“I need to go see him now. You do understand, don’t you?

I think this was such an important scene to show a different side of Stéphane as a man and father, not to mention a sweet parent to parent connection. I’ve never really seen him as the type of man that is open enough to discuss his feelings with anyone, and it’s easy to see his reluctance in the beginning of this conversation. There’s a point that he realizes he isn’t just talking to another woman, he’s talking to a mother     one that has lost children of her own     and he just comes out with it. He knows he can trust her in that moment with his worries and she assures him that he can. I consider it a pretty big step in personal growth that he opened up to anyone, since he’s so accustomed to being calculated and keeping tight reign on his true feelings.

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Expectation vs Reality II Levi 
 It’s not rare for people to get upset after talking to him. He is not what people expect to see. He doesn’t look like the flawless hero they imagine, starting with his short stature. He is also unexpectedly tense, rude and unapproachable.~Petra Ral~


I invite you to compare these two.

That top one? That’s a teenage boy, having his heart broken by his first girlfriend.

That bottom one? That’s a child. A little kid, whose big brother just did something that he’d promised he’d never do. Maybe it was ruining something that the little brother worked so hard on, or breaking a promise.

That hand on the shoulder in the top one? That’s the girlfriend telling him that it was just never meant to be, that it could never have worked out.

That little pull closer in the bottom one? That’s the big brother, full of regret, trying to console the little brother, pulling him in for a hug and promising he’d never ever do it again.

If you didn’t know what words were being said in that bottom gif, you could almost believe that that’s what’s happening.

Look at the difference between Gabriel’s two expressions.


SPN quotes ▷ Gabriel


Everybody represents a facet of himself [Mal] that he has lost and that’s why he keeps them close and safe, and yet at arm’s length.

— Nathan Fillion, Firefly: The Official Visual Companion, Volume 1


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