character: zim

[[ Digital Art has never been my strong suit. Like ever. But I downloaded this neat drawing app onto my phone and it works great, so I’ve been practicing here and there and I thought it was time to try something a little bigger. And I love drawing other peoples OC’s more than my own so I thought I’d do a test run with @irkenmedicpepper ’s salty bean, Pepper. I love the app so much that I am debating on getting a stylus. The only downfall is literally 1/3 of the touch on the upper half of my screen doesn’t work. But that probably won’t stop me from doing more in the future. It would be really neat to start doing comics and such. But until then, the medic will see you now~..]]

may wanna high res to see all this garbage.

hA i started playing around with ideas for what zims disguise would look like if it wasn’t total shit as well wOW i think zim and dib would make p hilarious rivals if dib wasn’t always suspecting zim of being an ailen too IDK its 7 am and i’m thinking about cartoons too much again