Lunch for March 16, 2016.

I’ve been calling this one “This Meeting’s At Dawn.” The subject matter is the duel that ended Hamilton’s life. Here in silhouette I’ve tried to represent Aaron Burr and Hamilton as their duel was portrayed in the musical (I won’t get into the discussion of why Hamilton’s shot went into the air, as this is a food blog and not a history blog).

Burr and Hamilton are made from nori, placed on top of rice that has been colored with a wash of food coloring. The sun is egg.

The other half of the lunch is a spinach salad and strawberries.

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Play too much Katamari Damacy and the real world may begin to take on the appearance of the game. That is, suddenly you find yourself looking at all the objects you could - and really, really want to - roll up into an increasingly large ball. Bento art maven Anna The Red (previously featured here) loves to place the game and, instead of trying to roll up all the trees in her neighborhood, made this awesome Katamari Damacy bento meal.

The Prince is made of potato salad wrapped in lettuc leaves with parsley stems for his arms and legs. The Katamari is a Japanese chicken curry-filled bowl of rice covered in miniature foods and characters from the game made of vegetables, meat, and eggs.

Click here to learn more about how this delightfully geeky meal was made.

[via devilduck and Anna The Red]


A whole week of Hamilton-inspired lunches. Giant thanks to @linmanuel for writing the thing that’s been stuck in my head for months. It’s an inspiring piece of work and has gotten me back into Revolutionary War history for the first time since college.

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Lunch for March 14, 2016

Like many a musical fan, I’m totally enthralled by Hamilton, and I decided it would be fun to do a week of Hamilton lunches. The natural place to start was the logo, so here it is.

The Hamilton logo is cut out of nori and placed on a thin layer of egg. Usually I wouldn’t let the egg brown the way it has here, but it gives a more golden color and that hue’s appropriate for the original logo coloration.

Under the egg and just to its left are store-bought California rolls. Also to the left is a side of strawberries.

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Sailor mooon bento designs

Lunch for April 14, 2016

For the first episode of Orphan Black season 4, I wanted to do something to celebrate this show that I love. I’m going to try doing an Orphan Black lunch every Thursday of this season. I might fail, but I’m going to try.

Cosima is made from sliced ham, and her lips and shirt/dress are a bit of ham colored with food coloring. Her glasses, eyes, and nose are made using hand-cut nori. Her hair is pad thai made from black rice noodles. Tucked under the noodles is a layer of egg.

On the side I’ve got spinach salad, oranges, and apples.

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