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What are some good tips for getting started with writing a book? I have a concept but i can't put it into place.

Getting Started with Your Story

There’s no one way to start writing a book. For some people, it’s enough to just jump in and start writing to see where the story takes them. If you’re not too keen on that idea, then here is one process (as in, not the only process) that might help you move beyond your concept. 

  • Concept ≠ Plot

Many writers mistake concept for plot, but they’re actually two very different things. A world where everyone grows up with superpowers is a concept; the plot is what you decide to write about within that concept - the specific characters and what happens to those characters; who your antagonist is and what conflict arises when that antagonist goes after what they want. All of these things contribute to your plot. 

So first, define what it is you actually have at this particular point. Do you just have a concept? If so, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to develop that concept into a plot. 

  • Concept >>> Plot

If you’ve decided that all you really have is a concept, then how do you take it and turn it into a plot? You brainstorm. All brainstorming really amounts to is expanding your ideas. All you’re doing is asking questions about the concept and delving deep into the answers. 

The most simplistic way to start this process, especially if you’re struggling, is to ask one of two questions (or both, if applicable). These two questions: What could go wrong? What could go right?

Going back to my example about a world where everyone grows up with superpowers. If I were to ask the question “what could go wrong,” I’d end up with a whole list of possibilities. 

  • The powers suddenly disappear
  • People start abusing their powers
  • Someone figures out how to steal powers
  • A hierarchy of strong vs. weak powers develops, creating superiority/inferiority dynamics
  • Someone is born without a superpower

There are many more possibilities I didn’t even think of here, but any one (or more) of these could become a plot. Choose one that sounds interesting, and then ask yourself “and then what?” 

Say I choose: Someone figures out how to steal powers. Then what does that person do? Do they recruit people to do the dirty work for them? Do they work alone? Do they hoard these powers and barter them for other goods? Do they attempt to enslave people? Do they attempt to take control of institutions? What do they do?

Your goal is to take your ideas and turn them into actions taken by characters. People doing things. And each piece you add will usually lead into another. If you went with the idea that this character is stealing powers and essentially selling them for other goods, you’d have to ask yourself follow-up questions. First, who are they selling to? Why would anyone buy a new superpower if they already have one? What uses would they have for additional ones? What is the key demographic that this person is trying to reach? Secondly, what are they selling them in exchange for? Money? Favors? Souls? What is this character getting in return?

Now that you’ve examined potential actions that the character takes, you’ve also exposed potential new characters. 

  • People they’re stealing from
  • People they’re bargaining with
  • People that try to police these crimes
  • People that try to copy this character’s process

At the beginning of this section, I talked about using “what could go right” as another optional jumping off point. This is a good path to follow if your concept is already really negative. For a concept where someone is killing people for some pointed reason, you might ask “what could go right” and explore ideas where the killer is caught and brought to justice. 

The point of all this is to think about change as a means of taking your idea from concept to plot. A concept is static - it doesn’t move, evolve, or change. By developing a plot, you’re forcing the concept to be challenged in some way. If you think about it that way, you’ll be able to formulate conflicts, and the people that orchestrate and fight against those conflicts. 

On that note, I think we’re ready to move onto the third piece of my graphic above. 

  • Plot = Character Actions and Consequences

At this point, you have sketches for characters. You’ve got this nameless, faceless person that is stealing the powers, and all these other nameless, faceless people that I listed above. In essence, we have character concepts. And just like we turned our initial concept into a plot, we have to turn these character concepts into actual characters. 

The basics are the easiest way to start. You figure out their name, their gender identity, their age, their appearance, some brief backstory and personality traits. I personally prefer the simplest questionnaire that I put together back in the early days because it hits on the poignant pieces of a character without overwhelming you with 100s of questions. 

Now that you’ve given your character concepts names and faces and potential behaviors, you start to consider how one character’s view of the world inspires them to take certain actions, and you then think about how those actions affect your entire story. 

We already kind of talked about the motives of the power thief in our example, but definitely delve deep here. On the surface, this character seems bad - stealing from people and then selling what they steal. But depending on what it is they’re getting in return, could we not argue that this character is a supernatural Robin Hood? Maybe instead of selling, they’re giving, and maybe the characters they’re stealing powers from are people that abuse and misuse their powers. Character motives can take a plot and turn it on its head, forcing you to reconceptualize everything. And that’s okay! That’s part of the process.

But separate from that idea, if we have a character concept of someone whose powers were stolen, and after developing their basic backstory, we discover that person’s name is Rose, and she has an especially close relationship with her brother. So when her powers are stolen, how does this affect her life? Was she using her powers to keep her brother alive and protected? What she using them to keep a roof over their heads? Was she using them as part of her job, as a means of providing? What happens to her life when her powers are stolen? And what will Rose do about it? Whatever Rose does will impact the story. If she does nothing to get her powers back, how does she solve her problems and does that make for a good story? If she does decide to act, then you’ve moved onto a new plot point to dive deeper into.

My point is, character concepts come from plots, but characters themselves often create plot, as their decisions and mistakes and successes create new outcomes. So if I could modify my original flow chart:


Before you develop something, you conceptualize it. You have a concept, then you make it a plot. You have concepts for characters, then you make them characters. And those characters end up driving your plot, to the point that this happens:


Plot inspires character. Character inspires plot. And it just keeps going around and around and around. Breaking it down into these pieces helps organize the process, but developing a story is rarely this neat and tidy. You’ll get ideas that don’t make sense, ideas that aren’t cohesive, characters you don’t need, characters that piss you off, problems you can’t solve, or plot points you’ve committed to that you no longer like…it will be messy. But it’s your mess, and the more you work on developing your own process, the more it’ll make sense to you. And it’ll become easier to know how to go about fixing it when something’s not right. 

Have fun with this process! It’s supposed to be fun. When the pieces start to become clearer, you’re able to put them together in a rough outline. And once you have a rough outline, you can start writing, and really see it take shape. 


In-Depth Character Study


Full Name:
Reason for name:
Nickname(s) and how they got them:
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Places lived since:
Social Class:
Parents’ names, backgrounds, occupations:
Relationship with family (close? estranged?):
Children of his/her own?:
If so, relationship with child’s mother/father?:
Age he/she became a parent:


Face Shape:
Distinguishing Facial Features:
Hair Color:
Usual Hair Style:
Eye Color:
Complexion (freckles, acne, skin tone, birth marks, scars):
Disabilities (physical or mental, including mental illnesses):
Health (usually sick? or very resilient? allergies?):
What do they consider their best feature?:
Worst they’ve ever been injured (what, how did it happen)?:


Style of dress/typical outfit(s):
Typical style of shoes:
How does he/she dress up?: Dress down?:
Favorite outfit:
Glasses? Contacts?:
Personal Hygiene:
Grooming (makeup? shower daily? wear only clean clothes? pluck eyebrows?):
What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?:
Jewelry? Tattoos? Piercings?:
What does their voice sound like?:
Style of speech (loud, mumbler, articulate, etc.):
Unique mannerisms/physical habits (bites nails, talks with hands, taps feet when restless):
Left handed or right?:
What does their writing look like?:
Do they work out/exercise?:


Level of self esteem:
Known Languages:
Zodiac (sign and if they lend any credence to it):
Most sensitive about/vulnerable to:
Happiest memory:
Life philosophy:
Religious stance:
Political stance:
Pet peeves:
Bad habits:
Sense of humor:
How do they deal with stress?
What do they do to get pumped up?
What do they do when upset?
What about angry?
How do they react to frustrations (get worked up, calm down and think through it logically, give up, etc)?:
How do they accept failure (both from themselves and others)?:
Level of comfort with technology:
Believe in the supernatural:
Believe in an afterlife:
Believe in happy endings:
How do they want to be remembered?:
Good with their hands (if so, practical/crafting or fine arts)?:
How fast do they learn new things? Better with book knowledge or hands on approach?:
How do they feel about asking for help?
“Left brain” or “right brain” thinker?:
Optimist or pessimist:
Extrovert or introvert:
Leader or follower:
Makes decisions based mostly on emotions, or on logic?:
Cautious or daring:
Spontaneous or planner:
Thinker or doer?
Organized or messy:
Worrier or carefree:


Current marital/relationship/sexual status:
Sexual orientation (is it something they question or a secret):
Past relationships and sexual partners (if applicable):
What is their “type” in regards to looks in a partner?
Ideal mate/qualities they look for in mate:
Primary reason for being broken up with:
Primary reasons for breaking up with people:
Views on sex (one night stands, promiscuity, etc):
Age and story of first kiss (if any—if not, how does he/she want it to happen?):
Age and story of loss of virginity (if any—if not, how does he/she want it to happen, if at all?):
Level of sexual experience:
Do they have any unfulfilled sexual fantasies?:
Wildest/strangest sexual experience? Would they do it again?
Do they have any fetishes or kinks?
Have they lied about their previous sexual partners to current/potential partners?
Love or Lust:
Ever been in love?:
Do they fall in love easily?:
Do they take relationships seriously?:
Worst thing they’ve done to someone they loved?
Do they desire marriage and/or children in their future?
Believe in true love or soul mates?
Thoughts on public displays of affection?:
How do they flirt:
How do they show affection/love to their partner?:
Thoughts on cheating/cheaters? Have they ever cheated?
Idea of perfect date:


Social Habits (popular, loner, some close friends, makes friends and then quickly drops them):
How do they treat others (politely, rudely, keep at distance, etc)?:
Do they trust people easily or tend to be wary?:
How often do they see friends and family?
Are they good at keeping in touch? If not, does this bother loved ones?:
What is relationship with parents/family?:
Any roommates or close neighbors:
Person most dependent on:
Most comfortable around (person):
Oldest friend:
Closest friend:
Worst enemy:
Rival (at what and why):
Most important person in their life?:
Who do they most respect and why?:
Who would they turn to if they needed help and why?:
How does he/she think others perceive him/her?:
How do others actually perceive him/her?:
Argue or avoid conflict?:
Thoughts on large groups of people?:
Main quality they look for in people:
Have they ever lost anyone close to them? How did they handle it?
How do they show affection?:
Do they act differently around strangers than friends? If so, how differently?:
Would they ever consider adopting a child? Why or why not?:


Level of education:
Describe their work space:
If no job, where do finances come from?
Past occupations:
Dream occupation:
Attitude towards current job:
Attitude towards current coworkers, bosses, employees:
Spender or Saver? Why?:
Which is more important – money or doing something they love?:


Life goals:
Greatest fears:
Most embarrassing thing ever to happen to him/her:
Something they’ve never told anyone:
Biggest regret:
Secret hobbies:
Secret skills:
Past sexual transgressions:
Police/Criminal/Legal record (Crimes committed? If so, were they caught? charged?):
What he/she most wants to change about his/her current life?:
What he/she most wants to change about his/her physical appearance?:


Indoors or Outdoors?:
Favorite color:
Favorite smell:
Favorite and least favorite food:
Favorite and least favorite book:
Favorite and least favorite movie:
Favorite and least favorite song:
Favorite and least favorite holiday (and why):
Coffee or tea?:
Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?:
Do they watch TV? If so, what?:Favorite place to hang out:
Do they like music? What kind?:
Favorite type of weather:
Favorite form of entertainment:
How do they feel about traveling?:
What sort of gifts do they like?


Ever been in an argument (with who, about what, what happened):
Ever been in a physical altercation (with who, about what, what happened):
What trait do they find most admirable and why?:
Thoughts on violence:
One act most ashamed of:
Most proud of:
Evil – born or bred:
Is redemption possible (if so, are there limitations):
Does the end justify the means?:
Good of the one or the many?:
Can they be manipulative?:
Do they think it’s okay to cry (if not, why)?:
When did they last cry and why?:
Would they be able to kill (if so, under what circumstances)?:
Who or what would they die for (or go to extremes for)?:
Anything they refuse to do under any circumstances (and why)?:
What, if anything, shocks or offends them?:
What is their reputation?
How do they react to unwanted sexual advances?:
How would they react to stranger being bullied/abused?: What about an animal?:
How susceptible are they to peer pressure?:
How do they react to conflict, both verbally and physically?:
Easily forgive or hold grudges?:
Forgive self or live with regret/guilt?:
Would they ever cheat someone? Under what circumstances?
Have they ever been betrayed? By who? How did it affect them/their relationship?:
Would they ever betray a friend/loved one? If so, under what circumstances?
Do they respect the belief of others, even if it’s at odds with their own?:
Stand up for own beliefs or hide/avoid discussing them with people who have opposing views?:


Thoughts on drugs and alcohol:
Do they smoke? If so, do they want to quit?:
Age of first cigarette:
Age when they first got drunk (what happened, consequences):
Do they drink on regular basis:
What type of alcohol do they prefer:
Have they ever tried other drugs (which, what happened, consequences):
Do they have any addictions?:


Most important/defining event in life to date:
Daily routine:
Sleeping habits (Night owl or early bird? Light or heavy sleeper? Fall asleep anywhere or need specific conditions?):
Typical Saturday night:
Most used word or phrase?:
What is home like (messy, neat, sparse):
Type of car he/she drives (or wishes he/she drove):
Pets?: If not, do they want any?:
Most prized possession:
One word to best describe them:
What are you likely to find in their pockets? Purse/bag/backpack/wallet?:
What about their fridge? Medicine cabinet? Glove compartment? Nightstand?:
What makes them laugh?:
Any special holiday traditions?:
Can they hold their breath for a long time?:
Do they know how to swim?
Can they cook (if so, how well and do they enjoy it)?:
Is there anything they always carry with them? If so, why?:
Ideal vacation:
If they wanted to hide something, where would they hide it?:
Do they keep a journal?:
Are there any places that hold special meaning to them?:


24 hours to live – name 3 things they would do:
If they could choose, how would they want to die:
What would they do if they received large sum of money?:
What would they wish for if they found a genie?:
If they could have one super power, what would it be and why?:
How do they deal with insects?:
How would they react to death of loved one?
If they were outnumbered in a fight, would they stand ground or run away?:
Granted opportunity to change one thing in their past – would they do it? If so what would they change?:
If they could rescue one thing from a burning building, what would it be?:
Would they be comfortable sharing a bed with a person they didn’t know well?:


First memory:
Favorite toy (when did they stop playing with it, do they still have it currently):
Favorite game:
Best friend as child:
Fondest childhood memory:
Worst childhood memory:
Childhood trauma:
How were they disciplined? Did that change as they got older?:
What did they want to be when they grew up?:
Any non-family adults stick out in their mind? (Who were they, how did he/she know them? Why do they stick out)?:
Age of first date:
View of authority? What affected that view?
What clique in high school were they associated with?
High school goals:
Did they enjoy high school:
Any extracurricular activities:
How well did they do in school?:


How did they become supernatural:
Thoughts on being supernatural:
Did they want this or was it against their will?:
If person made them that way, how does he/she feel about them?:
Supernatural mentor (who, how did it come about):
Thoughts on other supernatural beings (do they exist, which ones, thoughts on them):
Would they get rid of their supernatural powers if they could?:
Are they trying to live a normal life among mundanes or keep their distance?:
What do they like most about being supernatural?:
What do they like least about being supernatural?:
What adaptations have they had to make but hated, and why?:

Original Character ask meme – Psychology edition #2

1: What does your OC feel is important to be talented at?
2: Does your OC adapt easily to changes in life or do they have a hard time getting accustomed?
3: Does your OC struggle with any type of addictions?
4: How does your OC behave typically under severe stress?
5: What calms your OC down the best under severe stress?
6: Does your OC have an unrealistic view of some area of their life or worldview?
7: What does your OC hate and like about themselves?
8: What does your OC hate and appreciate on others?
9: What maladaptive behavioral models in your OC’s personality do they have to struggle with the most?
10: What type of people does your OC idolize the most?
11: What makes your OC feel most guilt in their life?
12: Is your OC mature or immature for their age?
13: How independent is your OC for their age and life situation?
14: Where and what from does your OC seek most typically comfort from?
15: Is your OC afraid of confrontation or do they seek to lay things down on open?
16: How openly does your OC show their emotions?
17: What does your OC do when they’re dealing with intense emotional pain?
18: What aspect of your OC’s personality or essence do other people usually have a problem with?
19: Is there anything others often admire about your OC?
20: Do other people have misconceptions about some parts of your OC’s personality?
21: How much of an attention seeker is your OC?
22: Does your OC believe in something supernatural or not scientifically proven?
23: Does your OC have a criminal record?
24: Does your OC have any sexual deviances or kinks?
25: How does your OC see their own value in comparison to other people?
26: Does your OC live in self-denial about anything?
27: What does your OC think about the concept of love?
28: Is your OC loyal or more prone of take advantage of people close to them?
29: Is your OC wild/ reckless or do they tend to stay on the safe side inside their comfort zone?
30: What could make your OC cry?

Template series: Characters


Originally posted by alexielapril

Here’s a skeleton character template I’ve been building to help me get to know my characters in the early stages. I’ll update this as I think of more, or will add links when I make posts fleshing out some of these items.

Please like/reblog if using.


main or full name:

basic facts

  • other names and who calls them that
  • sexual orientation and gender identity
  • full birthday, age for most of the story, zodiac sign(s)
  • race (link to race post, if any)
  • universe/story (link to story post, if any)
  • current residence (link to fictional places, if any)
  • relationship status 
  • current occupation (link to job post, if any)


  • hair (color, length, style, thickness, etc.)
  • eyes (color, shape, size, etc.)
  • body (height, posture, build, type, skin tone, etc.)
  • style (everyday fashion style, wardrobe color scheme, favorite clothing items, what climate or temperature they dress for)
  • identifying marks (tattoos, piercings, freckles, scars, moles, injuries)
  • voice/speech (clarity, pitch, speed, control/modulation, vibe, expressiveness)

nature and traits (known and unknown, surface and root)

  • mannerisms
  • motivations
  • desires
  • flaws
  • fears
  • strengths
  • conflicts
  • prejudices
  • talents
  • hobbies
  • personality type(s)
  • conditions
  • self-image
  • typical first impression
  • superstitions
  • outlook on life
  • moral alignment
  • values held 
  • love languages 

affinities (link to their character posts, if any)

  • best friends
  • friends
  • pets/companions
  • family
  • enemies
  • religion (link to fictional religion post, if any)
  • politics (link to fictional political parties post, if any)
  • employer(s) (link to fictional occupations post, if any)
  • influences in childhood
  • influences in adulthood
  • former affiliates 


  • color
  • food
  • possession
  • weapon
  • animal

skills and abilities 

  • languages (link to fictional languages post, if any)
  • technology (link to fictional tech post, if any)
  • magic (link to magical abilities post, if any)
  • social skills 


  • birthplace
  • educational attainment
  • romantic partners 
  • criminal record
  • achievements
  • traumatic events
  • happiest memory
  • most painful memory
  • disabilities 
  • environment raised in
  • past jobs 
i made an oc questionnaire

it is unlike all(most) others 

1: What is your character’s full name?
2: What is their birth?
3: What is/are your character’s favorite show(s)?
4: What kind of drug(s) does your character do?
5: Favorite brand when it comes to shoes?
6: Where does your OC buy most of their clothes? Who pays for them?
7: Can your character cook anything well? If so, what?
8: Would your character sacrifice a friend for $10,000,000
9: What song does your character always sing in the shower?
10: As a child, what did your OC wanna be when they grew up?
11: Favorite kind of alcohol?
12: Who is/are your OC’s best friend(s)?
13: Favorite store?
14: Favorite book?
15: Most visited website(s)?
16: If your OC was a character from King of the Hill who would they be?
17: Propane or charcoal?
18: Favorite troll from Homestuck?
19: Has your character ever complained about how Invader Zim got canceled?
20: Nintendo or Sony?
21: Favorite video game(s)?
22: What’s the password they use for everything?
23: What was their email in the 6th grade?
24: Does your character tan or burn?
25: What invisible illness does your OC live with?
26: If charged by a swarm of wild animals, what wild animal would scare your character the most?
27: Everybody Loves Raymond comes on but the batteries in the remote are dead. Does your character watch ELR or get up and change it?
28: What was their favorite disney show as a kid?
29: If your character is LGBT+, when and how did they realize?
30: Who are your OC’s celebrity crushes?
31: How does your character want to die? How do they actually die?
32: How does your OC deal with having a crush on someone?
33: Did your OC cry at the end of Balto?
34: What Bands does your character own merch to?
35: Emo, scene, goth, or punk?
36: Does your OC use words or fists to argue?
37: Did your OC read the book The Secret? Did it change their lives?
38: Did you character get deeper into My Little Pony than they let on?
39: Spotify or Pandora?
40: Do they pay for music or download it off the web?
41: iPhone or Android?
42: Most used emoji?
43: Do they get lost on IMDB for hours looking up random movie trivia?
44: Remember when Donnie Darko was about to jerk off in his therapists office that was fucked up
45: Does your character think Elijah Wood’s is hot?
46: Does your character believe in the Illuminati
47: What do you think youtube would recommend your character watch?
48: Your OC stops at a gas station to buy a drink. What did they buy?
49: Does your character have an enemy/rival?
50: What kind of blog would/does your character have?(ie: food, aesthetic, SJW, porn, b&w, anime, etc..)

EDIT: hey guys if you use this please tag me in it so i can check out your OCs!!! 

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Do you know any good character questionaires.

Here are just a few of the many available. If you're not fond of these ones, trying googling things like: character development questions, character development surveys, character development questionnaires, character building questions.

- Character Creation Chart
- Character Questionnaire 
- 30 Character Questions
- (in depth) Character Survey
- 365 Character Questions
- 100 Character Development Questions
Character Questionnaire

D&D character questionnaire

Hello folks! I’ve gotten some requests over at Twitter to share the character questionnaire I made for my party a while ago, and thought that you might find it useful as well! So, without further ado, here it is! Under a cut for length <3

(Credit for some questions goes to my dear friend @sgurrdearg, who had us do something similar on a smaller scale for her Flederburgh campaign!)

Keep reading

Shepard Ask Meme

Reblog this and wait if someone sends you a question to get to know your Shepard. Inspired by this ask meme.

Sol System - What is your Shepard’s class, background, military history?

Earth - Where was your Shepard born?

Milky Way - What is your Shepard’s full name? Do they have a nickname?

Constellation - Does your Shepard have a family? Are they alive?

Nebula - Who is your Shepard’s best friend?

Stars - Who is your Shepard’s LI?

Moon - Did your Shepard have any dreams as a child? (dream job, plans for future etc)

Sun - Was there a person in your Shepard’s life that changed their view on life/the world?

Dark nebula - Is there something they’d change about their past?

Dwarf star - When was your Shepard’s first kiss?

Dark energy - Are they a biotic? If yes, how old were they when their powers started to show?

Ion - Does your Shepard have any tech skills? (engineering, hacking etc)

Meteor - Does your Shepard have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?

Stardust - What kind of clothes do they usually wear off-duty? (sporty, elegant or specific clothes like sweatpants, jeans etc)

Comet - What is your Shepard’s sexuality?

Supernova - When did your Shepard decide to join the Alliance? Was there a breaking point in their life that made them to become a soldier?

Black hole - What is your Shepard’s greatest fear?

Star cluster - Does your Shepard have any mental illnesses and if yes, do they visit a therapist or talk to someone about it?

Galaxy - Under what circumstances do they find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?

Medical History Questionnaire

This form is to be completed  by all patients prior to medical treatment. Treatment will only be disbursed upon completion of this form in it’s entirety. Dr. Alastor H. Blake holds the right to refuse service to anyone.

Patient’s Full Name: __________

Date of Birth: __________

Location of Birth: __________

Race: __________

To your knowledge, do you have any outsiders, fey, giants, or other non-humanoid creatures in your bloodline? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Sex: __________

Gender: __________

Deity/Deities (Please include former deities): __________

Are you or could you be pregnant? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Do you smoke? (Circle One):    Y  or  N 

Do you consume alcohol? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Do you have any Allergies? (Circle One):    Y  or  N    

If yes, please list them here: _____________

Do you have any dietary restrictions? (Circle One):    Y  or  N 

If yes, what are they? __________

To your knowledge have you ever accepted food from a fey? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Have you ever formed a pact with a hag, demon, fey. elder god, spirit, or other entity? (Circle One):    Y  or  N   

If yes, what was the nature of the arrangement? _____________

Are you currently or have you ever been cursed? If yes, please elaborate: _____________

Was the curse removed? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Have you ever been kissed by a vargouille, or contracted lycanthropy, mummy rot, blood bane, or any other magical diseases? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

To your knowledge are you currently suffering from any diseases, magical or mundane? (Circle One):   Y or N    

If yes, please elaborate: ___________

Have you ever blacked out for an extended period of time? (Circle One)    Y  or  N    

If yes, what were the circumstances of this blackout? ____________

Have you ever been polymorphed into another organism or material? (Circle One):    Y  or  N     

If yes, please elaborate: __________

Have you ever been possessed by a ghost, demon, hive mind, or other entity? (Circle One):    Y or  N

Have you ever had an organ, limb, or other body part regenerated? (Circle One):    Y  or  N

Have you ever died and been resurrected, reincarnated, or otherwise returned to life? (Circle One): Y or N

Are you or have you ever been undead? (Circle One):    Y  or  N   

If yes, what manner of undead were/are you? __________

Have you ever been the subject of  a scientific experiment, religious ritual, or other procedure? (Circle One):   Y or  N

If yes, please elaborate: __________

To your knowledge, have you ever been poisoned? (Circle One):  Y or N

If yes, what was the agent with which you were poisoned? __________

Do you have any unusual distinguishing visual features, including but not limited to birthmarks, albinism/melanism, or uncommon eye/hair color? (Circle One): Y  or  N

Are you currently suffering from any ongoing medical or supernatural conditions not covered by the above questions?  Y  or  N

If yes, please elaborate: __________

Are you presently taking any medications? (Circle One):    Y  or  N     

If so, please list any medications you are taking: __________

Please list any injuries you have sustained in the past six months: __________

Please list any spells, charms or blessings you have been subject to in the past six months: __________

Do you certify that the information claimed above is correct, to the best of your knowledge? If so, please sign and date here: ___________

“As it is a new year I require all current patients and anyone who wishes to become a patient in the future to fill out an up-to-date medical history. This will allow me to customize treatment to your precise medical needs.”

((Translation: The mun thought it would be a funny and unique way to get to know our muses better if they had to answer questions that pertained to their medical history. I haven’t seen haven’t seen any character questionnaires quite like this. Plus, by muse is a doctor, so I thought the theme would be appropriate.))

OC Questions For NaNoWriMo
  1. Which OC is afraid of the dark?
  2. Which OC loves Scooby-Doo?
  3. Which OC sleeps naked?
  4. Which OC has dated the most people?
  5. Which OC has kissed the most people?
  6. Which OC has slept with the most people?
  7. Which OC loves horror movies?
  8. Which OC is squeamish about blood?
  9. Which OC will eat anything?
  10. Which OC has best fashion sense?
  11. Which OC is the tallest?
  12. Which OC is the shortest?
  13. Which OC posts the most selfies?
  14. Which OC plays an an instrument?
  15. Which OC is closest with their family?
  16. What is _____’s favorite food?
  17. What is _____’s favorite app?
  18. What is _____’s middle name?
  19. What is _____’s star sign?
  20. Does _____ have any scars?
  21. Is _____ afraid of anything?
  22. Does _____ collect anything?
  23. What is _____’s Starbucks order?
  24. What is _____’s favorite genre of book?
  25. Describe _____ by combining 2 fictional characters.
  26. Describe _____ with a song lyric.
  27. Describe _____ in 3 words.
  28. Describe an outfit that _____ would typically wear.
  29. Describe _____’s perfect day.
  30. Would you be friends with _____?

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i'm in love with your story and i've been wanting to make one of my own but don't know how to get started, both story wise and gameplay wise. any tips?

Sandy’s Masterpost for writing a Sim Story!  ✍

I’m so glad you like my story! But I know how it feels not knowing where to start when it comes to writing, it’s so frustrating. So, below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other aspiring storytellers! 

🌸 Inspiration: 

🌸 Planning:

🌸 Plot Developement:

🌸 Character Development:

🌸 Dialogue:

🍁 Pose List Rec:

🍁Lot List Rec:

🍁 Mod List Rec:

🍁 Tutorials:

🍁 Reshade:

❄️ Character Page Rec: (for your blog)


❄️ Some Stories/Legacies that Inspire Me:

This is everything I could think of nonny! I am by no means a great, or even a particularly good storyteller, but I sincerely hope this post helps you, and others, get started! If you ever want to chat more, come off anon and we can talk story ideas! And that applies to all of y’all! 💖

Writing Technique: Character Interview

There’s a technique that some writers use when it comes to the development of their character. It is used to engage their fictional character in an interview like one would read in a magazine. The most important goal of this exercise is to help the writer get to know their character more, which gives them more room to learn than the actual story would allow.  

It’s a great way to challenge yourself into thinking and understanding your characters, while putting depth into their fantasy world. I really do recommend writers to do this because it will help to flesh out their characters, whether it be for one of their original stories or fanfiction.

Ask your characters what you would want to know about them. Be it their favorite color, their relationship with their parents or how they would react in certain situations. The key is to not think to hard on the answer as the writer but to let the characters answer it for themselves. Become the character – answer the questions the way they would answer it. Are they always vague, or sound like they are willing to spill their life story? Do they have an accent or use a lot of slang?

Plus, this is very fun to do when you’re facing a writer’s block. It allows you to take a break from writing the story while still working on it, by getting a better understanding of your characters and the world they are living in.

To save writers some time I compile a list of interview questions. Skip over any questions that you don’t feel ready to answer or those that don’t seem to be relevant or important to you or to your character and/or story.   

Character Interview Questions:

  1. What is your full name? Any nickname(s)? Why were you named that?
  2. How old are you? When is your birthday?
  3. Where were you born?
  4. Where do you live now? Do you like where you are? Why do you like it, if not why not? Is there somewhere else that you perfer?
  5. What race/nationally/species are you? Have people mistaken you for a particular kind?
  6. What is your occupation? Do you like it? What is your boss or employer like? What are your co-workers like? Do you get along with them? Are there any in particular people that you like? Which ones don’t you get along with?
  7. Where does your money come from? Do you work for it? Or do you get it from somewhere else/someone? Do you splurge too much or do you know how to save?
  8. What is your marital status (married, single, separated, in a relationship, divorced)? If married, to who? If divorced, under what terms and why? If separated, why? If married, how long? When and where did you meet your significant other?
  9. Do you have children? How many, what gender and how old are they? Do you get along with them? If not, would you like to have children one day? How many would you like? Do you think you’ll be a good parent?
  10. Who are/were your parents (names, occupations, personalities, etc)? How well do/did you get along with them? What are/were their occupations?
  11. Do you have any siblings? How many? How old are they? What are/were they like? Do you get along with them?
  12. How tall are you? Do you like your height?
  13. How much do you weight?
  14. What color is your hair and your eyes? Would you ever change the colors if you could? Do you wear color contacts and/or hair dye?
  15. Do you have any scars? Tattoos? Birthmarks? Or other unique physical features?
  16. What is your style of clothes? Why do you like that style/dress the way you do? Is it consider practical or fashionable?
  17. What do you wear when you go to sleep? Why do you wear it?
  18. Do you wear any jewelry? If so, is there a reason why you wear it? And how did you get it?
  19. What social class do you belong?
  20. What language do you speak? Do you know more languages?  Is there another language that you love to learn?
  21. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weakness? If so, how has it impacted your life?
  22. Are you right or left handed? Both? Which do you prefer using the most?
  23. What does your voice sound like? Does it change when you’re on the phone? When you are tired?
  24. What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently? Any reason why you say them a lot?
  25. What do you have in your pockets right now?
  26. What do you always carry on you (pocket knife, gum, mints, lighter, etc.)? Why do you always carry it?
  27. What kind of facial expression are you commonly seen with (devious grin, wry smile, cheerfulness, etc.)? What is a rare facial expression for you?
  28. Do you think your face reflects the ‘inner you’ or are looks deceiving? Such as people assume you’re mean because your face appears stern and grumpy when you’re really a friendly person.
  29. What is your favorite pastime?
  30. What is your favorite food? Drink? Candy?
  31. What is your least favorite food? Drink? Candy? Dessert?
  32. What is your favorite desert?
  33. What is your favorite color?
  34. Is there any color that you dislike?
  35. If you have a favorite scent, what is it? Why do you like that scent?
  36. Do you have a favorite (or hated) song? Favorite type of music or instrument?
  37. What are your preferences in arts and/or entertainment?
  38. Do you smoke, drink, go whoring, or use drugs? Why or why not?
  39. How do you spend a typical Saturday night?
  40. What is your most cherished fantasy?
  41. How long is your attention span?
  42. Do you laugh a lot? What do you find funny?
  43. Is there anything that shocks or offends you?
  44. How do you deal with stress?
  45. How athletic are you?
  46. Do you like animals? How do they usually react around you?
  47. Have you had any pets? Do you plan on getting a pet?
  48. Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan?
  49. Are you a morning person?
  50. What are your hobbies or interests?
  51. What are your pet peeves?
  52. What would be the perfect gift for you?
  53. What, if anything, do you like to read?
  54. If you had to teach someone; what kind of teacher would you be: stern, impatient, patient,passionate?
  55. What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
  56. What time of day is your favorite?
  57. What kind of weather is your favorite? What’s your least favorite?
  58. What would you do if someone shot at (or attacked) you?
  59. What would you do if something were stolen from you?
  60. What would you do if you were badly insulted in public?
  61. What would you do if someone embarrassed you?
  62. What would you do and how would you react if you killed someone? What if they were innocent?
  63. What if someone betrayed you? How would you react? What would you do?
  64. What would you do if a good friend or relative were killed by means other than natural death?
  65. What is the one task you would absolutely refuse to do?  
  66. What is your earliest memory?
  67. What was your favorite toy?
  68. What was your favorite game?
  69. Who was your best friend when you were growing up? Are they still your friend? If not, why aren’t they now? Who’s your best friend now?
  70. What is your worst childhood memory?
  71. How much schooling have you had? Did you enjoy it? If not, why? If you didn’t have any, why not?
  72. Where did you learn most of your knowledge and skills?
  73. How would you describe your childhood in general?
  74. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  75. When and with whom was your first kiss?
  76. When and with whom was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
  77. When and with whom was your first crush?
  78. When and with whom was your first date?
  79. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom was your first time getting physical?
  80. When was your first heartbreak?
  81. When was your first time getting injure badly?
  82. What was your first memory of being jealous? What and when was your recent memory of being jealous?
  83. How old were you when you went on your first date?
  84. When you think of your childhood kitchen, what smell does do you associate with it? Sauerkraut? Oatmeal cookies? Paint? Smoke? Why is that smell so resonant for you?
  85. What were you like in high school? What “clique” did you best fit in with, if any?  
  86. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?
  87. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
  88. What is your greatest regret?
  89. What is the most embarrassing or shameful thing that ever happen to you?
  90. Do you have any secrets? If so, what are they?
  91. What is the most evil thing you have ever done?
  92. When was the time you were the most frightened?
  93. Have you ever traveled outside of your country/hometown/homeland/planet? If so, where and when?
  94. Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor? If so, what did this person do to become famous or infamous? What do people assume about you once your ancestry is revealed? Do you try to live up to the reputation of your ancestor, try to live it down, or ignore it?  
  95. What is your alignment (good or evil)?
  96. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic?
  97. Do you have a religion? What is it?
  98. Do you believe in an afterlife?
  99. What is your greatest fear (and your lesser fears)?
  100. Do you think there is anything out there that’s scarier than that? What do you think that would be?
  101. Do you, or did you, have any role models? Do you have any heroes or idols, either contemporary or from legend? If so, have you ever met them? Did you ever become disillusioned with former heroes or idols? If so, why and what were the circumstances?
  102. What makes you angry? Sad? Happy?
  103. Do you think people are basically good or basically evil?
  104. What are your views on politics? Religion? Sex?
  105. What are your views on gambling, theft, and killing?
  106. Do you sometimes lie (white lies or significant lies)? Can people usually tell when you’re lying or are you a really accomplished liar?
  107. How far will you go to defend your beliefs?
  108. How much do you value money?
  109. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?
  110. Do you believe in self-sacrifice for the greater good?
  111. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?
  112. Are you superstitious?
  113. How much do you respect the beliefs and opinions of others?
  114. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings?
  115. Do you have any biases or prejudices?  
  116. Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
  117. Who is the person you respect the most? Who is the person you despite the most? Why?
  118. Do you have a lot of friends? If not, is there someone you consider a friend?
  119. How do you relate to members of the same race? Class? Sex?
  120. How do you relate to members of a different race? Class? Sex?
  121. How do you show affection/love?
  122. Have you ever been in love?
  123. What do you look for in a potential lover?
  124. How do you fall in love? At first sight? Over a long period?
  125. How close are you to your family?
  126. If you’re single, do you want to someday marry (and have a family of your own)?
  127. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?
  128. Are you a listener or a talker?
  129. Are you a leader or a follower?
  130. Do you hold grudges?
  131. Do you like interacting with large groups of people?
  132. How well do you express yourself?
  133. How quickly do you judge others?
  134. Do you care what others think of you?
  135. Do you have any enemies?
  136. How do you handle grief? Do you cry? What about physical pain, how do you handle that?
  137. How long does it usually take for you to trust others? How do you decide if you can trust someone? First impressions? Intuition? Do you test the person somehow? Or are you just generally disposed to trust or not to trust?   
  138. What is your greatest strength as a person? Weakness?
  139. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  140. Are you generally introverted or extroverted?
  141. Do you like yourself?
  142. Do you have a daily routine? How do you feel if your day is interrupted?
  143. What goal do you most want to accomplish in the next six months? Your lifetime?Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
  144. If you could choose, how would you want to die?
  145. If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
  146. What is the one thing you would like to be remembered for after your death?
  147. What three words would other use to best describe your personality?
  148. What three words would others probably used to describe you?  
  149. How do you handle anger? Are you slow to anger or easy to annoy? Are people afraid of you, and if so is this justified?
  150. How do you react to confrontation? Would you give anything for a quiet life or do you enjoy winning an argument or a fight? 
  151. Has anyone or anything you’ve ever cared about died? How did you feel about it? What happened?
  152. What was the worst injury you’ve ever received? How did it happen?
  153. Do you have any bad habits? If so, what are they, and do you plan to get rid of them?
  154. What would you wish for if you found a genie? What if they were three wishes (and no you can’t wish for more wishes)?
  155. What do you do when you are bored?
  156. If you are a fighter, you must have some minimal training with a weapon so where did you get that weapon and who (a friend, your boss, a parent, military instructor, teacher, etc.) taught you how to use it? Why are you a fighter?
  157. You’re getting ready for a night out. Where are you going? What do you wear? Who will you be with?  
  158. If you’re a heterosexual, what would you do if your were hit on by the same sex? What would you say?
  159. What if you were hit on by another intelligent species? What would you do and say?
  160. What would you do if out of the blue someone tells you that they love you?
  161. If you were sick how would you react? What would you do?
  162. If someone was hurt and bleeding what would you do? What is your reaction to it?
  163. If you were to be marooned on an island with one person of your choice, who would it be?
  164. Which is your favorite curse word?
  165. Which is your favorite term of endearment (ex: doll, baby, babe, cutie, dear, honey, sweetie, darling, princess, etc.), if any? Who would you use it on and why? Has anyone ever used a term of endearment on you?
  166. What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
  167. It is a dark night, you are alone, it is raining outside, you hear someone walking around outside your window and that isn’t normal. Who do you call and/or what do you do?
  168. If you are lost in a forest, what would you do? 
  169. How do animals act around you (are they terrified, friendly, aggressive etc..)? 
  170. What kind of weather do you prefer? 
  171. Are you able to sleep during the day? Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Do you drool, sleeptalk, snore, sleepwalk, have nightmares or dreams?
  172. Where do you go to be alone?
  173. What’s in your refrigerator right now?
  174. What’s on your nightstand?
  175. Do you cook? Are you good at it? If you cook, what do you like to make? If not, why aren’t you good at it?
  176. What do you usually eat when you aren’t in the mood to cook? Or what take-out do you order?
  177. Do you do your own laundry? Do you fold the clothes or simply stuff them into the drawers?
  178. What would you do if you caught someone stealing from you? What would you do if they were stealing from someone else?
  179. Do you like to dance? Would you dance at a wedding? What if someone you love wants you to dance with them, would you do it? If not, why?
  180. What color is your underclothes/underwear, if any?
  181. Do you flirt? If so, what is your style? Does it work? 
  182. If you were frozen for 50 (or 100) years or teleported into the future, how would you react? What would you think about? What are the first few things you would like to know about in the future?
  183. What do you think your evil counterpart would be like? What qualities would you think they would have? Or not have? Anything you think they would be better at?
  184. What if you were being haunted by a ghost? What would you do? How would you handle that? What if it’s someone you know? What if it’s out to get you, to hurt you?
  185. What would you do if you learned you were possessed (be it a demon, a ghost, a parasite or something), and done things you would have never done? How would you handle that information?
  186. What would you do if you learned that everything you thought you knew was all a lie? That you’re not who you are? That you were just a puppet, following someone’s orders all along? Or worst that you are a copy…a clone of someone else? Or that you were created and implanted with the memories/thoughts/personality belonging to someone else?

Note: I will come back to this once in a while to add more questions. If you think up some questions, please feel free to let me know and I’ll add them on. Hopefully, over time this can be the ultimate character interview/questionnaire that writers can use. Also, please let me know if there are any mistakes, such as repeats or similar questions listed.

"Finish the sentence" character development

Imagine you are your character. Each of the dot points below is the start of a sentence. How might your character finish it?

  • When someone gets in my way
  • When someone treats me unfairly
  • Rules are
  • I couldn’t possibly
  • I once felt guilty when
  • Women think
  • People embarrass me when they
  • I would get really angry if
  • Men are
  • Perfection
  • Failure
  • Family
  • Intuition
  • It’s better to
  • Sex
  • It really annoys me when
  • Experience
  • Life
  • Children ought to
  • It scares me that
  • Logic
  • Fun can
Getting Inside Your Character’s Head (and Heart) And Why It’s Important

            In writing a believable character, it helps to know them inside out. You should intimately know their emotions, their reactions, their motivations, and why they are the way they are. Creating a character is a very intimate process, and sometimes to depict them properly or help further develop them for your own benefit (which translates to your writing), you need to know things about them that aren’t essentially in whatever piece you’re working on. It allows YOU, the writer, to know them as a real person and portray them as such. Some things you make up/know about your character will make it into your larger work and some of them won’t, but knowing how your character would react if they had the opportunity to kill someone lets you know what kind of person they are and develop them as such. Since characters often move away from what the writer originally intended (“Dammit! You’re supposed to do what I tell you to do! Stop whatever it is you’re doing immediately! I am your God!), intimately knowing your characters can be a little difficult.

You can accomplish getting inside their head and hearts and discovering them as people in many different ways. I know one writer who constructs extremely detailed family trees and histories in order to know how those factors particularly influence her characters decisions and relationships, even if her character’s family is barely mentioned. Another writer I know will stalk her friends, and watch them and their actions and connect what she knows about them with how they act, and then translates that into her writing. You can also do prompts involving your characters, or you can fill out character questionnaires, such as the one below. It’s essentially a questionnaire for your imaginary friend.

Character Questionnaire #1

  1. What is your characters worst childhood memory? Is it something that still affects them today? If so, how?
  2. What scents trigger memories, either good or bad, when your character is exposed to it?
  3. If your character committed a crime, what crime would it be?
  4. What are your characters favourite hobbies, and how did those hobbies develop?
  5. A person important to your character said something that has stuck with them for years. What was it, and who said it?
  6. If your character had the chance to kill someone and get away with it, would they do it?
  7. If so, who would they kill, and how?
  8. What is your character’s favourite book, and why?
  9. Create a brief immediate family tree. Who is on it? Who is your character close to?
  10. What is the most embarrassing moment your character has ever experienced?
  11. What is considered a quiet night in for your character? What do they do?
  12. What chores does your character enjoy/hate doing, and why?
  13. Your character just received some news, and they need money, quick. How would they react, and how would they get it?
  14. Does your character identify with a certain animal? Why?
  15. What would be your character’s ideal vacation, and why?

i was talking to my mom today (she is also a writer) and we came up with what i think is a really useful and unusual character questionnaire, so i thought i’d share:

  1. What patterns (of behaviors, events, relationships, etc) does your character see in their life?
  2. What kind of life narrative has your character constructed for themselves based on these patterns? In other words, what meaning have they made from the patterns?
  3. How does that narrative/meaning influence their actions, relationships, decisions, etc., whether it’s conscious or not?
  4. What about your character (actions, beliefs, experiences, etc) runs counter to the narratives, the meanings, or the patterns?
  5. What patterns do others see in your character that your character doesn’t?

I made a short, simple character questionnaire, with important basic questions that I think NEED to be answered about your character’s personality. They should be easy to answer, so have fun~

Let me know if there’s something you think I should add, even though this is meant to be kept very simple. And as always, feel free to contact me for anything character-related; I’ll be happy to help you develop your OCs in any way I can :D

(OC questionnaire under the cut)

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Financial– wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty / n/a
✖ Medical– fit / moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged
✖ Class or Caste– upper / middle / working  / slave / unsure
✖ Education– qualified / unqualified / studying
✖ Criminal Record– yes / yes, for minor crimes / has aided / committed crimes but not caught yet


✖ Marital Status– married, happily / married, unhappily / engaged (in Trash Timeline only, and also up for debate because she left the country and hasn’t been heard of since) / partnered (FL!verse only sort of) / single / divorced / widow or widower / separated
✖ Children– has a child or children (Trash Timeline, and has not officially recognized the child) / no children (modern au definitely) / wants children / had a child
✖ Family– close with sibling(s) / not close with sibling(s) / has no sibling(s) / sibling(s) are deceased
✖ Affiliation– orphaned/ adopted / disowned / raised by birth parent(s) (until they died, thereafter by aunt and uncle)


extroverted / introverted / in-between
disorganized / organized / in-between
closed-minded / open-minded / in-between
disagreeable / agreeable / in-between
cautious / reckless / in-between
patient / impatient / in-between
outspoken / reserved / in-between
leader / follower / in-between
empathetic / apathetic / in-between
optimistic / pessimistic / in-between
traditional / modern / in-between (Trash Timeline or canon: traditional, old money, pro-landowning class / FL AU modern in terms of economic philosophy / fairy servant AU traditional / modern AU in-between)
hard-working / lazy / in-between (hardworking once he gets the bug)
cultured / uncultured / in-between
loyal / disloyal / unknown
faithful / unfaithful / unknown


Faith– monotheistic / polytheistic / atheist / agnostic / nontheist
✖ Belief in Ghosts/Spirits– yes / no / don’t know / don’t care (believes in them only on hard evidence, which in some verses he has)
✖ Belief in Afterlife– yes / no / don’t know / don’t care (see above)
✖ Belief in Reincarnation– yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
✖ Belief in Aliens– yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
✖ Philosophical– yes / no


✖ Sexuality– heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / asexual / pansexual / demisexual / greysexual
✖ Sex– sex repulsed / sex neutral / sex favorable
✖ Romance– romance repulsed / romance neutral / romance favorable (IT’S COMPLICATED)
✖ Sexually– adventurous / experienced / naive / inexperienced / curious
✖ Potential Sexual Partners– male / female / agender / none / all
✖ Potential Romantic Partners– male / female / agender / none/ all


✖ Combat Skills– excellent / good / moderate / poor / none
✖ Literacy Skills– excellent / good / moderate / poor / none (better than mun’s ;_;)
✖ Artistic Skills– excellent / good / moderate / poor / none (he tries so hard at those terrible sonnets)
✖ Technical Skills–excellent / good / moderate / poor / none (if he can look it up he can figure it out)


✖ Drinking Alcohol– never / sometimes / frequently / to excess / rarely
✖ Smoking– trying to quit / never / sometimes / frequently / to excess (Trash Timeline and FL AU: successfully quit / fairy servant AU: smokes like a demon / modern AU: keeps falling off the wagon)
✖ Other Narcotics– never / sometimes / frequently / to excess (on other people)
✖ Medicinal Drugs– never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
✖ Indulgent Food– never / sometimes / frequently / to excess (inapplicable, he doesn’t like trash food and the occasional chocolate never hurt anyone)
✖ Splurge Spending– never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
✖ Gambling– never / sometimes / frequently / to excess

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Character Questionnaire
  1. Where is your character’s homeland?
  2.  How did it influence your character?
  3.  What kind of distinguishing features do they have?
  4.  Do they have a birthmark? Where is it? What shape is it? Do they have scars? Where and how did they get them?
  5.  What is the characters home like?
  6.  When your character thinks of their childhood kitchen, what smell does she associate with it? Sauerkraut? Oatmeal cookies? Paint? Why is that smell so resonant for them?
  7.  If they have a favorite scent, what is it?
  8.  Where does your character go when they’re angry?
  9.  Where do they put their favorite possessions while they’re sleeping?
  10.   Where does your character sleep and what does it look like?
  11.  What is their normal daily routine?
  12.  Are they introvert or extroverted? Why?
  13.  What are their mannerisms and demeanor like?
  14.  What is something they do differently from most people?
  15.  What is their idea of good entertainment?
  16. How old would they see themselves as if they did not know their age?
  17.  What do they want or need most? What would they be willing to do for it?
  18. If they were to die and come back as another person or creature, what would they want it to be? What would it really be?
  19.  How would they like to die?
  20. Write a paragraph richly describing your character.