Paper Moon by Nathan Sharp

Alaina and I did a collab!! :D I lined and coloured her sketches, and I think our styles go pretty well together…oh my god Bubble and Zig have complex designs my hand is dead

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me (Zephyrinx)!]


Repost from my fanart account…

My D&D Triton, Nimue is the former and disgraced princess of the sea. She’s a paladin/tank and wields a trident. Will post more as the campaign develops c;

I’m a huge fan of mermaids and while I needed Nimue to be able to walk on land- and Tritons tend to have legs as opposed to mermaid tails, the way I solved this problem was to have her fins wrap around her legs to form a traditional mermaid tail, or individually wrap around her legs when she wears her armor or is on dry land. Best of both worlds!

Tritons tend to use the traditional mermaid tail when they need to swim faster and be more stealthy, usually when hunting.

My Tritons are born with their fins tightly wrapped around their developing legs. They will ‘bloom’ and separate when they reach 3-4 years of age.