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Part One: Emotional Influences on Character Arcs
Part Two: Archetypes of Emotion
Part Three: Awareness vs. Competence
Part Four: Emotional Schematics in Culture
Part Five: The LED Effect
Part Six: Preservation of the Self
Part Seven: Melodrama’s Trap

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Archetypes | THE WRITER 

Words pour from the darkest reaches of their mind. The life force of every poetic sentence strung together stems from their very soul. Every punctuation, or lack thereof, leaks another piece of their being. From another world, from another dimension entirely, comes the fractured bits they need; ripping themselves apart in search of the perfect phrasing. Small miracles are made on napkins worldwide. It begins with a doodle of words held together by the hopes of something magnificent. Something that will change the lives of millions. It begins with a doodle, and ends in the adventurer we so emphatically followed reaching their goal after all the painful monoliths in their way. We are writers, and we are the saviors of the every hero inside of us. 

harsh realm; a mix for the pure ophelia, who was driven mad by love and sought peace in the depths of an eternal slumber

i. apparat, goodbye feat. soap&skin | ii. how to destroy angels, a drowning | iii. m83, wait | iv. sóley, i’ll drown | v. fever ray, if i had a heart | vi. florence + the machine, heavy in your arms | vii. dead man’s bones, flowers grow out of my grave | viii. emily wells, fountain of youth | ix. ane brun, undertow | x. daughter, shallows | xi. widowspeak, harsh realm | xii. mazzy star, into dust

fanmix challenge » ½ character archetypes


Sociopathy is typically characterized as something being wrong with a person’s conscience. Sociopaths only care about fulfilling their own needs and desires: they are selfish and egocentric to the extreme. They see others as objects to be used in fulfilling their own needs and desires. They fail to see they are causing any harm and in fact will typically believe they are doing something good for society.  

Some people believe the term psychopathy is interchangeable with sociopathy, but field professionals make a distinction between the two.  A psychopath is marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behavior.  Like sociopaths, they lack empathy or remorse; unlike sociopaths, they often seek to fulfill their desires through violence. A sociopath prefers to play games and prove his cunning over society.  That is not to suggest that a sociopath will always choose not to engage in violence.  On the contrary, because their willingness to fulfill their own desires and their lack of emotional connection with others, they are much more likely to commit a violent act against another than most people in society.

The distinction between a sociopath and psychopath by field professionals is usually more based on the (lack of) nurturing by parents than heredity.  Lykken (1995), for example, clearly distinguishes between the sociopath (who is socialized into becoming a psychopath) and a “true” psychopath (who is born that way).  However, this may only describe the “common sociopath,” as there are at least four (4) different subtypes:

  • common – characterized mostly by their lack of conscience
  • alienated – characterized by their inability to love or be loved
  • aggressive – characterized by a consistent sadistic streak
  • dissocial – characterized by an ability to abide by gang rules, as long as those rules are the wrong rules.
  • Egocentricity
  • Callousness
  • Impulsivity
  • Conscience defect
  • Exaggerated sexuality
  • Excessive boasting
  • Risk taking
  • Inability to resist temptation
  • Antagonistic
  • Deprecating attitude toward the opposite sex
  • Lack of interest in bonding with a mate.
  • Ezra Miller
  • Caleb Landry Jones
  • Evan Peters
  • Adelaide Kane
  • Sofia Black D'elia
  • Brittany Snow

archetype series: the teen queen

it seems as if everyone knows her, like she’s touched all of their lives in one way or another. her fingerprints are littered on everyone, each of them telling a different story. surely one person couldn’t possibly be so many people all at once, but when you meet her you begin to have your doubts. just seeing her smile is like taking a breath of fresh air, like the slight raise of her brows could change the way you see the world. but there will always be an air of mystery about her, something she’s not telling you. she’s so many people all at once, but she’s also just a girl with a secret.

Character Archetypes Relationships || THE LION AND THE LAMB

The lion with leather and a motorbike with a roar was a man of opposite, whenever the lamb would be concerned. His cursing words and tainted gestures symbolised the anarchy of which the girl knew nothing of, for the girl was far too oblivious to the nature of a rebel. Her words were wise and good, tangled in an epitome of everything he ever needed. Whenever one would question love, shapes and sizes need not be important; for the lion shall lay down with the lamb, and the twisted shall fall in love with the innocent.

Archetypes | THE STARS

We look to the twinkling lights that hang in the darkness, drawing us out of ourselves and up into a higher place with their peculiar glow. We turn our eyes heavenward, no longer feeling the distress of earth. A weight instantly lifted by their calming presence. All the harshness and density of this life is refined away, leaving only the purest essence in its wake. And, in this moment, we learn we are not the sum of earthly bounds. We find a humbled sense of who we are, what we are, in contrast to the world outside our delicate atmosphere – beyond the thin gas separating us. We were born of those lights. Their essence is ours. And for a few moments, as our gaze falls on theirs, we are blessed.


archetype series: the southern belle

she was raised to kill with kindness and to keep her opinions to herself, but she’ll break the rules with a smile on her face. she’ll treat you with the utmost respect and will expect the same in return; kindliness is never out of style. her aspirations are far beyond the course her upbringing has set for her, but the deeply ingrained loyalty will keep her exactly where she’s expected to be. she’s ignorant to just how selfish she can be, but you’ll let her have her way all the same because she’s had you wrapped around her little finger from the moment you met.

Fanmix Challenge; Two Character Archetypes [½]

The Storyteller [listen]

Gather around children for the Storyteller is here. She’s got stories tucked in her hair and swirling in her skirts. Stories of love, murder, friendship and adventure. Of lost loves and new loves, of dragons and heroes, of ships and kings. So, gather round, gather round, the Storyteller is here.

Riverside (Agnes Obel) / Always Summer (Adrian Johnston) / Rose of Allendale (Mary Black) / Once Upon a December (Piano Version) (Emile Pandolfi) / Rains of Castamere (Hawthorn) / Primavera (Ludovico Einaudi) / Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A’ Chuain (Julie Fowlis) / The Secret Life of Daydreams (Dario Marianelli) / Misty Mountains (Malukah) / River Flows In You (Yiruma) / Shankill Butchers (Sarah Jarosz) / Requiem for a Dream (Kate Chruscicka) / Tale of the Tongues (Malukah) / Becoming a Geisha (John Williams) / In All My Dreams I Drown (The Devil’s Carnival) / Swan Lake Ballet (Act 2 Part 1) (Tchaikovsky) / Two Ravens (Hawthorn) / Worlds Apart (Immediate Music) / The Breaking of the Fellowship (Howard Shore)


“We are no longer in the dispensation of age and experience. We are in the era of knowledge and information. Information leads a true leader and a true leader leads others.”

  • They work fast, and they work alone. Fingers poised over a keyboard, eyes scanning the computer screen, they don’t speak as they make their way through networks and databases, uncovering the secrets that technology can hide. The tapping of keys is the only sound you’ll hear when they’re in the room, a constant pitter patter of plastic while code zooms by. Their minds are wired with cables and spark plugs, and their tempers can flare and burn out in an instant. Patience is not an asset in their field and neither is false flattery, and they will not hesitate in being hurtful in favour of expediency and results. Their secret desire for recognition and respect is both their motivator and their greatest shame. Money is snatched out of hands eagerly and the smile they give you in return is tight, out of practice, and they prefer not to meet your gaze and just disappear into the alleyway, combat boots splashing through shallow puddles until they’re swallowed up by the mist. You can’t find them unless they want you to. Their world is one of numbers, quick paced, dangerous, unpredictable, and they are sharp, awkward, coarse and uncouth. They are their first and only priority, and if you can’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. Fiercely private, you will never know their real name. You will never know them at all.

Jung Type:

Enneagram Type:

Moral Alignment:

Sins and Virtues:

Archetypes | THE WEREWOLF 

Stalker of the full moon, and the ultimate hunter. Father of the illuminated night. These creatures are duel souls wavering between the humanity that haunts them, and the immoral beast that rests below the surface of their skin. They are Hell personified. Power unmatched; waiting for the light of the blossoming moon to guide their wild senses. To show them the way through the blind aggression that has found a home inside of their veins. To set them free from the mortal conscious that tells them the blood of others should never spill. Hind legs, jagged claws, and the snout of a God-like dog that can make earsplitting howls that kiss the heavens. These are monsters, but these are also men.

Character Archetypes: E for Explorer

Character Archetypes: E for Explorer

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Today’s character archetype is one of the twelve Jungian archetypes but also a common archetype if you have explored the Myers-Briggs or Enneagram personality types.

The explorer can be found in many of us, and makes for an interesting fictional character.


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