EVENT: Fic Writer Feature Week!

Hello Death Note fans of fic!

I thought it would be fun to do an event that features to folks who are continuing to contribute awesome work to our fandom.

For the upcoming week (Aug 22-28) dnficfinder will be having a feature week for active writers in the Death Note fandom. To be considered “active” is simple– you just have to have written content for Death Note in the past year. 

If you wish to have your work featured please fill out and submit the following information. You are welcome to submit up to two of your fics as submissions to the page as well (you are welcome to submit anytime, but for this week I will only be adminning two at a time). 

Non-writers should pass this along, and show your appreciation for your favourite fic writers when their features come out!

Fic writer questionnaire is under the cut! Please do submit, let us show our appreciation! The event will be tagged under “dn fic writer feature week”. 

Excited to see who is out there!

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Hello! As many of ya’ll know I’m Limes. And wow, I’m super grateful for all the people who’ve taken an interest in playing with this shithead and all my other shitheads. I wanted to say ya’ll are really awesome and I’ve reall enjoyed these last few weeks in the community. Here’s hoping I’ll be staying around for a while yet!

I also wanted to mention all the characters I’ve added to Fallout since I’ve come back. I haven’t updated the directories on all my blogs, so I figure this way I can reblog my post and show them to new followers. If you ever want to interact with any of them feel free to send me an ask. 

Justine Bouchard. Very new OC! Mean White Glove lady and ex-Khan whose almost always on the Strip.  

Randy McMurphy. My Ex-New Canaanite whose currently living in Novac. 

Walter Ashton Taylor. My Ex-Boomer and irresponsible dad. 

Mikey Taylor. Wally’s other irresponsible son. Sweet annoying shit head.

Isaak. Big stron third gender Khan. 

Peter Mulligan. My dumbass Freeside stoner boy. 

Again thank you all for the good times. 

anonymous asked:

Will you please explain the relationship of each of your OCs in WAMP with the story/characters? (not including the mistresses of Les Amis)

Hello Nonny! 

This is going to be a long post. And I’ll *try* to include everyone in order of appearance. Send me an ask if there’s anyone I forgot!

An important note: Charles Jeanne, the Doulcets, and Anne Milleret are not OCs. They are actually people who were living in Paris at that time!

So the OCs here are: 

Michel Potier: A law student associated with Les Amis, first seen after the capture of the Hotel de Ville. 

Morgance Leclair: The long suffering concierge of the tenement at the Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau. Has known Enjolras and Combeferre for years, treats them like her sons. 

Miss Allen: A crook working with the remnants of Patron-Minette, buys Eponine’s youngest brothers and mistreats them till they are rescued. 

Ravigard: A bookseller and publisher in the Latin Quartier, a known friend to the Amis, but secretly a counterrevolutionary, Eponine’s some-time employer

Henri Coutard: A member of the Cougourde of Aix, and one of Enjolras’ schoolfriends from Aix. He works as a liaison between his group and the Amis, and eventually goes for a career in journalism. At some point he and Grantaire get into a friendly journalistic duel, with interesting results. 

Gustave Paquet: A university professor and the leader of the Radicaux party, the political faction that most of the younger characters become allied with, and where Enjolras runs for a post in the legislature. He’s influential and respected, but becomes bitterly jealous of Enjolras’ growing authority in the party, and resentful of Eponine’s activities in the group. 

Etienne Blanchard: A bellicose lawyer also running with the Radicaux party, and a relative of Marthe Blanchard, Bossuet’s future wife. Blanchard hates Paquet, preferring to defer to Enjolras’ authority instead.  

Jerome Bamatabois: A young lawyer, one of Enjolras’ and Courfeyrac’s classmates from law school. He runs with the Democrates party, touted as the moderate faction. 

Eugene Rossi: A graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique, of radical leanings and actually an Ami. However family affiliations force him to run with the Constitutionalists, a conservative faction. Nevertheless his loyalties to his old friends are clear, and they shape his political destiny

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“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.”
― R.J. Palacio

Nikon D610/24-70 2.8

Modern!VaultHunters Master Character Post

U N D E R  C O N S T R U C T I O N


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:: i-say-mecro-you-say-mancer


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:: starttheanarchy


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Maliwan CEO “The Dude”

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I hope you don’t mind if I call you The Dude


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oxford, england
november, 1987

          The group of seven has now turned into a group of six – Robbie Dawson’s suicide has shaken up the campus and most importantly, his friends. The death came unexpected; the boy was thought to be the charismatic, ever-so-cheerful leader with great things ahead of him. Now, with him gone the group is struggling to stay together; some of the boys are trying to figure out how it got to this point without anyone noticing anything about Robbie and some of them are just trying not to think about the whole thing too much and just get through the semester. 

          Exeunt is a 3x3, all male characters RP set at Oxford University in 1987. Read under the cut for more info!

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Welcome to Warcraft RP Character Directory.

What is this blog about?  Warcraft RP Character Directory is an rp aid blog that tries to help roleplayers find other active roleplayers by posting and promoting their character on here. In-game WoW’s roleplay community can be often intimidating for individuals that don’t know where to start or are scared to approach others in a public environment. This blog’s purpose is to help people who are nervous to do walk ups or whispers by listing off a few available people openly available for roleplaying.

Currently this blog is new and depending if it either takes off or not, we’ll see to working on this blog more and more! If you any questions about this blog, feel free to ask! We’re working on add more to the guidlines and set up a FAQ.

[Home] l [Ask] l [About/Guidelines] l [Submission Form] l 

I have mostly completed Demersa and Orion’s bios but I haven’t determined where I’ll be posting the character directory yet. So they exist, I didn’t procrastinate actually making them, they’re just kind of in limbo atm.

In the meantime, you can look at Dem’s mask doing a thing:

Stain’s I haven’t done, so I’ll catch up with that before starting the next 3. Luckily Stain doesn’t have a lot of dynamic poses to illustrate for obvious reasons, lol.

This week the chosen bio is Cleo and the two selected by rng are Vespa and RoughHouse