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Game of Thrones 30 Day Challenge

Day 1 - Favourite Male Character? - Theon Greyjoy

“Your name is Theon Greyjoy, last surviving son of Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, do you hear me?” - Sansa Stark


Let’s Play a Game: Did Theon say it or did Jon?

“And for one instant it seemed as if it were Bran’s face carved into the pale trunk of the weirwood, staring down at him with eyes red and wise and sad.”

“If he was remembered at all it would be as a turncloak, an oathbreaker, and a murderer.”

“I have done terrible things … betrayed my own, turned my cloak, ordered the death of men who trusted me … but I am no kinslayer.”

“A ruined man, a ruined castle. This is my place.”

“Even then he had known it was a child’s folly.”

“My seat. My hall. My home. My command. A ruin.”

“But that had only been a child’s fancy.”

“I have no right. Winterfell belongs to the old gods.”

“This is not my place. The Heart tree stood before him, a pale giant with a carved face and leaves like bloody hands.”

“Wary, he circled the smooth white trunk until he came to the face. Red eyes looked at him. Fierce eyes they were, yet glad to see him. The weirwood had Bran’s face. Had Bran always had three eyes?”

“Other men turned away at the sight of him. One spat. And why not? He was the traitor…”

“…weeping, pleading with him to leave her babes alone, but he ripped the children from her arms and hacked their heads off, then swapped the heads around and told her to sew them back in place.”

“For the rest of his life –however long that might be– he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name.”

“He was who he was… oathbreaker, motherless, friendless, and damned.”

A Stark at last, he thought.”

Tumblr: please give us more realistic mentally ill characters!!
Theon Greyjoy: *realistic reaction to seeing triggering images of abuse and torture, doesn’t magically overcome PTSD in a day, gives in to mental illness despite wanting to save his sister, regrets his actions*
Tumblr: UGH what a COWARD you suck!!

So i just read an article about the most satisfying deaths on TV and they mentioned Ramsay, and between the reasons they gave for wanting his death were the facts that he “abused” Sansa, killed Rickon and almost killed Jon.

I mean, Jon Snow had already died so i don´t think it would have made any sense to kill him again a few chapters after his resurrection.I don´t think the way they referred to Sansa´s rape and mental abuse was accurate …but what i wanted to say is…

why the fuck don´t they even mention the fact that he tortured Theon, that he cut his dick, that he reduced Theon self to almost nothing, making him feel like nothing, making him loose all the courage he had left (Yes i know he later got kinda better but still…)? Yes, Theon is important, so i don´t think you can consider his torture anecdotic. It isn´t a joke, and it is one of the most traumatizing parts in Game of thrones.

Just a reminder that Theon is important and some of us do care about him.

Imagine: Theon being jealous when you´re around with Jon.

Theon is carefully watching how you and Jon train in the yard. He instantly feels his blood boiling when Jon hits you to the ground and then you pull him towards you and both start laughing.

Robb: What are you looking at? *says and looks towards you and Jon*

Theon: Nothing. *growls*

Robb: Now I see. *chuckles*

Theon: You should not let Y/N play with swords like that… or with him. She could get hurt, you know?

Robb: She´ll be just fine. You are just jealous that she is not playing with your sword. *laughs*

Theon: Oh, piss off. 

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I'm curious about your views on Ned, because at times it seems like Ned is blamed for everything (including Jamie) and the problematic view Ned should have gotten over it is disturbing. He's a core person in many lives, so I understand holding him to higher/harsher standard than other characters. I'm wondering if are you trying to explain the ripple effects-not necessarily condemning him-or trying to highlight his negative sides to look deeper at what cultivates emotional problems?

I’m not quite sure if you mean that you think I’m too hard on Ned or if you think people generally are too hard on Ned? Like, you can disagree with me about Ned, but you’re asking about positions I don’t take - I don’t “blame him for everything,” believe he should have just gotten over everything, or hold him to a higher standard than other characters, and I don’t think any of those things are particularly prevalent in fandom – but I’ll try and elaborate on what I think and what I’ve noticed in other responses.

I don’t, for example, judge Ned for not having “gotten over” the trauma he experienced during the Rebellion. In a lot of ways, he dealt with it as well as could be reasonably expected. I do, however, judge Ned for his failure to stow that baggage for five or ten minutes a decade in order to give Jon a little bit of peace of mind about his mother. There was no risk or cost to telling Jon the aspects of the truth that would have done the kid the most good – that his mother didn’t abandon him, that she was a good person and she and Ned had cared about each other, and that was why Ned had chosen to claim and raise Jon as his son – except that Ned would’ve had to suck it up and go near a painful topic for the space of a single conversation. That’s cold.

But yes, as you say, I do think it’s worth taking apart how his own character and experiences affected so many other important characters. Looking at Ned from this angle, it does take some direct effort to think critically, because so many of those characters are POVs who can’t know why Ned acted the way he did or understand how those actions affected them. Then there’s the general in-universe hagiography which has built up around The Ned, which does rile up at at least my skepticism.

I do, for example, really reject the in-universe framing of Theon’s situation. You can say that taking Theon hostage is something Ned had to do, given his social context and position (even if other characters who have to do some other awful stuff aren’t let off the hook nearly as often as Ned is). He didn’t have to allow his men to beat Theon. Theon is the only one of the kids that remembers this happening to him, and whether or not he was singled out, there’s a different power dynamic when you’re talking about a hostage. He didn’t have to make Theon carry Ice to watch executions, which is some sick shit to do to a teenager you are holding hostage. But those things did happen, and it says something about Ned that he was completely indifferent to them. (He thinks about Theon exactly twice, and only in context of using Theon against Balon.)

So overall, I think Ned is complicated. He’s lived a complicated life and he reacts to that in a way that strikes me as being pretty true to how people are. He’s overall a sympathetic figure, and he copes with some challenges in ways that I think are better than most people would be able to do. But he also had some serious shortcomings which affected a lot of the people around him. His tendency to stick his head in the sand when it comes to large public sphere conflicts manifests as a streak of callousness he shows toward children in his care, which again, I am not saying is the worst thing ever, but for me personally is jarring. And seeing the character in that light, The Ned’s martyr-hero status can feel a little dissonant.


get to know me meme [9/30] male characters theon greyjoy
“ you act as if i volunteered to go. you gave me away, if you remember. the day you bent the knee to robert baratheon. after he crushed you. did he take what was yours, then? you gave me away! your boy! your last boy! you gave me away like i was some dog you didn’t want anymore. and now you curse me because i’ve come home. ”


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My friend, one week after knowing me: Why do you like Theon though? He’s not even one of the main characters and his personality sucks. He even betrayed the Starks and…

My friend today, a year afterwards: I mean… Theon is not even evil, why do people hate him so much? He didn’t deserve what happened, it wasn’t even his fault. In the books he…

Me: Yes. My job here is finally done.