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I literally just finished reading this like 5 minutes ago

Knight of Ghosts and Shadows by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon

First of all look at this fucking tagline:

Summary: Let me tell you a fucking thing. I wasn’t sure about this book at first, but halfway through my main motivation for reading became needing to know whether the main character would end up in a happy polyamorous relationship with his witch best friend and this Legolas looking motherfucker. All the signs pointed there! There was no other logical conclusion! But goddamn Eric the Bard wouldn’t get his heteronormative head out of his self-depricating white boy ass for five goddamn seconds.

But I was not disappointed! And it was totally worth it. All the 90s cheese (my favorite kind of cheese), all the gratuitous Celtic music and Renaissance Faire references (A+), all Eric’s goddamn man pain (shut up no one cares). All for cannon fucking polyamory.

Conclusion: Mercedes Lackey never fucking disappoints me in my epic quest for the best trash fantasy ever published. Bless.

I paid 10 cents for this and the cover fell off the moment I opened it. This book deserves better.

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Rules: always repost the rules; answer the eleven random questions posted for you; create eleven new ones and tag eleven people.

  • If you had to spend the rest of your life with only one person     (whether the relationship is platonic/romantic doesn’t matter) around, who would it be? 

Jesus fuck don’t do this to me this is too difficult. I wanna say my best friend but I’m pretty sure I’d end up choosing my mom.

  • The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! Pick five fictional     characters for your team.

Louise (Thelma & Louise) because A+ badass and she plans things out, Raven Reyes (the 100) because A+ badass and she’s like the smartest ever, Eleven (Stranger Things) because A+ badass and she can take care of those zombies and also I love her, Aang (Avatar: the Last Airbender) because he’s sweet, adorable, kind, he’s the motherfucking avatar and Eleven needs a friend of her own age, and Tom Hardy in any role I just want Tom Hardy to be there and look good and carry heavy things because I’m tired and I don’t want to carry anything. Also he’d probably have a dog so that’s good. 

  • Do you have a middle name?

Yes. Blanche.

  • What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago?

Being able to consider going back to college.

  • Have you ever broken a bone?

Yes, one in my wrist [groundbreaking.gif]

  • When was the last time you got really really happy and why?

Last summer, when I went to Dublin with my best friend. We had our ups and downs during that trip, trust me, but there was one moment where we were just completely happy, it was the first day, we had just arrived and we took a train to go to the sea and it was amazing. It was sunny (in Dublin!!!), there was a little bit of wind, a guy was playing guitar, it was just perfect. We even took a nap on top of a cliff.

  • If you had to come up with ten words to describe your life story so     far, what would they be?

In order: oblivious, reading, weird, change, friends, art, stress, empty, learning, trying.

  • What is the most beautiful sight you have ever seen?

It’s probably not the most beautiful but the other day there was a storm and it was really windy, so I opened the window and looked outside and there was a full moon, the wind was making the clouds (which were blue because of the moonlight) go really fast, and I don’t know I was struck by how pretty it looked. It looked like a movie. 

  • If you had to lose one of the five senses, which would you choose and why?

Smell without a doubt. Smells give me headaches. 

  • Do you have a talent you’re particularly proud of?

I’m pretty good at everything art related, like music, drawing, singing, stuff like that and I’m really happy about that. 

  • Do you hold grudges?

Silently. I’ll pretend I don’t but I really do.

My questions: 

  1. Which movie has had the biggest (positive or negative) impact on you? Why? 
  2. If you could have any song covered by any artist, which song would it be and who would cover it? 
  3.  You’ve been chosen to spend a year alone in a submarine studying ocean shit or in a spacecraft studying space shit. Which one do you choose and why? 
  4. If you could go back in time to ask one question to one person (someone famous, or someone you know, your choice), what would be the question and who would you ask it to? 
  5. You can be send anywhere in the world to do one thing right now, at the exact moment you’re reading this. Where do you go? What will you do?
  6. What are your five favourite musical albums of all time? 
  7.  You can go back in time and ask Michelangelo to paint or sculpt anything, knowing that the painting/sculpture will be as famous as the rest of his work. What do you ask him to paint/sculpt? 
  8. Which song makes you feel the most sad? Happy? Sexy? Badass? 
  9. If you could create a huge charity organization, what would it be for? 
  10. Who do you consider to be the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen? (other than people you know personally. It can be someone famous, or a random person in a picture you found online or something.)
  11. What’s one thing you can absolutely not eat? 

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totally 100% canon theory: 

moana and maui end up with matching tattoos in the future. Moana’s got one of Maui, and Maui’s got one of her. If they’re standing close enough together, the two tattoos look like they’re high fiving.

  • Avengers: What superpower would you like to have?
  • Iron Man: What is your favourite piece of technology?
  • Captain America: What is your sexuality?
  • Black Widow: Share a secret.
  • Thor: What is your religion?
  • Hawkeye: What is your favourite movie?
  • Hulk: How strong are you?
  • Loki: What is the biggest mistake that you have ever made?
  • Scarlet Witch: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
  • Quicksilver: Have you any siblings?
  • Vision: What weight are you?
  • Ultron: What is the last text you sent?
  • Ant-man: What height are you?
  • Wasp: What's your full name?
  • Bucky: Who is your best friend?
  • Falcon: Which fictional character would you like to hang out with?
  • Spider-man: What is/was your favourite subject in school?
  • Doctor Strange: Name a special talent you have.
  • Captain Marvel: What do you want to achieve in life?
  • Black Panther: How responsible are you?
  • Spider-woman: What is your favourite smell?
  • Nova: Do you prefer the moon or stars?
  • Luke Cage: What job do you want?
  • Jessica Jones: What is your favourite memory?
  • Daredevil: What is your favourite song?
  • Iron Fist: What is your favourite food?
  • Ms. Marvel: Who is your idol?
  • X-men: What social issue do you feel strongest about? (sexism, racism, etc.)
  • Professor X: What are you thinking about right now?
  • Cyclops: Do you wear glasses?
  • Rogue: What is your crushes name?
  • Magneto: What country are you from?
  • Mystique: What is one thing that you would like to change about yourself?
  • Wolverine: What are you afraid of?
  • Phoenix: What is your favourite book?
  • Storm: What is your favourite type of weather?
  • Beast: What is your favourite animal?
  • Angel: What is your MBTI type?
  • Magik: What is your star sign?
  • Gambit: When is your birthday?
  • Shadowcat: Have you any pets?
  • Groot: What is your favourite flower?
  • Rocket: What languages do you speak?
  • Star-Lord: What is your Harry Potter house?
  • Draxx: Who do you love most in the world?
  • Gamora: What is your worst memory?
  • Medusa: What colour/length/style is your hair?
  • Black Bolt: What is your accent like?
  • Ghost Rider: What is the worst thing that you have ever done?
  • Deadpool: Post a picture of yourself.


Merci~ <3

Say hello to my newest Speedpaint of Christophe Giacometti from Yuri on Ice! My best friend/sis @fairies-mermaids-muggles-oh-my and I watched YOI together and we absolutely fell in love with this amazing anime. Chris is her favorite character and she asked if I would draw him in his flower crown…. Here he is. ;3

 I hope you all like it and please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel for more Speedpaint videos!

Send my character a ★ and I’ll bold everything they feel toward your character.

I like you // I love you // You’re one of my best friends // You’re like family // You are family // I dislike you // I hate you // I’d kill you if I got the chance // I want you to like me // I’m scared of you // I would adopt you // I’d date you // I’d sleep with you // I’d marry you // I’m worried about you // You confuse me // You’re annoying // I pity you // I respect you // I trust you // I feel protective of you // I’d invite you with me to parties // I’d lend you my money // I’d borrow your money // You’re good-looking // I’m suspicious of you // I’m hiding something from you // You’re fun // You’re boring // I’m upset with you // You’re nice // You’re mean // I’m envious of you // You’re smart // You’re stupid // I look up to you // I think you’re a better person than me // I think I’m a better person than you // I want to apologize to you // I wish I’d never met you // I never want to forget you // I want to get to know you better


I really enjoy all the fun things SuperCorp shippers make and I understand why so many people ship them, but to be fair Katie McGrath has great chemistry with everybody and I personally would like to see them becoming best friends.

But quoting Katie: (she’s talking about characters of Merlin but I think this can also apply to Supergirl) “There is no, like, romance between the two of them… but whatever makes (fans)them happy, whatever they see from it, how can you deny them that, they’re fans, it’s what they want. Go for it!”

So if fans want to ship Lena and Kara then GO FOR IT!!
But… like it or not, all of this also applies to Winn+Lena, Kara+Mon-El, Winn+Mon-EL, etc. shippers.

So please be respectful, continue creating amazing fan-fiction, great memes but be respectful of others, don’t send hateful messages to the writers/producers/actors of the show. It must be awful getting tweets all the time saying “I swear to god if A+B end up together then you’re this and that” “if B+C don’t end up together then blah blah blah”.

Spread love/creativity not hate and be your own hero ;)

MM Characters Rate Each Other (1-10)
  • Jumin: "What, I-I have to rate Assistant Kang? This is way out of my limits, here. I'm giving her at least a 7. That is all she gets from me. Kang! Did you hear that? No vacations this week either!"
  • Jaehee: "Yoosung...mhh, I would say he's closer to an 8, but his style needs improvement. And he should behave more like Zen."
  • Zen: "Jumin...seriously? He gets a -10 in my book. Why couldn't I just rate myself!"
  • Yoosung: "Of course I'm giving Seven a 10! He's my best friend. O-oh, this is based of off looks? U-uh, I guess keep the ten, even though he looks like death the majority of the time I see him. I hear death is in these days..."
  • 707: "Zen is the fricking best. Except he's allergic to cats. He gets a deduction of three points because of this. Inputting total score...6 points. That's odd, did I hear someone just sneeze?"

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Warning: Jared!Joker, no hate on Margot Robbie

A/N: please request stuff guys I don’t bite and plus going back to school tomorrow I’ll need inspiration  

737 words


‘Oi McFly!’ you call out as soon as you see the green haired man. Immediately recognising the nickname a smile comes to Jared’s face but it’s gone as quickly as it was there replaced with a scowl

‘Oh what a joy, you’re here’ he growls out you, not taking it to heart as you are aware of how he gets when filming.

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I hope you don't mind, but I feel like I need to rant about something. I keep seeing this post about how much Sherlock has grown, as evidenced by the fact that he goes to visit Eurus and plays violin with her, and how it's so beautiful, but am I irrational in thinking that character growth is not the same thing as forgiving your secret sister for murdering your best friend and then torturing you for years? Am I irrational in thinking that Sherlock wanting nothing to do with her would be okay?

No I think you’re right. They attempted to give sherlock a moral compass (when in reality he always had one) but the outcome is that sherlock forgives literally everything. People can manipulate him, hurt him, try to kill him, beat him to a pulp and blame him for shit that’s not his fault and he just stays silent and takes it all. And then blames himself for it. And tries to fix it. This is not character development, it’s breaking someone’s will completely. Sherlock is broken after this series. He needs therapy and new friends asap I hope he emigrates to america with mrs hudson, gets a nice boyfriend and learns to love himself. Oh and eurozone can get fucked


#ringdoll#pictures preview-Shen(grown size)and Chen(teenager size)with ancient Chinese style for this January.

In addition to official pictures preview,we are sharing more with you today.For characters,Shen was goblin while Chen was human being,they encountered and became acquainted with each other later.

We also have interesting story in filming earlier.It took more than one week to film them in forest and by seaside rocks.Guess what happened?Our 5DMRKIII was unfortunately drawn into the sea by the tide waves when these pictues were  exactly being taken.Then it collapsed.We tried our best to fix it and eventually saved part of pictures.Fortunately we are so happy with their effect.

Hope you would like them too.If you do,please share it with your friends.

Steve’s little Sister part 3

You are Steve Roger’s little sister. You grew up with him and Bucky in Brooklyn but after both their deaths in the war you were left alone. Skip forward seventy years and with the help of SHIELD you survived and are now reunited with your brother and best friend. The Avengers, however, don’t know you exist until one day Steve introduces you and things in the tower become very interesting. (eventual BuckyxReader) (post CACW)


Warnings: mentions of character deaths and a bit of reader insecurity but that’s it.

Word Count: 1571 (whoops, got a bit carried away)

Title: Steve’s little Sister (part 3)

Notes: Part 3 is here. I’m so glad you’re all liking this, I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it! I wish Bucky would dance with me, wouldn’t that be amazing…

The rest of the evening went smoothly. Stark avoided you as much as he could but you didn’t mind. With Steve and Bucky’s help you were introduced to the rest of the team along with some other officials Tony had invited. Clint welcomed you with open arms and introduced himself as the “lazy, hearing impaired archer.” Thor wrapped you in a hug, a massive bear hug which crushed you, and spun you around. “It is wonderful to meet a friend of Steve and James’. Any friend of theirs is a friend of mine” he cried out triumphantly and you couldn’t help but smile happily at the god. When he pulled out his flask of asgardian liquor Steve quickly pulled you away to meet some of the others.

Bruce was polite but shy and gave you a firm handshake which contrasted greatly to his demeanor and hinted at the Hulk within. Vision greeted you nicely but once he had scanned you (as he does everyone upon first introduction in case of threats or possible diseases) he became clearly confused at who you were. Colonel Rhodes greeted you politely but warmed up to you quickly when you laughed at his “boom, you looking for this?” story. Scott Lang also gave you a hug and a quick pat on the back clearly fidgeting under the watchful gaze of the two super soldiers behind you. IN addition, Steve also tried to introduce you to Pietro but the speedster wasn’t one for sitting still and Steve couldn’t gain his attention. (add anyone I’ve forgotten)

You fitted in quite well and everyone was greatly impressed when you remembered their names. Every time someone asked you how you knew Steve and Bucky you replied with a simple, “we’ve known each other a while,” and quickly moved the conversation on. Natasha insisted that you came out onto the floor and danced but you declined politely saying that you didn’t like to dance. That was an utter lie of course, you loved to dance back in the forties, but recently you’d never had the chance and struggled to decipher the dance moves that were popular in this new day and age.

Eventually giving up she and a few others moved out onto the floor, leaving just you Steve and Sam. You all eventually shifted over to the pool table and began playing a few rounds. Occasionally your gaze would wander out onto the floor and you would spot Bucky dancing with his new accessory. Each time you did, Steve would clear his throat and draw your attention back to the game. After a few rounds of pool (in which you and Steve thrashed Sam, making him very unhappy), a familiar song came on the speakers.

Your face lit up when you heard the song from you childhood and closed your eyes losing yourself in the memories the music brought back. You opened your eyes to see a similar predicament playing out on your brother’s face. You both smiled at each other but quickly Steve’s smile dropped and a guilty look plagued his face.

Worried you stepped closer to him and placed your arm on his forearm, “Stevie? What’s wrong?” you questioned.

“I’m sorry, y/n/n. I’m so sorry. I know you want to dance, I just…” Steve released a large sigh, his shoulders falling and you pulled Steve into a hug.

“Hey, it’s alright. I don’t care Steve. Sharing this moment with my brother is enough.” You answered and Steve could see the sincerity in your eyes but he could also see the sadness. He smiled at you weakly and you smiled back. You were both aware of the looks the team was giving you but neither of you pulled away from the hug.

You and Steve only stepped back when someone behind you cleared their throat. Just as you turned you saw Steve break out into a huge smile which confused you greatly. Then you saw Bucky. He was standing beside you, bowed at the waist with a single hand extended towards you. He was grinning at you with his signature smile that made your heart melt.

“Will you do the honour of dancing with me, doll?” he asked, his eyes never wavering from yours.

Doll. Doll. God what that word did to you. It made you go weak at the knees and made your heart skyrocket. You were the only one that Bucky called doll, every other dame he called darling or sweetheart but you were doll. You knew it meant nothing, but hey, dare to dream right.

Steve gave you a slight nudge and you realised you were still staring at Bucky. You broke out into a smile and took Bucky’s hand. “I’d love too,” you finally answered, reveling in how his face lit up at your answer. Bucky lead you out onto the basically empty floor (not many knew how to dance to 40s music) and you glanced back at Steve who gave you a not so subtle thumbs up.

On the floor Bucky pulled you to him and you danced like you hadn’t in awhile. You both moved around the floor with ease. After a little bit Bucky started spinning you just like he would have back when you were kids. He threw you over his shoulder, slid you along the floor and pulled you back up. The dance was fast and reminded you of how he used to dance with you before. You couldn’t help but look for the brunette Bucky brought with him and you found her sulking in a corner sending you death stares. The music ended and you and Bucky slowed down to a stop, neither of you wanting to take your eyes off each other. Eventually you pulled apart and looked around to see the dance floor empty and all eyes on the two of you.

Insecurity kicking in, you looked down and felt a blush staining your cheeks. Bucky rubbed your arm trying to comfort you but you were both shocked when the entire room burst into applause. You couldn’t help but smile as you sheepishly looked up at Bucky. It seemed that everyone was impressed at how well you and Bucky danced together.

The rest of the evening was uneventful in comparison to the dance and you spent it alongside Steve and Bucky. You happily noted that Bucky had dropped the brunette and instead chose to spend time with you and Steve. Faster than you thought it would the night came to a close and you found yourself sitting on an arm chair lounging with the team. Steve was sitting on the arm rest and Bucky was sitting on the floor by your feet, both giving you silent support for the conversation you all knew was coming,

“So,” drawled Natasha as she sipped on her drink, “how is it exactly that you know Steve and Bucky?”

“And on that note,” piped up Clint who twirled a drum stick in your direction, “how’d you learn to dance like that.”

Taking a deep breath you looked up at Steve who placed his hand on your forearm. He smiled at you reassuringly and you turned to face the team again.

“My name is y/n Sarah Rogers. I was born in the year 1921 on the 8th of September. I’m Steve’s little sister.”

You paused, allowing your statement to kick in. Looks of shock and confusion were worn by most and eyes were flickering between you and Steve. Knowing that you’d paused long enough, you continued your story.

“We grew up together in Brooklyn, the three of us were inseparable. Steve would get into fights he couldn’t handle, Bucky would finish the guys off and I’d patch them both up. That worked well until Bucky was drafted and Steve signed up for the war. They left me alone but I managed. Working three jobs to pay our rent kept me busy from worrying about them too much but when I heard they’d both been killed, well. I lost my motivation to keep going.”

You paused again, deep in thought. A sorrowful look was painted on your face and you absentmindedly played with the hem of your dress. It was clear to the team these memories were painful for you and so they waited for you to continue. So lost in thought, you didn’t notice the looks of absolute guilt plastered across both Steve and Bucky’s face.

“When I opened my door one morning to find Peggy Carter and Howard Stark they offered me a chance, a reason to keep going and I took it. The injected me with almost all of the blood they had taken from Steve and because our DNA is so close, the serum took to me as well. I look about the same as I did back then but it heightened my senses and slowed my ageing. At Howard’s death fears of HYDRA still existing spread and I was placed in cryo freeze. At the fall of SHIELD my storage container was lost. Nick Fury only found me recently otherwise I would have been here the moment I found out my brother was alive.”

You nodded, having finished your story and looked around at the wide eyes all looking at you.

“That’s how you knew my father,” Tony stated in breathy whisper his face in complete shock.

“yes,” you answered softly, “that’s how I knew Howard.”

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I got a random thought today: Naruto characters in the Marvel universe. Who do you think would be who? (I seem to *really* like the idea of Madara as Bucky)

Ahaha, I have so many thoughts about this. You will might regret you asked. 

So! Depending on which generation we’re looking at, there are a bunch of parallels and I adore them 

Opinionated kid who grew up into a strong soldier but lost pretty much everything along the way? Yeah, Kakashi is Steve Rogers. 

Aaaand that perfectly sets up the parallel for Obito-Bucky. I mean, brainwashed and crazy, deadly assassin, very high body count, moments of sanity, lost best friend, etc. 

Jiraiya as Thor. Come on. Just - Jiraiya as Thor. 

Orochimaru as Loki. Is that not lovely and amazing and perfect? Oro would make the best Loki, right down to being genderfluid. 

Tsunade as Sif. Only twice as BAMF, because Tsunade.

Let’s ignore the Rin-Peggy part, because I personally would rather have Rin-Natasha. Less tragic death, more badassness. 

Switch arrows for senbon and you can totally slot Genma in as Clint. I kind of headcanon their senses of humor are similar, too. 

Asuma as Nick Fury? I think that could work. He’d definitely be Done With Everything to appropriate levels. And Kurenai as Maria Hill! Which would absolutely make Gai Phil Coulson (the fanboyness!)

KUSHINA AS TONY STARK. And Minato can totally be Pepper. He would make a lovely Rescue. 

The genius inventor must have a science bro to be ambiguously gay with, so Mikoto as Bruce Banner. Maybe instead of the Hulk she turns into one of the Susanoo forms? That would be awesome. And Fugaku is her Betty.

He and Minato can totally be gay for each other if the girls get to be, just saying.

Tobirama as Doctor Strange! Arrogant, handsome, soaks up knowledge like a sponge, totally takes risks for reasons that mostly boil down to well it looked interesting. 

Though, that said, I would also be overjoyed to see Hashirama as Johnny Storm, Tobirama as Reed Ricards, Mito as Sue Storm, and Madara as Ben Grimm. Just - the founders as the Fantastic Four. 

Touka would kick as as Captain Marvel/Warbird, yes?

And how about Izuna as Spider-Man? Just for fun.

(Let’s not leave the Young Avengers out of this. Sasuke and Naruto would 10000% be Teddy and Billy respectively. Sakura can be Kate, Sai can be Noh-Varr, Ino can be America, Tommy…maybe Lee? Because Shikamaru is definitely David Alleyne, and I feel like Tenten would be a decent fit for Cassie. Neji as Elliot, and I can’t quite think of anyone for Jonas or Nate.)

hello! i would like to share with you my favourite tv series with LGBT characters. ( my favourites bolded)

  • The fosters - a family drama about a biracial lesbian couple with biological fostered and adopted children whom one of them is gay.
  • Glee -  a school drama featuring a glee club.  featuring various lgbt characters. 
  • shadowhunters - a gay insecure boy falls in love with his best friend before meeting a freewheeling bisexual warlock.

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Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 1)(Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Originally posted by gotham-daily I dunno? I think it would suit this imagine, and plus who doesn’t like Melanie Martinez? (Part Two Here)

Summary: After Jerome’s escape from Arkham Asylum he goes to visit his best friend Y/N (yes that’s your name right there). But somethings off, and after what you tell him  he wants to make sure that your dreams surely comes to reality. 

Pairing: Jerome x Reader 

Characters: You, Jerome and your father. 

Warnings!!!!: Swearing, mentions of rape and lots of details about torture! If don’t like then please do not read!!!!

Jerome was excited to see his girl. He hasn’t seen you in hell knows how long? The last time you spoken in person was about her father Grey. 

Grey wasn’t the nice guy you would want to meet, especially if it’s your crushes parent. He is the least expected guy to meet ever! Jerome hated him with all means and he had a good reason too. He wanted him dead, anything to keep you from harm. Especially from that son of a bitch. 

He reached to her broken, old, shitty apartment of yours. The building really did look unsecured, unsteady and looked like it would clasped any second now. He looked at your window to see if it was opened and to his luck it was. 

He smiled as he went over to the fire escape and climbed up to your window. Once he reached her window he slide the window opened. 

A warm smile escaped his lips as he climbed inside the window. He turned around to shut the window close and turned around to see your room. 

It wasn’t much, especially when you’re living with her father. You were lucky to have a bed, a warm blanket and a couple of pillows. But you were lucky to have a bed to sleep in and a place to live, for now. 

He’s gonna hopefully try to convince you to come with him and live with him. He couldn’t care about all of the insane people there, or how wanted he is, and that he didn’t even ask Theo if you can live with him. Oh well! 

All he cares is your safety and care. If Greenwood goes anywhere near you or even looks at you, he’ll make sure to murder that son of a bitch. Partner or not he should know that you are Jerome’s. He’ll make sure that you’re his soon enough. 

But he was pulled from his trains of thoughts when he heard sobbing. And it was yours. He knew he couldn’t go out there to save you because of your father and how wanted he is. He desperately wanted too but he knew he couldn’t risk there friendship either. 

He heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom and he quickly hid in the wardrobe and closed the door. 

He watched you run in your room and closing the door behind you as you cried. Your face is full of your tears and loud sobs were heard. Why are you crying? You looked so unhappy. You looked so fragile and harmless. 

All he wanted to do was run out of the wardrobe and hug you to death. To kiss you passionately and to tell you that everything will be alright. But he would lie if he said that to you. And he couldn’t hug or kiss you because you aren’t his. But soon you will be. 

Jerome watched you as you clasped on the bed, crying. Your cries made him feel upset as well. He never wanted to see you like this, not ever. And he made sure to make it his goal not to see you like this ever again. 

He opens the wardrobe door and quietly walks over to you. Your face was deep in too the pillow as you continued to sob. Jerome crawled onto the bed as he hovered over you as he rubbed your back in a circle. His face was close to your own as he continued to rub patterns on you back as you began to calm down. 

You thought that you were imagining all of this. Like your guardian angel has came to comfort you, maybe even get you out of here? But what you didn’t know that this imagine is reality, and it wasn’t any angel more like the devil’s son. 

“Y/N? What happened?” He asked you in an smoothing, comforting whisper. You turned away from your pillow slowly and looked at Jerome with an wide expression on your sad features. Light had shown in your E/C as you saw the red head herself. You weren’t imagining it, it was real. He was really here.

“Jerome!” You said in an exciting tone that was almost an yell. Your arms wrapped around his torso and your head rested on his neck as soft sobs still could be heard. 

Jerome felt weird, that you were hugging him. He never had anyone hug him like what you’re doing. But he felt safe and happy. He slowly returns the favour/favor of hugging you back. He began to make small patterns on your back once again as he tried to calm you down. And it worked too. 

You both stayed like that for a couple of minutes but felt like hours. He wanted to stay in this position forever, but forever is a long time. Especially in this City. There are things that need to be done but fuck them.

“How did you escape?” You suddenly asked curiously as he chuckled. He sits down on the bed with his legs crossed as an smiled appeared on his face.

“Oh! Haven’t you heard! About the Arkham breakout? Probably not since your bitch of a dad can’t let you watch TV. But I’ll tell ya anyways. Me and some other inmates escaped from that hell hole and the person that got us out was Theo Galaven himself. Ha ha! But when I escaped all I wanted to do was to see your face, doll.” He confessed as you smiled weakly and a small scarlet colour was visible on your cheeks. 

But soon your blush fades and she became quiet as an mouse. He soon caught on your silent tone as worry started to hit him. 

“Y/N, are you alright?” He asked as he touched your cheek with his hand. You instantly fell for the touch as you looked up at him. You bite your lip nervously as you started to cry again. “Y/N please tell me.” He begged as he started to get worried about you. You never acted like this, especially when you’re around him. 

“A-a couple of hours ago… M-my father… H-h-he…” You said as you became very nervous and sad. Major flashbacks came back to you as you became scared. Jerome noticed this. 

“You don’t need to be scared, gorgeous. I’m here for you. Please tell me what happened. I hate seeing you upset.” He confessed as both of his hands were in your own. Silence fell between them as none of them spoken for awhile. Jerome was starting to feel worried about you, and he never worries about anyone. You never acted like this ever, and it was starting to freak him out. You take a deep breath and looked up at him. 

“He used me as one of his sex toys Jerome. He used me as one of his entertainment. He used me his own fucking daughter to have fucking sex with! An innocent girl to have fucking sex with! He fucking basically raped me Jerome! I’m not a piece of cake, I’m no one’s piece of cake!” You snapped as Jerome jumped a little. You looked up at him as something shown in your eyes. Darkness and danger and anger formed in them, something that Jerome never seen before. 

Jerome frowned as he felt his blood boiled up. Why would your own father use you for his own fucking entertainment? That’s just wrong! Jerome felt hatred thoughts flowing through him as he became angry and horrible. He wanted to kill this man for once and for all. He couldn’t care less about how wanted he is he wanted what was best for you.

“I want to give him a taste of his own fucking medicine!” You suddenly blurted out, unexpectedly. Jerome smirked a little as curiosity came to his mind. 

“And what would that be doll?” He asked as you looked up at him with an glare. You nervously bite your bottom lip as you looked down at your hands and started to fiddle with them.

“Do you really want to know? Like I mean I don’t want you to thi-" 

"Doll, you helped me with my whore of a nagging mother, remember? So why would I think anything crazy about you? So now I’m gonna return the favour/favor. So mind tell me your ‘medicine’ for your bitch daddy.” He said as a smile escaped his lips. You looked at him with an nervous expression. But soon you pushed that aside as an small smile returned to your lips.

“I want to torture the fucking bastard. To prove him that he messed with the wrong girl. I want to torture him with an blade or anything and slowly cut the sensitive, hot flesh as the blood slowly escapes from his grasp, demanding freedom. Hearing his high pitched screams as he begs for mercy as I continue with the blade. Cut every little vain off of his body as he cry in agony and sorrow. Then he’ll learn not to mess with me.” You said in an dirty tone as you began to imagine it. A small smile on your lips made him tell that you were picturing it happing. 

Jerome’s eyes widen in shock and disbelief. He never thought 'that’ will ever come out of your sweet lips. Those types of thoughts even entered your sweet and caring innocent little mind. 

But soon shock and disbelief turned into excitement and joy. He wanted to kill the bastard for exactly how long? And he was finally thrilled that you wanted to do the same. Well thank bloody goodness! He laughed as you looked up at him with confusion.

“What?” You asked as his laughter died down but his smirk never left his lips. 

“Oh doll! That was the best thing I’ve heard all day! And why not make that dream… turn into reality?” He said as he tapped your nose playfully.

You soon looked down with an downer look. You sighed as you looked at him. 

“Jerome… I can’t though. His the only family I have and I’m lucky enough to be living under a roof… Barley.” You confessed as Jerome’s thoughts turned into confusion. 

Why on earth would you not want to kill this son of a bitch? Surely he does! But why can’t you see that he’s not the best one to live with! He does these horrible things and you still wants to stay with him? 

“Y/N… Do you really want to live with this bastard? The bastard that fucking abuse the shit out of you since you can even remember? The bastard that makes you his little fucking slave and you gets him what the fuck he wants? The bastard that made you one of his fucking sex toys for Christ sake! Do you really want to have a life like this? With that fuck bag? Surely I don’t. And I think you don’t either?” He said as you paused. You nodded as you agreed to him. 

“How about this doll. Since I hate the bitch that’s 'apparently’ called your 'father’. I wanted to kill him ever since you told me about him. And I definitely know that you do because of your reactions from him. You should stay with me. So you can have an better life. And you can be safe and far away from that fuck twit. And I can look after you and we can always see each other.” He asked as you paused once again. 

You don’t know. You always wanted to be with Jerome and away from your fucked up father any day. But if your father found out that you ran away what if he finds you and beats the living shit out of you? You just wasn’t sure. 

“Jerome you know I would go with you any fucking day but… What if he finds me?” You asked him as he chuckled. 

“Remember what you said earlier that you wanted to torture your daddy?” He asked you, you nodded. “Well I said it once and I’ll say it again. Let’s make that dream turn into reality, babe.” He said husky as you looked up at him with unsure. But soon your unsure turned into a smirk, an insane smirk. 

Let’s make my dream turn into reality? Hmm sounds like fun and looks fun. But what about the police? What if they come here and finds out that I did it and they send me to Arkham? I don’t want to go to Arkham.” You said as Jerome hummed and smirked. 

“Well let’s talk about that uh doll.” He said in an low tone as you smirked. An insanity smirk.

(I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes and my grammar is wrong, sorry if Jerome is out of character too, this was also an Jerome x OC before but oh well)

Being Scorpius’ Malfoy’s little sister would include...

- HIM BEING SOOOOOOOOOO OVERPROTECTIVE. He can’t help it, Malfoy’s are are protective people.

- But just because your younger doesn’t stop you sassing people who dare say anything bad about your brother either.

- A close relationship ever since you guys were kids. You trusted him with anything, and vice versa.

- Asking him for help with homework and school. He would stay up late any night to help his little sister out. 

- As kids, you played games together. You were very secluded from the rest of the wizarding world, so you guys became each other’s best friend.

- He loved reading books to you. You loved when acted out as the characters.

- But also gave any life advice as well.

- Immediately liking Albus as he made Scorpius happy. Even becoming friends with Lily.

- Him asking you for dating advice and same goes for you, you would ask him for advice as well. Basically, you were each other’s wingman. 

- Sometimes going overboard on the questions when you had a new girlfriend/boyfriend. “Come on Scorpius you’ve asked this 5 times already.” “Sorry, just want to make sure they’re good enough for my baby sis.”

- Being there for each other in the hardest of times.

Thanks for Reading

okay, but like, i’m 22 and skam has me all nostalgic, missing my teenage years. crying because teens are so pure and i’ll never be one again. i might never fall in love the way i did when i was a teenager.

but for those of you who are actually 16/17 and can relate to skam’s characters? i’m extremely happy for you.

i wish i would’ve seen a show like this when i was 16. i wish there had been such a strong, supportive group of female characters who are friends, who don’t look perfect, and don’t always have the best behaviors either. because they are learning. friends who help other friends to understand, friends who educate each other. they make each other better, because people need people.

i’m tired of those best tv shows of all time lists, in which all we can see are men killing men, or dealing with drugs, or mistreating women. those may be good for entertainment. but shows like skam is what young people need. or, even, what the world needs. i’m so, so, so happy for those of you who are still in their teenage years, and who are watching skam and feeling everything, and learning and falling in love. i’m so jealous and i love y’all so much.

That episode was fucking shit.
What the hell was with the Molly thing? That was twisted, vile, and utterly sexist. Her entire character is not built around her unrequited feelings for Sherlock. I call bullshit. If Sherlock doesn’t love her, why is it so hard for him to just say, “hey I love you” like that scene was built purely on the out-of-characterness of Sherlock. He’s very intelligent, and he knows how people work. He would have known the easiest way to get Molly to say “I love you” is to tell her first. Honestly, that scene was so melodramatic that I could barf.
The entire plot with Eurus was shit. If she just wanted to kill Sherlock’s best friend, she could have just dumped John in the well when she had him knocked out. Melodramatic.
Also, that whole thing with her “re-programming” people? What the hell? That’s such a weak characterization. That’s 13 year-old Harry Potter OC Mary-Sue level shit. Honestly, I want to scream.
Possibly the only highlight of this episode was domestic John and Sherlock at the end. Of course, Moffat and Gatiss still don’t have the balls to have them kiss.
This isn’t the show that I fell in love with.

anonymous asked:

a headcanon of the rfa members and v are best friends with the mc and they are in love with them but they are oblivious to it since their only interests are fictional characters but the reason that is is because their first relationship ever really broke their heart and promise themselves to never want to get hurt by another person in relationship please

i hope this is okay for you!! thanks for the request -will

Jaehee would likely take the signs of you not responding to her feelings as you rejecting her, so she would try to restrain her feelings towards you and brush them away. She would be rather self-conscious of appearing creepy with her affection towards you, so she would attempt to appear as though she only had friendly feelings about you.

There would only be so long Jumin could go without forcing you to acknowledge his feelings. He would find it difficult to hold back, and you would be so irresistible to him that he would end up telling you his feelings straight.

Seven would be torn between potentially ruining your friendship and confessing his feelings for you. He would really want you to know about his feelings, but at the same time he’d believe you were happiest as best friends, so he would have a huge internal struggle.

V would probably accept that if they hadn’t caught onto his hints about his feelings then they likely weren’t in the right position for a relationship, so he would embrace the close friendship he had with you and try not to let his feelings get in the way.

It would be difficult for Yoosung not to get discouraged and give up if he felt like he was getting nowhere with you. He would be so hung up on you that it’s likely everybody would know about his feelings but you.

Zen would try hard to gain your attention, and would flirt with you a lot. It would irritate him a lot that you were so oblivious, but he wouldn’t give up, and would try hard to make you trust him enough to talk about your past.

When people say they are Hardenshipping Trash

This is what I think of, every time.