I painted this in Photoshop with my new ‘Impasto Kit,’ which realistically and easily emulates the look of paint built up on earlier layers of paint. I used brushes from my Photoshop Megapack (mainly the ‘Oil Rich’ brushes), which you can get here.


“Under this alien threat every country of the world has sent their best to defend the earth. Of course, the tiny country of Gouda, tulips, windmills, wooden clogs and legalised weed could not stay behind, so they built their champion. The Dutch, the people of the land of orange, the Netherlands or simply Holland sent this robot to represent their small, yet marvelous country and to kick alien butt.”

For the July National Champion monthly challenge at Cubebrush.

I won first place in the silver league, which means I am in gold now!

The prompt was:

In a parallel universe, earth is threatened by an evil alien force and each country has a legendary champion they count/rely on for defense (Think Pacific Rim but it doesn’t have to be a robot).
Using your own country/country flag as inspiration (colors, style, details, culture, etc), design that champion! 

Design process and walkthrough.

The design is inspired by traditional Dutch clothing, specifially a Dutch milkmaid’s outfit. I incorporated the basic shapes of the dress and headdress and the iconic braids. Some other typically Dutch things were also included, like Delft’s blauw patterns, tulips, wooden clogs and windmills. The last two are kind of subtle as they are featured in the Delft’s blauw pattern. I used the colours of the Dutch flag (red-white-blue) and orange (our national colour).

Also, it’s a robot. I never design robots.

I would say this is one of the most Dutch things Ive ever drawn, except I have two characters that are a sentient piece of Goude cheese with a Dutch flag sticking out of it and a pot smoking, wooden clog wearing, hippie mouse, that I draw regularly. :’)