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I am a shame to the Zim fanbase for taking so long just to produce ONE PIECE OF FAN ART TwT"

However I guess i’m glad I waited so long. Words cannot possibly describe how proud I am at this piece! (CAN SOMEBODY SAY IMPROVEMENT?! :“‘DDD)
Anyways I hope you enjoy the pic of one of my number one favorite cartoon villain of all time and one of the huge inspirations for the upcoming DisCourt series!
Also you can bet that i’ll be looking forward to the upcoming Invader Zim comic book series

Invader Zim © Johnen Vasquez and Viaco


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DIB: You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re just too embarrassed to say it. 
ZIM: I beg to differ, Dib-human. 
DIB: Then how come your gnomes don’t even bother to attack me anymore when I come into your base? Why are you even letting me answer some of these questions? That right there is proof that we’re friends!
DIB: Oh come on! We both know you’re not really going to do that.

Recently Jhonen talked with Comic Book Resources about the series and says fans can expect to see some whole new character to join many of the well known fan favorites from the show.

“Yeah, that’s the plan. I’m not really interested in the comic just being a “Hey, remember this guy or that guy” thing, ya know? I don’t want any of us to be writing fanfic of our own creation where we pull out all the familiar stuff and wink at an audience that only wants to see only what they already know. The first two issues, the ones I am writing, they’re familiar in that all our main cast are there, but it’s no fun if they’re just trapped and defined by what they were doing a decade ago. Sure, there’ll be plenty of people angry at us for making Dib a flying lizard that can transform into a fixie bike only when he’s frightened, but art evolves, people.”

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