character: zim

[[ I had a ball drawing this. Pretty much used Zim as my guinea pig to test out a bunch of different tools with Ibis Paint X.

I’m fairly pleased with how it came out though there are certainly a few details I’d like to correct if I where to draw something similar to this in the future. It was also my first time doing nebula and galaxies so it was a shit ton of fun.

I’m preparing for possible commissions in the future, so if there’s any way I can improve, I’m all ears 😸 I’m also always open for requests and ideas, my ask box is always open! ]]

There's Not a Star in Heaven That We Can't Reach [working title] (PREVIEW)

So here’s a preview of a one-shot I started on back in…I think August or September…? I meant to have it completed and published on the autumnal equinox, since the story takes place in the fall, but…life and stuff got in the way. lol

I recall coming up with the idea for this one while swinging at the park, which is one of my favorite pastimes. I haven’t figured out how it’s going to end, and I can’t tell you anything else about the story, but I just…I have so much love for stories where Zim calms down and realizes that perhaps Earth isn’t as awful [unsalvageable, even] as he originally thought; in fact, at times, Earth can be…a really nice place. ^-^

I’m also a HUGE SUCKER for Zim and his minions bonding and ZADF. So that will be featured in my future works quite often. 😉

Hope you enjoy this bit. Please feel free to tell me what you think so far! I have seen MOST of, but not EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, of Invader Zim (though I received a box set for Christmas, so I’m working on doing so…;D), so I’d love to know if there’s something I’ve forgotten about or don’t know. 😊

(Also, yes, the working title is a High School Musical reference…xD

Speaking of HSM, that movie is…12 years old now, apparently. I wanna cry; I’m so old…😭)

Zim suddenly found himself being dragged to the left against his will.

THEY GOTS NEW SWIIIINGS!” the little robot cried out with joy. “An’ they’re BEAUTIFUL!” He tugged at his leash just like a real dog would if it spotted a squirrel. “Can me ‘n Minimoose go? Please?!”

“Aaaabsolutely not,” Zim said as he pulled GIR to a halt. “It’ll be getting dark in a few hours, and we need to return to the base before-”

Pleeeeease?” GIR’s fabric-covered optics widened and threatened to fill up with tears. Minimoose attempted to copy GIR and let out a squeaky plea of his own.

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FOUND this and needed to share it. I DID NOT MAKE THIS. It’s by KhalidSMShahin.

Zim having a bit of a arrogance to the fact that he and Gir are bilingual and hoping to confuse his new alien bf is funny.. .but Dib’s pak can translate any human language as well as help him speak them cause ofc Dib would download every language to make sure he has no communication issues. For some reason, that gets Zim a lil flustered tho~ 

Forgot that I had this chillin’ on my desktop so I decided to color it vwv ~ We’re teetering in between fandoms here y’all lol Sonic and Zim as well as Sabers junk.