“Disguise That Bind” The comic says it all, but a few extra notes:

1: Some of us don’t feel like we have a choice in acting Neurotypical. We do it for survival.

2: This also causes a lot of stress to Aspies as we constantly feel we may be found out and attacked for our differences. (I will dive more into this later.)

3: We still live in a world where in most places and in most cases you must act Neurotypical to get through school, to get a job, and to succeed in life.

While things are getting better, things would be best if we were able to be ourselves instead of exausting ourselves every time we have a conversation.

just a  fun little concept prompt thing.

the idea here is “What if Saria left the Kokiri Forest? What might that be like?” 

thinking like if you were to just travel around the market or something, what’s she doing out there? why did she leave? Maybe she could be like a bard or something.

My Hansel and Gretel Designs are finally complete! My idea was for them to be dressed as normal modern kids, then when they arrive at the witch’s cottage, she dresses them in candy covered outfits. Gretel’s dress is covered in sugary lemon drops with a macaroon trimmed skirt, a sucker hair clip, and skittle covered shoes. Hansel is wearing a peppermint broach, liquorish shoelaces, and a taffy wrapper bow-tie.

Candy Witch prints and apparel are available at

For @ffxiv-art-prompts‘s #003: “ ANY FFXI AF - ESTABLISHED OR CUSTOM”

I decided to go the “custom” route for my own Red Mage AF armor and relic weapon design, combining elements of the old school RDM, FFXI’s version, and recurring elements I’ve encountered in FFXIV’s equipment designs.

Also I don’t have enough fluers de lis in this outfit.

Now back to working on commissions!