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Characters & Relationships We Need to Write About More
  • Healthy, strong sibling bonds
  • Two supportive, active parents
  • Men who are open with emotions of all kind
  • Women who have no weak spots for romantic love
  • Hardened characters who (professionally) care for kids, animals, or the elderly and are sweet with them
  • Pansexual and lesbian characters in sci fi
  • Intense newly-formed friendships
  • Lust at first sight, reluctantly (& eventually) in love
  • MCs who aren’t naturally or easily athletic 
  • Lazy do-gooders
  • Unlikely cat people
  • Someone who’s known for being a good singer/musician but would rather pursue math or science
  • Men who are rough but aren’t condescending to women
  • Non-humans who live in a human world and have a cultural identity crisis
  • Characters that willfully go to a therapist
  • Women with careers AND a rich, full family/social life
  • Dedicated teachers
  • A character that got a degree in business/finances/tech to have a secure job and save up for a lifelong dream
  • A woman who lives in an isolated area/home alone and prefers it that way
  • Divorced parents and step-parents that care about each other and work hard to be a loving support network for the kids involved
  • Sex workers that are not angels or demons, but complex characters like everyone else
  • Stay at home dads
  • Recovering alcoholics/addicts that have been clean for years and help other trying to get clean
  • A deadbeat, unemployed female character
  • Rough characters who are also bookworms
  • Kids who are just as emotionally intelligent as the adults
BnHA Profile: Aizawa Shouta

Aizawa is one of the cleverest, most underrated characters in BnHA, and I’m not just saying that because he’s voiced by Suwabe and therefore immediately on Lethey’s Love List. This is a guy that sort of drags himself through life, doing good deeds without seemingly getting a lot of satisfaction from it. He’s almost an anti-hero even though he’s more pure than several of the other characters in the series. So let’s break him down.

Out of the Limelight

Aizawa is an ‘underground’ hero. He avoids the media, he stays out of all the flashy stuff and really, the only reason people like Izuku know his name is because, well, Izuku is a massive nerd.
As a hero, but also personality-wise, Aizawa is a clear foil for All Might. One is always smiling, embracing fame to become a symbol of peace that stops villains everywhere from even wanting to start shit. He’s super flashy, cares deeply about appearance and also he’s just… huge and muscular.
Eraserhead, meanwhile, has a resting bitch face, looks like he hasn’t showered in days, wears basic black pyjamas wherever he goes and he shrinks back from attention like a vampire seeing the first rays of the sun.
This contrast extends to their fighting style. All Might is all about power and speed. He’s an all-rounder that overwhelms his opponents with a super-quirk. Meanwhile, Aizawa is an incredibly specialised hero that needs a clear strategy and an extensive knowledge of martial arts to even stand a chance. In many ways All Might is to Aizawa what Izuku is to Shinsou, someone blessed with overwhelming power and therefore hard to deal with. It’s not really that difficult to see why they don’t get along very well.

 (spoilers from the manga under the cut) (also this stuff is just really long ok)
(I have many feels)(and many opinions)

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Introducing Class F, the satellite Reform Division of U.A. High School. All of the students on this campus were well on their way to becoming villains before being arrested by juvenile detention services and brought to Class F. Here they are shown their potential for good and trained to be heroes. It’s up to the students to decide whether they will take this opportunity for a second chance or continue along their original paths towards lives of crime.

(Note: I will not be writing this crossover, but if anyone wants to take this framework and make something, please do!! I just ask that you tag or notify me so that I can enjoy your creations!!)  

Standby Test Pilot Saturn—♄
WANTED FOR HIJACKING BY: Celestial Mechanics
[Stolen] Ship-Self: Interloper Prototype String of Pearls
Combat Style: Button Mashing
Bedroom Style: Button Mashing
Saturn was the reserve pilot for an existentially horrifying weapon Celestial Mechanics absolutely promised everyone they weren’t trying to make, but now it’s hers! Now their plans are at the mercy of Saturn’s attention span and if they can persuade her to do her job instead of finding older women to get missile salvoed by.

Saturn is one of the three playable protagonists of Heaven Will Be Mine, a visual novel about giant robots and the lesbians who get into trouble with them. She’s also the sole protagonist of the demo debuting at PAX West!

I’m not the best at translating but I think it’s saying that Hawks’s name is Takahiro, and that the inspiration for his character came from some Bird Human that was burned up. It could either be the Icarus story or another story i’m not fully sure. His favorite food is chicken and He’s not really tiny apparently and I still love him. 

Guys take this with a grain of salt I’m not fully confident in my translation abilities.



My translating game isn’t all that great guys. His name isn’t Takahiro, but his design is based off a character named Takahiro. Thank you @lxcoris for helping me out there. You guys can get a better rough translation of Hawks page here

Blue Grunt Profiles

Grunt G AKA “lil G”
Eyes: Green

Grunt H’s bff. Good friends with Grunt F. Bad with bleach. Possibly a crush on Guzma.

Grunt H
Eyes: Gray

Lil’ G’s bff. Grunt K’s boyfriend (somehow). Has ideas about what it means to be a “tough guy.”

Grunt T
Eyes: Brown

Likes eyeshadow. Loves his pokemon like his babies.

Grunt R
Eyes: Dark Brown

Defector from decadence. Secretly dating an Aether Foundation employee.

Grunt C
Eyes: Blue
Has yet to notice he has bad luck. His dad is a yamask.

Grunt B
Eyes: Blue
Bad at make-up. Thinks Moon is just the best.

Veteran Pilot Luna-Terra—♁
Contracted To: Memorial Foundation [Probationary]
Ship-Self: Original Archetype Mare Crisium
Combat Style: Untouchable Sniper and Saboteur, Nicknamed “The Ghost”
Texting Style: Nicknamed “The Ghost” For a Second Reason

A first generation pilot and veteran of the war that was never fought, widely feared despite her outdated mecha, Luna-Terra fought for Cradle’s Graces after their split from Memorial Foundation but double-crossed them to return. Luna-Terra’s terrible reputation and cold personality earns her distrust from her own side and sloppy hookups from pilots who don’t know how to love themselves.

Luna-Terra is one of the three playable protagonists of Heaven Will Be Mine, a visual novel about giant robots and the lesbians who get into trouble with them.

Pink Grunt Profiles

Grunt F
Eyes: Hazel
Good friends with lil’ G. Doesn’t like eyeshadow. Good cook.

Grunt L
Eyes: Brown
Short hair. A little sensitive. Good with computers.

Grunt V
Eyes: Maroon
Fashion-forward. Has a long-distance girlfriend.

Grunt K
Eyes: Blue
Grunt H’s girlfriend. Can be more herself in Team Skull. Has an older brother who hooks the grunts up with vitamins.

Grunt C
Eyes: Pink
Loves blue pokemon. Very salty

Grunt Z
Eyes: Green
Insatiable sweet tooth

Grunt E
Eyes: Purple. Yep, totally naturally purple.
Easily bribed.

Ark Pilot Pluto—♇
Princess of: Cradle’s Graces
Ark-Self: Creation Star Type Krun Macula
Combat Style: Finding Your Struggles Extremely Adorable
Relationship Style: Telling You What A Good Job You Did Struggling

Pluto is a prodigy of the international space program’s research into gravity and culture, cultivated from childhood to create a new home for humanity and crush their enemies. Humanity has given up on the space program, but Pluto hasn’t given up on humanity—they might disappoint her endlessly, but they’re too cute to give up on.

Pluto is one of the three playable protagonists of Heaven Will Be Mine, a visual novel about giant robots and the lesbians who get into trouble with them.

Character Profiles Masterlist

Now that they’re all up, here’s the easy way to see them all if anyone’s interested or needs them! Sorry about the mass posting all at once, this is it now, I promise!

I hope they’re helpful to anyone who uses them or has a look!

anonymous asked:

Do you ever know exactly what personality you want to give your character but you can't put it into words for a profile page, if that makes sense?

Hi! I feel like I know exactly what you mean, it’s so hard to just put it into words. I often have the situation where I can picture how a character will act in a certain circumstance, but an overall description of their personality just ends up being a big ‘bleh’ thrown all over the page/screen.

Maybe this will help! Here’s a few links that are Kel-approved that could get you started with some adjectives, details, or quirks that you could tie in to a profile to give people a good description.

100+ Traits Your Character May Possess

500 (holy shite) Character Quirks and Traits

Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles (could be woven into paragraphs)

Character Chart (great for people who detail personality as well as appearance/voice/back story)

There’s some bits to start with, if it helps! Feel free to let me know if you all want more links to guides that I find useful. :)


Here’s the full set!
Prince of the blue desert, Karamatsu, and the 6 bosses he meets on his quest to collect stardust!

Prince of the green desert, Choromatsu (3rd floor)
Prince of the pink desert, Todomatsu (7th floor)
Prince of the yellow desert, Jyuushimatsu (11th floor)
Prince of the purple desert, Ichimatsu (15th floor)
Prince of the red desert, Osomatsu (19th floor)
Prince of the white desert, Kamimatsu (25th floor)

- Mod Ichinya ☼

Little Quirks and Habits for your OC
  • swinging their arm a little when holding hands
  • when they wear jewelry, they fidget with it
  • holding their silverware differently
  • picking certain vegetables out of their food
  • folding their laundry very specifically
  • scheduling their day beforehand
  • they’re particular about which playlist they listen to and when
  • not liking sweet or savory smells
  • liking very niche art
  • their room is neat but their car is messy (or vice versa)
  • eating finger food a certain way
  • they’re serious about sunscreen and hydration
  • loud, offkey, unashamed singing along to music in public
  • odd accessory they always wear
  • frequent paint stains and paint under their nails 
  • scribbles and notes on their wrist/hand
  • the ability to fall asleep anywhere
  • a deep affinity for a specific snack food
  • saving small pictures from magazines and things
  • very stiff or loose dance style
  • ability to dance anywhere, even without music
  • able to quote any popular movie
  • knows a lot about a niche topic
  • does funny voices when talking
  • uncanny ability to guess someone’s height/age/weight