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OC Questions

1. Do they have any embarrassing stories?
2. Can they lie easily?
3. Are they tech savvy?
4. Do they believe in ghosts?
5. How do they solve a problem, logically or with feeling?
6. Do they like to be physically active?
7. Do they respect the authority in their world?
8. How would they try to get themselves out of a parking ticket?
9. Do they have any weird talants?
10. Do they like nature?

dannyschedios  asked:

What do u think bout LGBT people and their representation in public work? This question just came to my mind while I was working on my fiction, which includes two gay and a lesbian couples, and a genderfluid girl. Not to mention that I'm LGBT myself. Bye.

i feel like LGBT people don’t have nearly enough representation, especially positive representation, in public work/media. a lot of representation of gay people in media is either hypersexualized or plays on stereotypes, and it’s incredibly rare to find trans people being represented positively, let alone at all, in media. and pretty much every other sexuality and gender are basically nonexistent in media as far as i’ve seen.

so it’s always refreshing to see LGBT representation, especially in something mainstream like Overwatch having Tracer, a canon lesbian, being the poster-child of the franchise. representation seems to be getting better than it has been, but there is always room for improvement and there can never be enough!!

Character Question by Mod Lizard Wizard

Mod Meme Damage: Samurai

Mod Exasperated Sigh: Samurai

Mod Mom Friend: Either hacker bc the bird looks smol and pure and too good for this world or the samurai solely because the bird looks like the sword is too big for it and that’s Donna with literally everything.

escalusia  asked:

Mage and Paladin

Mage: What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school?

When I was younger, we had a tutor that would come to the home to teach my sister and I. We both hated writing class. We were expected to have great penmanship, but I really just wanted to play in the ink. My hands were smacked many times for that! As I got older, I began to hate the classes that required way too much reading. I was always daydreaming of other things my teenage self would rather be doing. *chuckles*

Paladin: What’s something you believe very strongly in?

Fate. I believe everything has a reason for happening. That mentality has kept me sane throughout the years. On a bit of a similar note, I also believe what goes around will eventually come back around. To be a cruel individual just for the sake of it will always catch up with you - I know this.

(Thank you for the questions!)

anonymous asked:

Prompt list: Lizzington #7 ❤️

7. “I never say no to a picnic.”

Oh, I’m so thrilled, anon! I was hoping for this one in particular. :) Below the cut <3

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20 Questions Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @pinebon

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Em, sometimes my last name

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: short (this is bad I don’t know my own height)

Time right now: 12:45pm

Last Thing I Googled: Halsey hopeless fountain Kingdom

Favorite Bands: Paramore, The Wombats, Walk The Moon

Favorite Solo Artist: Taylor Swift

Song Stuck In Your Head: I will wait for you by Mumford and Sons

Last Movie I Watched: the new Dance Academy movie

Last TV Show I Watched: Madam Secretary

When Did You Create Your Blog: uhh I don’t know? 2014 I think?

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: a lot of random shit? Like politics and usually some Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss (KAYLOR) shows like the west wing and criminal minds, general shitposting, LGBT+ stuff and aesthetic posts too!

When did your blog Reach its peak?: let’s be real here probably never lol

Why Did You Chose Your URL: I wanted a pretty URL that had something to do with Taylor Swift 😂

Other blogs? Yes but I’m not saying 😜


Pokémon team: don’t hate me..I don’t have one 😂

Favorite Colors: purple and turquoise

Hours of Sleep: between 6-10

Lucky numbers: 3? I don’t know haha I don’t really have any

Favorite Character: how am I meant to to choose omg um CJ Cregg (The West Wing) Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds) Sara Sidle and Catherine Willows (CSI) and Olivia Benson (Law and Order SVU)

What are you wearing right now: a knit black and cream top with patterned leggings and cat slippers

How many blankets do you sleep with: usually 2 and a doona as well ( I hate being cold)

Dream job: Something with the United Nations probably

Dream Trip: Probably Hawaii with all of its beautiful sunshine and beaches ☀️

I’ve already tagged people in one recently so if anyone wants to do this feel free!!



if you know me personally you’d know by now that i absolutely love zircon already and honestly? i am ready to die for her at any given moment……………………i’m g a y

so i made a zirconsona just for kicks :^) she was pink diamond’s originally, but now that she’s uh. dead. she is now for hire by any court who’ll pay her right.

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Lord Alexander the Fabulous

I had a lot of fun playing with a more detailed background than I normally have for my art. I don’t know exactly where this began, but when artist friends start to design a character together, something’s bound to happen.

smartypunk  asked:

Hi!!! Can i request a biromantic gray ace hufflepuff? :)

Biro graya Hufflepuffs being bombass artists, in particular, loving to create art with pride colors. More than a few are street artists and have even tagged clever spots around Hogwarts (not an easy task with all the animated portraits, let me tell you).

Biro graya Hufflepuffs enjoy comfy clothing - but that doesn’t mean they can’t start some killer fashion phases.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs taking a while to come to terms with part of their identity not being so easy to define but afterwards are really flippant and relaxed about it, even making jokes when other people ask them questions they can’t really answer.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs always stand up for other students with marginalized identities when they’re being picked on, even if they have personal beef with the student being bullied.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs tend to have hoards of socks. More socks than necessary. Just so many socks. Some are pride themed, some are animal themed, some are funny, some are just brightly colored.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs don’t really wear a lot of jewelry but may have a favorite bracelet or necklace or pair of earrings that have some special, if undefinable, meaning to them. This piece of jewelry can change over time.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs tend to be really good at picking out music that fits the mood or finding the right song to cheer up a friend.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs may make a big deal out of coming out the first few times they do it, but after that it’s a little exhausting, so they come out by subtly slipping it into conversations where it fits the natural flow - if they are so inclined.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs figure out how to combine muggle hair dye and light transfiguration charms to create long-lasting, brilliantly colored hair.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs are champions of reminding other people that it’s okay to question their identity and explore, as they tend to be folk who identified as questioning a while before figuring out more specific terms.

Biro graya Hufflepuffs creating a quiet legacy of helpful, compassionate, and fierce mogai students who championed to help younger generations however they could.

~Hufflepuff Mod

BOTW!AU ganondorf, in which he is still human:

  • kindred to his ocarina of time counterpart, ganondorf wormed his way into the king’s court & allied himself in their progress to bring back sheikah technology. the omen about ganon’s return was true—they were just wrong about who it was.
  • taking advantage of the champions & princess being out on her final attempt to revive her holy powers, ganondorf used dark magic to take over the guardians. he slaughtered the king himself & took over the castle during its moment of weakness.
  • after link was successfully put into restorative sleep, zelda & ganondorf waged battle for what felt like years. however, locked into a battle of magic, it truly only lasted for one week, with zelda eventually overwhelmed. she had done well, though, & successfully locked part of ganondorf’s power, & weakened him into having to enter a century-long hibernation to recover.
  • his power was locked inside of the sheikah towers & shrines, & was lost to him when they shut down.
  • zelda was sealed in hyrule castle, still capable of speaking to link via telepathy, but unable to escape. magic prevents her from aging, & she is still capable of viewing the outside world from her prison.
  • upon the hero reviving, ganondorf seeks him out, disguising himself as the old man, serving as a companion on link’s adventure. similar to navi, midna, tatl, etc., he provides advice, insight, & other tidbits when asked.
  • he tends to be rather sassy at times & can switch from your typical wise old man to straight up laughing in link’s face when he does something stupid, like accidentally blowing up a sheikah bomb while still holding it.
  • he is still gerudo, but despite all of the lore behind male gerudo, he refuses to acknowledge it when asked & brushes it off.
  • his long term goal of using link is to get him to activate the sheikah towers to regain his power, & eventually bring him to find zelda & take both of their triforce pieces. two birds, one stone, right?
  • hyrule thinks ‘calamity ganon’ was the one who took over, & don’t realize it was a gerudo man. this is what perpetuates the ‘calamity ganon’ rumor, & the beast in question is actual the mini boss before ganondorf himself. calamity ganon guards zelda in hyrule castle.
character development question (3)

       in your character’s opinion, what is the most evil thing a human could do?


any type of killing. no explanation needed.


kill themselves. wed, even though she doesn’t remember it, has experienced firsthand what the aftermath of suicide is like when theo killed himself. she doesn’t want anyone to put someone else through that.


deliberately try to hurt someone by any means possible. alessia has gone through a shit ton of bullying, and at this point she feels that deliberately trying to hurt somebody is a pretty evil thing to do, considering all the sleepless nights she had to endure because of it