount of times they’ve confirmed the ages, this can’t even be used as a thing against the OFFICIAL ages. The Voltron Wiki is not an official source either, considering anyone can change it lmao.  

Sh/iro and Ke/ith would all in all be unhealthy if they put it in the show. And even if Keith were mature for his age (which he isn’t lol), it wouldn’t be healthy because he’s a teen. 

So my beef with sh/eith is that it’s a ship between a minor and an adult. Before anyone gives me the whole “the media doesn’t affect reality” speech, it does. We know it does. Media sets an example for kids and teaches them morals that they should follow. And considering this is a kids’ show, and pairing together two individuals, one of whom has an extremely adult model (especially considering that this is a show with western animation), it’s extremely disturbing that people are trying to normalize this. ESPECIALLY after the line where k/eith said that sh/iro was like a brother to him. And the fact they think that sh/eiths think they’ll actually be paired together after that line… Honestly, k/allura has more of a chance than sh/eith does. 

It makes me upset that this discourse kind of put a dent in my s2 experience because all of the sh/iro/ke/ith brother-brother dynamic was so good and so developed, but I just remembered that this was going to cause even more unnecessary discourse and that sh/eiths would take it out of context. 

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Did Noodle appear in cannon!!?? Did dreamworks give you any credit for that?? How do you feel about it??

He did! Seems as though he’s taken up Prorok’s spot on the hub. And no, he didn’t get any lines or even really moved save for turning his head in the very last scene, which Im totally okay with? Cause I think they needed to focus on Thace cause he needed all the screen time he could get.

He’s only seen twice (once in a holoscreen and the other standing in a group) but it seems like his character model is more clear and has weight to him, like he’s not a blob in the background. It at least leaves me to believe that he’ll be an actual character in season 3 and hoping that they take some time to build him up? IDK I don’t hold much in ways of expectations.

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hiya!!! loved the no mercy animation, it was really well done, especially with all the little details in it! i did notice that in once scene where janey was singing, tracer had widow's hair where she hadn't before, which made me wanna ask how did you animate the video, with some kind of rigged character models or something similar?

Thank you for the comment =)

I like to state here for you and anyone else who is curious why Tracer has widow’s hair for a few seconds. Basically Tracer was a last minute change in the animation a day before release. I have been working with a first draft of the song where the lyrics for that scene was… “Your the second widow make on our team.” From concept through Production it was a Widow Maker that was waving and then choked. I have been informed that the music was going to be changed but it wasn’t until the day before release that my employer recommended that we switch the widow with someone else. Who else I thought about getting the spot would be a Tracer. So working on a last minute change after at least 8-9 weeks of animation I was pushing myself to switch Widow with tracer for my employer to see it before he left the office. I thought it was all good but seems I have missed that one little shot in the end.

In regards of your second question. I worked with mostly rigged characters and Tweening animation but my production wasn’t as clean as it could have been. My file library is full of various different body parts that are all different sizes to each other. If I had gone in the project with a set mind that I wanted to animate with rigged characters I would have tried and make proper rigs from the start but instead I have a mess that I need to reorganize or redo for future projects.

I do have an ideal animation style I like to do but it would be more time consuming. I’d be happy to explain in more detail; just send me a message. 

But again thank you for comment and the question. I’m sorry this became long winded reply but I like to post this publicly so anyone can read about why Tracer has Widow hair.  

Take care


This was what I was working on all semester! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I hope that maybe it can help some other artists.

I’m by no means an expert, just a student wanting to share my work with others. :)

Tina Fey: “Carrie Fisher meant a lot to me. Like many women my age, Princess Leia occupies about sixty percent of my brain at any given time. But Carrie’s honest writing and her razor-sharp wit were an even greater gift. I feel so lucky that I got to meet her. I’m very sad she is gone.”



Mob Psycho 100 (モブサイコ100)

Expressive character designs for Mob and Arataka Reigen featuted in the December Animestyle 010 (Amazon Japan), illustrated by character designer Yoshimichi Kameda (亀田祥倫).


Little Witch Academia (リトル ウィッチ アカデミア)

Full-color character designs for Little Witch Academia, illustrated by Yoh Yoshinari (吉成曜) were included in the March 2013 issue of Animestyle Magazine (Amazon Japan), along side an interview with the creator.